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How to Use Essential Oils to Energize Your Body and Mind

Essential oils have endless uses for the body and mind; from calming effects, reducing stress and anxiety, to anti-inflammatory properties and reducing dandruff. These oils are taken directly from plants, so they’re not only naturally-sourced, but they won’t contain any harmful additives, dyes, or other…


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5 Ways to Make Extra Money at the End of the Semester

With finals over and the summer on the horizon, you’re probably changing gears to thinking about making some extra money for the summer. You’ve worked hard all year in your classes, now it’s time to work for some spending cash. Here are five ways you can earn extra money at the end of your semester so…


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Playing And Winning When You Log In To Ceme qq Kingpoker99

You might have heard about people winning in Poker and you would want to try it out for yourself as well. There’s nothing wrong with playing as much as you like until you win. You simply have to plan what your budget should be and also be prepared with a strategy to win.…


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How to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

There are a lot of things you don’t think about during pregnancy, one of which is how you’re going to adapt your fashion choices to fit your new body. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to squeeze into the clothing you’ve been wearing so far, and you’ll have to adapt. On the other hand, maternity clothing can be…


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Where does your phone sleep?

There are a lot of movies and television shows in which the main character answers a ringing phone in the middle of the night. They sleepily listen to the emergency or funny story or give the life advice that is needed in that moment and then (somehow) immediately fall back to sleep. 

I think about how improbable that scenario would play out for me, since my phone…


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The Best Gifts for New Moms

Choosing a gift for a new mom can seem a bit difficult – the gift you give her has to be thoughtful, practical and cute, all at the same time! After hours of searching the internet and browsing countless Pinterest boards, you still haven’t got a clue what you should give her. Well, maybe we can help you out. Here, we’re laying out top five gift ideas every mom will appreciate – read on to learn what they are.…


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Is it better to hire mortgage modification lawyers for loan modification?

Due to the hard financial conditions, many homeowners often face foreclosures as they are not being able to afford their mortgage. If you are one of them, you will definitely need the help of mortgage modification lawyers. Let us first try to understand what are mortgage and foreclosure?…


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How to Look Fashionable Even While in a Rush

We all want to look like we just stepped off the runway but that’s not easy to do all of the time. We live busy lives and our schedules sometimes leave little to no room to fix ourselves up before leaving the house. We wake up, rushing to work, rushing home and somewhere in between we find time to clean the house, pay the bills and do the grocery shopping. Thankfully, for women, there are some simple things you can do, that don’t take a lot of time, to help…


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Single mom income: Ways to make extra money

Thriving isn’t always possible when you’re living on just one income. It costs a lot to raise a kid. There are various expenses to handle, such as food, transportation, clothing, health care, housing, and so on and so forth. If you’re a parent going at it alone, you must surely have a hard time. You’re the one responsible for making sure the needs of…


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Spring cleaning includes devices

Last week, I spent a long time clearing off old photos from my phone (and then putting a reminder on my phone to do that more often so they don't pile up on me). This week, I have spent some time deleting old apps. Gone are the apps I downloaded with the best of intentions, but never actually used. And I've deleted the games that are sucking up my time but I don't actually enjoy, but play just because they are there.…


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Inconvenient Memories: A Personal Account of the Tiananmen Square Incident and the China Before and After by Anna Wang


In writing this fascinatingly informative book, the author Anna Wang has fulfilled a promise she made to herself long after the terrible massacre at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, a promise to tell her story about the events at that time.

Born in…


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Rule followers face more trouble

I always follow rules. Like driving rules, school rules, work area rules, meeting rules etc. I try to follow all given procedure. I believe rules has been made to make good for all and for safety.

But the way I am finding myself in trouble. I think, may be because I…


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5 Father’s Day Gifts for Active Dads

If the dad in your life is cool with a grill set and six-pack this Father’s Day, go ahead and stop reading now. You know what you need to do.

If the man of the hour isn’t content with…


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How to renovate the home when the kids are around

Going through a home renovation isn’t easy. Remodelling involves a lot of planning, not to mention that you’re likely to experience many surprises along the way. You might not find enough craftsmen to cover all aspects of the project. They’re busy with new home constructions and, needless to say, other renovation projects. Most importantly, you need…


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7 Cool Nursery Décor Trends For A New Parent

Are expecting a baby?


Little ones are the angel who can lighten up your whole world with their twinkling eyes and magical smiles. One of the best things that excite parents the most is decorating their kid’s room. Are you excited too? Well, you are here and that explains it all.

Babies make your world refreshing and charming. Similarly, you can make their world full of comfort and love. So, if you have decided to make your baby’s world as…


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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser hair Removal

Laser or IPL – Which Is Better?

Well that entirely depends on who you ask! People specialising in Laser will tell you that laser is the best. It’s the same for people using IPL. The truth is that both Laser and IPL can demonstrate great results wither way.

What are Bareskin Treatments Like?

Our treatments are an easy two-step operation. First, you clean the area. Then the area is pulsed (painless, don’t worry!) with the…


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Bottini Fuel Discusses Propane’s Role in the Landscaping Industry


For years now, Bottini Fuel has heard people complaining about the effects of using gasoline-powered landscaping products. In fact, in many places around the world, they are being all but banned from being used. Many municipalities have issued ordinances telling their constituents that they need to be greener in their everyday life. Part of these initiatives includes mandatory…


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Prevention of Cancer, Hair Loss, and Other Properties of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is the fruit of a pomegranate tree of round shape and rich red color. Translated from the Latin word “granatus” meaning "seed." It is made of a thin membrane. In one pomegranate has around 700 of them.

In nature, there are…


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5 Things to look in Your Life Partner

Finding a life partner who truly compliments your personal traits can sometimes be very difficult. But again, despite the fact that we cannot identify all the bad and good features our life partners should have, it is important to take time to understand their qualities over time. You should always focus on being in a relationship with an individual who will bring a happier outcome in…


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When we read together

My son is long past the age that he needs me to read to him. He prefers reading on the couch next to me, or reading a book that I've read already so that we can discuss it at length later. He doesn't want me to read to him anymore - it just slows the story down.…


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