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Balancing My Family Life and My Start-Up Business

I never pictured myself as an entrepreneur; until my daughter was born, painting was just a passion. When I first held her in my arms, everything changed for me. I knew that I had to hustle in order to give her a better life. Of course, just like pretty much everything else in life, nothing went as planned.

I knew that, in order to be successful, I had to take my business seriously, but I had no idea where to start. Lucky for me, my sister-in-law was a web…


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Why is getting diagnosed such an hassle

It has been a battle since this began. The day before yesterday, my position will be long, and it will probably be difficult to understand in some areas because of my lack of concentration and mental cognitive skills, but I will get to that later. Sometimes wish i could use a limitless pill in real…


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5 Simple Tips to Teach Your Children About Crime and Punishment Without Scarring Them

How often have you heard of teens being sentenced to juvenile detention or community service for committing an act of thoughtless stupidity? Teaching children that actions have consequences is a sad lesson to teach, but it's important for them to really understand on a deep level. Here are 5 tips you can use to teach your…


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What you need to know about vitamin d fortified milk

In the 1930s, commercial milk manufacturers started adding vitamin D to milk. Currently, a serving of 1 cup of milk contains between 115 and 124 international units of vitamin D. Milk fortification along with fortification of some cereal products and orange juice had the desired effect of raising calcium levels. Get …


Added by Jan Watson on August 31, 2017 at 11:51am — 1 Comment

Independence is the goal.

"Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes." -Hugh Prathe

It seems like that is the theme of my life these days. "Change". It seems more constant than anything else. There is no more normal, just the "New Normal".

While it has been over five years since my ex-husband and I separated, and it has been 2 years since our divorce was finalized, it only seems as if in the last year have I found my "normal again".

That is until this school year started.…


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How to prepare and store organic baby food?

As much as preparing your own baby foods is time-consuming and it might get out of control once you have more than one baby, it is usually fun and very simple. In addition, this is one of the surest ways to ensure that your baby is eating fully organic foods. Once you get used to preparing the baby food puree, you will find that it is quite simple and does not take so much…


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What Are The Most Popular Types Of Dog Toy?

Just like small children, dogs love to play and toys are not luxuries to them but a necessity. They are important in ensuring that your dog is well exercised with healthy teeth. In addition to health, toys help in fighting boredom and provide something to keep him/her occupied when the dog is left alone at home. There are certain problem behaviors that a dog can develop especially when it is idle and toys help in ensuring that the dog does not develop this type of behavior.…


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How can I purchase breast milk

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to nurse my charming two-month baby boy for a month and I experienced growing difficulties, including infection which involved serious sickness (been on antibiotics for 10 days!). 

After a lot of deliberations, I decided that I want to try the option of buying breast milk as I don't want my baby to feed on industrial formula. 

I will be happy to get some tips and instruction on how to do that, where to buy the milk? How to make sure that…


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Teenage Son: Compassion is the Key

Mood swings and inconsistent temperament are the words that are generally connected to girls but let’s face the fact these emotions are not just limited to the female fraternity. Male also have their mood swings and in fact, the confused phase when a child is no more a child but yet not a man, “ Adolescence” is more vulnerable for a boy than a girl. The…


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How Your Kids Can Greatly Improve Their Typing Skills

When I was a kid I used to sit for hours and type on my mother’s typewriter. I memorized where the letters, numbers, and symbols were on the keyboard and tested myself on how fast I could tap, tap, tap out the alphabet without any errors. Because I worked so hard to memorize the keyboard I became a better typist, but I always wished that I had…


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My experience with side effects of weight loss pills

Just thought I'd let you all laugh at my plight. 36 years old. 310 lbs. So, big guy, but it could be worse. Blood pressure is crazy stupid high. Even from some of the so called top fda approved appetite suppressants in the market

Even on meds, an anxiety attack a couple years ago…


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Who taught you how to drive like that?

I was a late-in-life driver. There were a number of reasons why that is, but when it was time for me to learn what to do behind the wheel, my parents were not available to teach me. So, my Mom got me a driving instructor. (Thanks, Mom!)…


Added by Lauren Markman on August 30, 2017 at 6:46am — 2 Comments

10 Best Baby Toys to keep your Baby busy as a WAHM(Ages 6m+)

You know that usual struggle for all moms that work from home or perhaps stay at home. How to keep your Baby busy while you get some work done. We always have to snatch that one hour or 30 minutes as the case may be, hence we need to get a helper to aid us through. Read my Post on 10 best toys to keep them busy while you work, you will get amazing toys that will make your…


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A Bee Friendly Garden is Just a Few Simple Steps Away

A lush beautiful garden attracts bees, and bees are what help to make a garden lush and beautiful. It is a natural give-and-take that humans have with nature and it is easy to achieve.

Habitat loss has been a disaster for the bee population. By creating a desirable stopping point for them it will benefit not only that garden but well beyond. Honey bees will travel as far as two…


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5 Cool Organizations for Mothers

There are few things in the world that are stronger than a mother, and there are plenty of organizations that understand that. Check out these five organizations that deserve every mother's support and involvement. 

1. Epic Experience

When Epic Experience's founder Nancy Ferro found out that her son, Michael, had…


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How to instill your children an interest in foreign languages

Teaching your child a foreign language can be a struggle if you go about it the wrong way. Some people require their children to speak more than one language from the get-go. These children are usually a part of a family with mixed parents, a family that recently moved to another country or simply needs to use a foreign language as well as their own.

As such,…


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When you can't change the channel for them

Long ago, in a time we refer to in our household as BC (before child), my wonderful husband made the entertainment system very simple for me to use. No matter how many new devices and consoles were hooked up, he ensured that there was one remote to rule them all. And, even better, the various functions were all labeled clearly, so I could pick the right activity at the push of a button.…


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