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7 Essential Life Insurance Tips for New Parents

Already a parent or expecting a child?  Parenting is both a rewarding and chaotic experience. Your life will never be the same as a new parent, and neither will your insurance needs.  Your life will cease to be about you. That little bundle of joy will become the center of your universe and will need protecting, not just now but until they’re on their own… or…


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Health Benefits of Ginger

What is ginger?

Ginger, aka Zingiberofficinale, is a rhizome, a thick underground stem that sprouts roots and shoots.

Ginger is gnarled and knotted in appearance, the root has a slightly pungent, spicy-sweet flavour and aroma. Its origins can be dated back to tropical China and from there, it spread to the Spice Islands, other parts of Asia, West Africa, India and the Caribbean.

Not only is ginger great for flavour, ginger is also one of the…


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The history of South African biltong

What is Biltong?

Its name is strange but it is a type of dried meat originating in South African cuisine. Its predecessors were the Dutch immigrants (Voortrekkers) and the need they had to preserve food without the need for refrigeration.

The preparation involved the use of vinegar (marinated) on the strips of meat that were left to stand together with salts and herbs as well as spices. Although the most popular is beef, in South Africa it is also made with other…


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Time management: scheduling strategies for busy working mothers

As a parent, you have to fulfill numerous responsibilities and obligations like making tough decisions, ensuring the proper development of your child, teaching morals and values, setting some limits, providing a safe environment, developing mutual respect and getting involved in the little one’s education. However, parenting comes with great rewards as well. For…


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Type of upholstery cleaning Irvine ca To Know About

A normal home would usually need to have items that allow the people living inside the house to be comfortable, some of these items would usually be things such as rags, carpets, and of course upholstery. These items are usually made from materials that are prone to dirt, moisture, smell, and all kinds of being soiled.  It is therefore important that the owner of the house maintain such items, it would require daily vacuuming as well as the periodical maintenance.…


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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight as a Mom

Let’s face it, as moms, we can be pretty hard on ourselves and as women, we can sometimes be hard on each other too. How was her hair? Was her makeup too heavy? Has she gained weight? With so much focus on appearance, it’s no wonder many women want to lose a few pounds and sometimes take unhealthy short-cuts to lose weight. Even if your…


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Keep Them at Home Longer: 5 Tips to Help Parents Age in Place

According to an AARP study, some 90 percent of seniors plan to age in place for at least five years, and 85 percent believe they can…


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The ABCs of Professional-Level Upholstery and rug cleaning Newport beach

Green upholstery and carpet cleaning is a highly celebrating thing not only among progressives but also for homeowners as well who've tried it out. Sure, it might seem easier to overuse bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean up your upholstery in the short term, but those cleaners don't only harm the environment but destroy the material your upholstery is made of as well. Professional-level upholstery and rug cleaning Newport beach should be clean and green or environment friendly. You…


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Surviving home renovation as a working mother – all the details included

Are you a working mother who has a ton of responsibilities to handle? If your answer was yes, then you might be scared to death of a home renovation in the middle of all this hassle. When having kids, finding time for other activities other than the ones that include paying attention to your children and taking care of them is quite difficult. Some mothers find home…


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2 Months Pregnant Symptoms, Belly, Ultrasound and Baby Size

If you are pregnant, you might think it is too soon to be called a mother when you reach two months of pregnancy. But the reality is that the fetus inside your womb is already living. Therefore, in case you have not started planning for your future roles as a mother now is the right time to do that. For two months pregnant women, you might be wondering what is happening to the fetus in your womb. According to…


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Postpartum Depression and How to Get Rid of It

Postpartum depression has been suppressed for the longest time, but slowly more people are accepting that it does exist and is a mental problem that needs to be tackled. People differ in the way that they deal with depression and so one person’s way of dealing with it is not the next person’s.…


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Endng the food fights - Part 1

You've had a long day at work. Traffic was bad on the way home. You arrived home only to be faced with the reality that you need to get dinner on the table. You spend the next 30 minutes dashing around the kitchen, putting together a meal that everyone in the family has eaten a dozen times before. You get everyone seated around the table, and are about to congratulate yourself on being a good parent, when you hear your little one declare…


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Things To Remember In area rug cleaning

 It is easy to clean rugs at home without knowing that there are things to consider before doing it. There are different methods when cleaning rugs and we all know that rugs can be made of diverse materials. The efficiency of cleaning depends on the cleaning agent that you use. There are times when you need to seek help from professionals to do the job for you especially if you are aware of how delicate the fabric of your rug is. In this article, we will discuss the things to remember…


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How to Create the Best Nursery for Your Baby

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy and excepting a new addition to your family is prepare the nursery for the newborn baby. Well organised parents usually start this in the middle of the pregnancy, so that they have enough time to finish before the mother gets too uncomfortable and tired to work, and just in time for the baby’s birth. All new parents want the best for their child and the…


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Mom, What's Your Job?

“Mom, what is your job?”

It was a simple, innocent question from my 6-year-old son, as we were sitting eating surprise ice cream after dinner one night.

“Well, I stay home and take care of you,” I said. He wasn’t satisfied – “but, what else do you do?”

Thinking for a second on how best to justify my existence to my son, I said “I do Ben Smiles stuff”, talking about the foundation we created in memory of his brother Benjamin.

Still not satisfied, “what else do you…


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Beauty Meets Affordable – Solitary Valentino Rings

It is no big secret that Valentino solitary rings are well-known and loved around the world. Best given on Valentine’s Day, this brilliant cut diamond ring is suitable for women of every taste and style. They can also be given as a worthy gift on just about any occasion, from an engagement to an anniversary and everything in between. The combination of beauty, elegance, and the luster is so enchanting that the ring will simply knock your partner’s socks off.

So, what…


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Why You Should Upgrade to the HP Envy x360 Laptop + Discount

This post is sponsored by Best Buy. 

School is just around the corner and that means your kids may need a brand-new computer whether they are in middle school or in college. If you can save a few dollars, that's even better. In fact, Best Buy is offering $100 off the HP Envy x360 laptops through July 28.…


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Attend Best Buy's Photography Workshops for Beginners and Intermediates

This post is sponsored by Best…


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Power Tips: How to Save Electricity

Electric bills take up a significant chunk of our monthly budget. Almost everything runs on electricity nowadays but getting a smaller electric bill is not an impossible task. Here are some tips and ideas that you could use on how to save electricity:



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The beast of boredom

Because my husband and I both work, my son's summer is filled with daily camps. He loves camp, and he should, because the camps he goes to are crazy fun. I love hearing all about his daily adventures.

But camp only lasts so long. And sometimes, my son gets bored. And when my son gets bored, he acts like…


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