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Good Habits Your Child Should Learn

As parents and guardians, we should be aware that what we say and do in front of our children will always be remembered and absorbed by them. These are some of the good habits that we should impart to our kids.

To always brush teeth after eating

Explain to them that brushing their teeth will prevent cavities, remove plaque and the transparent…


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Hi friends! Today I'm sharing my 2 year old's "chores". While I don't demand she do a list of chores before she can play or watch Sesame Street, I do encourage her to help me with laundry, dusting, …

Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing my 2 year old's "chores". While I don't demand she do a list of chores before she can play or watch Sesame Street, I do encourage her to help me with laundry, dusting, sweeping, dishes, trash pick up, and tidying up around the house.

Okay- let's be honest, most days it feels like Mommy's-chores-gone-bad because I am…


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Not All Friendships Are Forever

Talking about when adult friendships end.

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Robot shows babies are manipulating their parents to smile

There is a special moment between newborns and their parents, when the baby first smiles. Lots of people will try to ruin this moment, saying that it is just gas or that smiling is a learned response so the baby didn't mean it, but those people are awful, because as a parent you just know that the smile was because your baby loves you.…


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World Teacher’s Day: 10 Ways Early Education Shapes Future

The first five years of a child’s life are their greatest period of learning. Their minds are like sponges during that time, absorbing everything around them. Taking the time to incorporate some formal learning program during these early years will help determine how your children feel about education for the rest of their lives.…


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Top 7 Tips to Market Your Kidpreneur's Business

Since building Dream BIGGER Academy, I've been asked by parents who have encouraged their children to build their own businesses, how can they "get the word out" and marketing little Johnnie's creations.

Here are my top 7 tips:

1. First determine…


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House Hunting & Mortgage Payments & Spreadsheets, Oh My!

As my husband and I search for a home to buy, I’ve noticed that I have at least a handful of friends who are also looking at houses.  The whole process can be incredibly fun and exciting, as you see your dreams materialize before your eyes (Walk-in closet! Renovated kitchen!  Fireplace!) It can also be daunting as some not-so-great aspects of your potential new home…


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From 'baby brain' to 'mumnesia'

My latest post: From 'baby brain' to 'mumnesia'.

Helen x

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Ways to Show That You Love Your Child

The generation gap that exists between parents and children often leads to bitter arguments and fights. Parents don’t often understand the mindset of their children and vice versa. It is important that you show your kids how much you adore and love them (unconditionally) every now and then. Parenting is not an easy job when children want freedom to do whatever, and parents want to keep them safe.

Children are extremely emotional and sensitive.…


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Just Go Already

go there

While spending some time wandering on the internet, I came across this picture on At first glance, I noticed that they are using scrabble pieces and a globe to get their message across. Cute. Artsy. I really enjoy the antique effect they used to bring the picture together. However, before I could click on to another page, the message caught my attention again. Rather than the letters that spelled "Go There," I saw "Just Go Already!" 

How many times have…


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How Important Are Backlinks?

We are huge proponents of slow and steady wins the race. While garnering a high Google ranking is important for organic search, don’t worry about backlinks too much. Instead, concentrate on creating the most compelling, interesting, and sharable content you can when starting out.

Quality backlinks are simply links back to your site from higher ranked web sites or…


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The best age to start dating

The other night at dinner my son asked me to tell him a story. So I told him about how one day he would be a teenager and how he would be moody all the time, and hair would sprout on his face and that he would want to have a girlfriend. He treated the tale like it was a horror story, because in his words "girls are DISGUSTING!"…


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6 things my tween has taught me about myself

As I lay on the hospital bed, legs spread, the midwife yells "I can see her head, she has a head full of hair".

First clue. You know the old wives tales about if the mom has a great amount of heart burn while pregnant, the kid is likely to have a head full of hair. True, at least for me it was.

At that moment, I decided that I no longer wanted to push, long story for another blog post.

The hospital staff thought that I had flipped my lid as they…


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টবে বাগান (Garden in a pot)

[English version has given below]
ছোট বেলায় কেউ যখন জিগ্যেস করতো, আপনার হবি কি? একটু বিপদে পড়তাম, কারন আমি ভেবে পেতাম না কি আমার হবি। আমি যাই করি হয় বাবা-মা, না হয় স্কুল, না হয়ে বন্ধুরা ঠিক করে দিত, যেমন পড়া, খেলা, শয়তানি..। তাহলে আমার হবি কি? একজন সাহায্য করার জন্য বলল, এই যেমন ডাক টিকেট জমানো, বাগান করা, সেলাই করা…

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We are all learning in life's classroom!

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What We Should Copy From Kids

As I was breezing through Facebook a few days ago I came across this picture:

After laughing at the intense look on the little girl's face and the quote, it struck a chord. A really big, two-handed,…


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Accepting the Challenge

First off, I want to say thank you for all your support with my blogging endeavors so far. Jumping in to this whole blogging thing has been an adventure, and I appreciate you coming along with me.

I hope you stick with me over the next few weeks because it's about to get a little crazier!…


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Common Recipe Substitutions

I don’t know if this ever happens to you but I know it happens to me all the flippen time. I’ll be in the middle of making something fantastic and I’ll reach into the cupboard for a spice that I ALWAYS keep in the house and it’s not there. Oh silly scatterbrained me; I had it on the list didn’t I? Or you’re craving something so badly but your missing just one ingredient and don’t want to waste the gas to…


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Let Me Tell You A Secret

I want to be happy in this season. I want to wear a genuine smile on my face each day and not feel the prick of tears behind my eyes. I want you to ask me how I'm doing and be able to respond with a genuine "Fantastic!" But instead I feel pretty negative and fear that my blog posts push you away because I sound hopeless…


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No Sew Quiet Book + Free Farm Printables

Hi Friends!

Welcome to Messy Mama Monday!!! Each Monday I share some of the activities I do with my kids to encourage cognitive development. I pick a different theme to focus on each month (yes I used to be a teacher) and this month I am…


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