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Teething & Diapers

I write this while sitting on the toilet. Well, let me rephrase that, sitting on the toilet watching my daughter take the thirteenth bath this weekend due to the explosive diarrhea epidemic of the summer in 2016, other wise known as teething. This weekend has particularly been challenging for me, and maybe I'm just being a big ol' baby, but DEAR LORD

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All about the boobs. I am almost free!

My goal originally was to breastfeed until Blake turned…


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When Did I Get Like This?

I’m Barrie…I've always been way too stubborn for my own good, strong willed, and a major pain in the ass. If you ask my mom, I have been like this since day one. I was always the kid that refused to sing happy birthday and insisted on making a crabby face for…


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Adventures Of A Mom with A Fitness Tracker

So this week I felt compelled to write a little bit more of a personal post as I was looking into one of my #tribes linky party's #abrandnewday which features posts of inspiration and healthy living.  I don't particularly think of my self as a supper healthy person but am always striving to work towards better personal wellness.  A word that I have been hearing pop a lot lately and that I love.  I love it mostly…


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How does Invisalign Work

Straightening one’s teeth is a great way to enjoy a better smile and improve one’s self confidence too. In most cases, people and dentists had to rely on braces of different kinds to achieve straighter teeth. But with the advent of Invisalign, you can get multiple benefits such as:

  • Nearly invisible teeth aligners.
  • Customized solutions that work…

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Bye Bye Short Shorts, Hello Varicose Veins

I’m getting old. No more bullshit. Old age has arrived at my doorstep, and I think she is here to stay. I have just been living my life the way I have always been living it and…


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The Fleeting Era of Tiny Feet

This is the most personal post I've ever written. It's about realizing that my son is growing up too fast and there's nothing I can do to slow the time.

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Moms, it's Okay to Want More

It's Okay to Want More

"For some of us it will take months (or longer) to feel like ourselves again. When the dust of postpartum settles and we’ve moved into “mommy mode,” we may realize that we want more. Now, let me be clear: if you want to be a mom, focusing on that and being there for your family without working, I give you credit for that. That life wouldn’t work for me."

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The Joy of Packing for a Family Vacation (part two)

So, we're still working on getting all our packing preparations squared away.  I've decided that it will be easier all around to pack the clothes in clear Sterilite storage totes like these 16qt ones from Target. They will be a good size for the kids clothes and they current have them in stores for $4.99 for a two pack.  They will stack nicely in the back of our minivan and we can use them for storage when we get back home.  Mr. J and I are going to share one of the next size larger totes,…


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Moving with Kids: How to Ease the Stress for Everyone

Moving house is never easy for anyone. It is something that can strongly affect everyone. It doesn't matter if you are older, younger, or somewhere in between in age. A house relocation is truly a difficult thing in more ways than one. Therefore, if there is about to be a move, it is best to make the transition as easy as…


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The height I once was

I am shrinking.

I take a bone supplement every day, try to walk more often to stretch out my stuffed-behind-a-desk-all-day body and even recently got a new mattress, and yet, I am shrinking.…


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Product Review: EcoEgg Laundry Range and Stain Remover

Not too long ago I was looking for ways to make our home more eco friendly, starting with cleaning products. Having tried Ecover and other eco friendly laundry products, I stumbled across Eco Eggs one day. It was a literal online stumble - an eco Tweeter mentioned them and that QVC were doing a deal on a starter kit.…

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Thinking Smart When It Comes to Brain Injuries

Any injury that’s the result of negligence by others is one that should never have happened. Yet the causes for brain injuries that occur in such instances are ones that can potentially have devastating consequences for both the person that suffers from them and that individual’s loved ones.


Minor Injuries Could Become Major…


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Husbands, Wives, and a Little Thank-You

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

Lately I have heard a lot of people talk about…


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Is Your Man Loyal Or A Cheater?

Whenever two people form a relationship, there are moments when one might believe the other is cheating on them. Whether it's out of insecurity or there are signs that just don't seem right, it is painful and betraying. The good news, there are also signs that strongly suggest your man is not running around.  Nothing is signed in concrete, but research has shown attributes…


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July Favourites

I can't believe how quickly July has passed and it has certainly been a packed month, with my graduation and a lot more going on. As we enter August, I wanted to share some of things that we have been enjoying in July. Bobby's favourite thing this month has been feeding himself yogurt. He is really enjoying Little Yeo's fruit yogurts and never refuses one, which is handy…

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Moving Day Adventures

Moving Day Adventures!

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Everything just took off...

Everything just took off...

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