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Excited to Know Your Baby’s Gender? You Can Try These Methods

For an expectant mother anxious to see her new bundle of joy, finally holding the baby in her arms is a wonderful feeling. 

While some want the surprise behind not knowing the sex of their babies until after giving birth, about 50% - 70% of pregnant women prefer finding out the gender of their babies and consider this more exciting. 

Perhaps, it’s…


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Fast & Effective At Home Arm Workout

Fast & Effective At Home Arm Workout

Chances are your days are booked solid with to-do lists, activities, planning and life. I feel you, mine is too. Which doesn't leave a lot of room for fitness. Or working out in general. (Though here are a few tips you can use to find time for…


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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Menopause


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Jug Valley Mysteries PHOTOFIT MYSTERY (Jug Valley Mystery Series Book 4) by Anne Digby

Mysterious things are happening after dark….

In this exciting adventure Handles and Spouts Incorporated, or Hands for short have to use all their detective skills to discover the answer to the Photofit Mystery.

The Hands consist of twins, Tim and Amy, Amy’s best friend…


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What to talk about after the sex talk

I am a big proponent of talking about sex in an age-appropriate way with your children. My son knows that he can ask me questions and he will get honest explanations. He knows the correct anatomical names for body parts, he understands how babies are born and he even understands the basics of how breast milk is made. As he gets older, we will…


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11 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to School

Children who are about to start their school life typically go into two categories; some of them are afraid while others are overjoyed for meeting new friends. The most important thing is that children are unaware of what’s waiting for them once they start school, so it’s your job as a parent to see that it all goes well.

1.      Talk about…


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5 Anti-Aging Tips For Younger Looking Skin. Care In Summer

Maintaining the skins’ integrity including its youthful look can be quite daunting. This is due to its external presence and exposure to various hazardous factors. Besides external skin exposures, several internal factors and toxins also contribute to the deleterious effects of the skin. This is why having a proper skincare routine is essential for healthy skin…


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Marriage Tip

Marriage Tip | "Don't count the things you do.  Do the things that count." -Zig Ziglar

Today May 30th my husband and I celebrate 14 years of marriage!  We have had many times of bliss and also many times of choosing to walk in love and grace. No marriage is perfect, I encourage you to make it your aim to make your marriage the best you can by investing in…


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Here’s How Travelling Makes You Twice Smarter and Healthier

For many of us, life is a constant rush towards objectives, material things, happiness, and control. The feeling of overwhelm might be familiar to many of you. Stress, tiredness, and routine too. One piece of advice I could give you?

Start traveling! It might sound like a paradox – you, trying to work as much as you can to make the ends meet or start a business or do whatever you want to do, and me, suggesting you to stop it and go have fun. How could you leave it all behind and… Continue

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Where are you living?

Life is transition, whether we realize it or not. To think it is static is to buck up against a hard reality. To believe that things will never change – whether good things or bad things – belies the truth.

I have been guilty of living in the past.

Nothing good in my life ever happened without a struggle. Loss, dreams deferred, tragedy…


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3 Things to Fix Around The House Before They Get Worse

A family home is a massive and complex machine. From stubborn windows, to uncleanable ovens, to attics that refuse to clear themselves out, it’s a miracle that your house remains operational. But without a little attention here and there, things can get out of hand – and ultimately more expensive to deal with.

A sagging gate that won’t close

Gravity takes its toll on garden gates over the years, and eventually the business-end…


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Best Summer Skin Care Tips to Survive in this Scorching Heat

Every season has its own set of peculiarities that deserve to be respected if you want your skin to stay well-behaved and cooperative. Come Summer, the elements that you have to contend with is topped by the sun, the heat, the humidity, and the wind, dust and pollens scattered all around the air.

How Your Skin Can Survive…


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The Must Have Latest Summer Styles, Looks And Fashion Trends

One of the most exciting seasons to get dressed up for is summer. Traditionally, summer outfits are so all about showing the most skin. This summer, skin remains in but, doing so is done with more flair and better taste, that means, you have to show skin in…


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The Dilemma Of Raising Children In The 21st Century

These days, growing up is completely different than any other time in the past - sure, we all have our differences. In love, relationships, family life -- but one thing that is "new", and an additional obstacle our children tend to face is that the world is ever increasingly becoming more social, more connected... and more invasive in general. Think about it - did it ever occur to you that anyone cares about your…


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Not sure how this works

My website is

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8 ultimate ways to help your teenager make the most out of the summer break

Can you recall making huge plans for summer as a child, but the only things you ended up doing is watching TV and wandering around the neighborhood? Now, as a parent, you certainly need to help your kids make the most out of their summer break by engaging them in various activities, encouraging them to get out of the house, explore, enjoy different experiences and…


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What Mom have to know before you purchase an umbrella?

We utilize an umbrella on stormy season, additionally it looks extremely wonderful when somebody carry a delightful umbrella. Sometime in the past wherever we were seeing just dark umbrellas however as of late there have been a few design developments and surprising innovation of well-established rain umbrella. In spite of the fact that the technique for opening of an umbrella is the most sensational choice there are numerous verities of umbrella. For the most part umbrellas are opened and…


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Admitting when you are wrong

My son is seven. This is a fun age, because he understands puns, is generally eager to try new things, thinks the world of our family and still loves to snuggle up with me. This is also a trying age since he believes that he "knows enough things now," and is stubborn and vocal about it.…


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Resume Writing Tips for Women after a Career Break

Going through a career break can be difficult if it was involuntary. Most women go through career breaks when they get married and expect a child. The nature of these career breaks is never simple or straightforward and there is always a good reason for it.

When it comes to applying for a new job, however, one must weigh their pros and cons carefully. How can women…


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How to Turn your Basic Design Skills into a Printables Business

Every one of us has some form of creativity divinely built in us. if you have some form of design skills or you desire to express your creativity. then here is a post that will help you convert such skills into a business. The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO A PRINTABLES BUSINESS

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