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September 2018 Blog Posts (75)

Tips for Staying Healthy as a Busy Momblogger

There are ways to create a balance between being a busy momblogger and keeping yourself healthy. Running on coffee to keep yourself alert to attend to every emergency that presents itself while completing your to-do list for the day isn't really a healthy option. Not only will you be more…


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Fruity Cocktails to Enjoy in the Afternoon

When you have a day off work in the summer or it is the weekend, there is nothing better than relaxing in the garden with a lovely fruity, refreshing drink. This is a great way to while away the sunny afternoons in the summer and means you can relax, chill out, and even have some friends over to enjoy a little afternoon relaxation or for…


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What is Long Day Care?

Parenting has always been a tough job since day one. Humans in all civilizations and every era have found it difficult to raise a child. The universal binding factor that is common in every parent around the world and across the generations is that every parent wants the best for his child and wishes to see their kids happy and healthy.…


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7 Uncommon Materials Used for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Giving you the details on the importance of eco-friendly packaging.

Ah, Climate change. We all know its state today. There’s no doubt about it. From global warming to everything in between and under, the world isn’t really in its best form. What’s worse is that most people aren’t…


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What You Should Be Doing One Week before Moving day

A week to the day of the move a significant chunk of your items should be packed or at least readied for packing. Your store should be piled up with moving essentials like boxes, bags and suitcases. You should also have all the tools you’ll need and inform your friends, relatives and neighbors about the move just to mention a few. There are a number of things you need to take care of in preparation for the move. On this post, I will share with you a…


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How's your inner peace these days?

In one of the Kung Fu Panda movies - I think it is the second one, but I've watched them with my son so many times that they kind of blur together - Po has to find his inner peace. I do recall the first time I saw that movie and thought, "Inner peace - what's that like?"…


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How Parents Can Bring the Best Look to their Kids

These days, most parents are making quite an effort to ensure that their kids are looking quite as smart and appealing as possible. So, once they come to notice that their son or daughter has a misaligned or crooked tooth, they waste no time in booking an appointment and hitting the road to see the  best dentist for kids teeth straightening.

if you are a…


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New Technology Keeps Drivers Safer in Cars

Perfect for teen drivers, senior drivers, and mom’s all around the nation, “Just in case” just got easier with the splitsecnd safety and driver assistance device brought to you by MITO.  …


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Get Access to the Biggest Entertainment Events at 60% OFF

Hey Moms,

Want access to the biggest entertainment events of the season, with exclusive prices of up to 60% off & 3% cash back? With Live Ticket Events on TrendBrew, the hottest events across the country, including theater, sports, concerts and more, are available to you at the touch of a fingertip. And like no other…


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Counting on yourself

My son is working through a math problem for his homework. (Not the one in the picture; that is slightly above third-grade math.) The problem only takes him a few seconds and he is upset because he has to show his work and not just complete it in his head. I let him grumble and complain through it, because in the end I will be able to remind him that it is a good skill to be able to complete math problems both ways - in the head and on…


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10 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Are you ready to have a baby? Do not rush as soon as possible to begin to conceive, because perhaps you have some problems that can put your pregnancy or your baby's health in jeopardy. So, what should be done first of all when planning a pregnancy.

  1. Complete a…

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3 Questions Wedding Guests Should Ask


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Toddler Sleep Problems:Tips on How To Make Your Toddler Sleep

Pаrents often hаve а hаrd time understаnding why their kids don’t wаnt to go to bed. Аt the end of the dаy, аll mom аnd dаd cаn think аbout is getting some sleep, but kids аre not built thаt wаy. Children аre excited аbout the world аnd worried аbout missing out on the slightest event. It’s rаre thаt they’re up pаst their bedtime to see whаt’s going on, аnd children…


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Swerve: The Little Bastards 2 by Jim Lindsay

Swerve, an opportunity to travel back to the time of rock n’ roll, fast cars and a childhood in 1950’s America.

In SWERVE, we return with Jim Lindsay to America in the 1950’s, the era of rock n’ roll, fast cars seemingly eternal youth. Discover what it was like to live that life, with the thrills and consequences captured in this exciting…


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What You Need to Know About CollegePaperWorld.Com!

Most probably everyone will agree that college students hate research papers.  They hate it so much that they will tend to steal or even buy them instead.  As of the moment there is a big issue with plagiarism, however, if each of the student will fail because of that there will be an unacceptable attrition rate.  Some undergraduates, who write their own research papers, say that that it would…


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Tips to Help Your Child Stay Organized

It is essential to teach your children the importance of completing the work in a timely, organized, and understandable manner. Here are some tips that will help your child stay organized and complete the task on time:

  • Staying on the Task
  • Breaking the Task into Smaller Steps
  • Creating a Checklist of…

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Under the Escalator by George M. C. Held

An exciting new fantasy book for children.

George Held is the author of 20 poetry books, including the wonderful ‘NEIGHBORS’ series of children’s books which were loved by my nature loving little granddaughter. He is a former English professor, who holds degrees from Brown, the University of Hawaii, and Rutgers, and he also…


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Learning to drive from the backseat

My son and I are on the way to school, and from the backseat of the car, I hear this:

"Mom, do you have any new episodes of the podcasts that I like? I mean not now, but when we get to the drop-off line at school. When we get to that point, and you park, and the line isn't moving, can you go through the…


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Why Do We Play The Lottery

Do you play the lottery? About one out of every four people in the United States do. That’s an impressive statistic. Lottery seems inviting to many people who can’t give up the dream of getting a huge check without making an effort.

Meanwhile, the chances of winning a lottery are minuscule. For example, for Powerball, they are one in a whopping 292 billion. How unlikely is that? However, knowing the odds doesn’t…


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Is Your Dentist Open Saturdays? He Should Be!

 In the United States, everyone has a busy lifestyle.  Work, school, family, and our children all require our undivided attention.  We barely even have time to think about other things like planning when to see about our health and dental care.

 Toothaches and dental…


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