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What No One Tells You About Older Homes

If you’ve seen any of my previous blog posts, you’ve probably read about how I convinced my better half that pouring our life savings into an old, shabby weatherboard house was a good idea. We purchased a 1930s…


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Teaching kids about distractions

My son is easily distracted. If I ask him to go upstairs and put on socks, he has a few more things he wants to tell me, and then he wants to pet the cat, and sometimes he gets all the way upstairs and forgets why he was sent up there and starts reading a book.…


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5 Great Timber Craft Activities for Kids

Woodworking is a great avenue kids can use to develop their creative and artistic side from a young age.

Woodworking has been one of the most popular hobbies among kids of all ages for generations.

You would be amazed at what your kids are capable of creating in a short amount of time. Kids are naturally inquisitive, and this inquisitiveness drives them to want to know more and create more.

Here we explore some craft activities kids can do with wood.



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Faery: The Tiend


An incredibly magical adventure.

Faeries at the bottom of your garden? Do you believe in them, some people do, some insist they have seen them, and others like Milo, the 10 year old protagonist of this excellent middle grade fantasy story have their very own tale to tell.

You see Milo has been left in the care of his Uncle Jon for a…


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The other baby in the house

When I work from home, our family cat stays near me. She sits on the couch in my office, and if I leave the room for too long she looks for me. …


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6 Ways to Wear a Fur Coat This Winter

In comparison to different seasons, winter is always liked by fashion and trend following people. As the winters are approaching, the dilemma to have a good selection of fur coat is circulating in the mind of people. Getting the best fashion out of the standard clothes is indeed a task of substantial judgment. But not to worry about that! Here are some easy tips for the fur coat lovers to get a perfect style idea for their winter fur…


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Understanding CNC Turning and How Turning Companies Differ

When you get into the basics of CNC turning, you can’t decide how companies that provide machining services can differentiate from each other. It is just some preparation of machining parts with the help of metals isn’t it? You will be surprised to know that CNC turning companies differ from each other based on a lot of factors. In fact, if you own a company that needs different machining…


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5 Tips for Decorating Your Front Yard

Your front yard is the first part of your home that people see. The garden and porch should not only be a friendly façade for guests but also reflect your personal style. They say first impressions are – the same is true about your home. It may sound like a tall order, but there are some simple ways to make this…


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How To Be The Best Mother That You Can Be

Motherhood is a super hard part of a woman’s life. Whether you have planned to have a kid or if it was a bit of a surprise, you still want to be the best mother you can be. Being a good mother can mean different things to different people. That is part of the reason that motherhood is so difficult, because what you think is good for your child might be extremely different than what someone else is doing for their kid. One thing that is certain about all…


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We Bought Our Dream Home - But It Hasn't All Been Smooth Sailing

Spoiler alert! There’s no white picket fence, no second story and the back yard will never be big enough for a pool. But it is exactly the house we’ve always dreamed of and we’re within a stone’s throw of our closest family and friends. We feel truly blessed.


… But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.


As I have…


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Understanding Sympathy Flowers Etiquette

It's never easy to know what to say to a person who has lost a loved one. However, sending flowers or plants is an expression of thoughtfulness that is always appreciated. Flowers are typically sent to the funeral home to be displayed during the service although they may be sent to the bereaved's home as well.

For many people, understanding the etiquette around sending sympathy flowers may be a challenge. To get an idea of how to go about giving this gift, use these general…


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Keeping Mommas happy

My son is at the stage where he likes to spend more time with Dad than Mom. It's really sweet to see the two of them together: Playing games, laughing at silly jokes and sharing hobbies. I know that my husband has been patiently waiting for my son to reach this stage - those toddler and early child years when our son only wanted to shadow Mommy were a long wait.…


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Fun Activities For Your Kids This Fall

Fun Activities For This Fall For Your Kids

Summer has come to an end. This means that the days of dropping the kids off at the pool for the whole day are over. Luckily, school does start back up in the fall, but you will still need something to keep your kids entertained after school hours. Here are just a few fun…


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Check this message

My son's teachers are using an app that sends me notices throughout the day. There are notices when they post comments on the app, and there are notices for when parents comment back. There are notices for when my son gets behavioral points (or demerits) throughout the day. And there are notices for me to get more out of the app.…


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7 Tips That Will Help You Treat Acne

Pimples, inflammation, and abscesses are manifestations of acne that are a real curse for any girl. From teenage inflammations to occasional pimples in adulthood, they always appear at the most inconvenient time and it's hard to understand what exactly was the cause this time. To…


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Best Family Friendly Cars

When a family is looking for a car they are going to need to have something roomy and safe. They need to make sure everyone is comfortable and has advanced safety features. These are some of the best family cars and even the best midsize SUV.

Honda CR-V

This midsize SUV is great for…


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Won't you be my friend?

There's this clever trick that my son's teachers have incorporated into their classrooms. They all refer to the class as "friends." Not as "students," or "kids" or even "children." Friends. I've heard statements like, "Clean up your stations, friends, and we can all head to the library." And: "I'm not sure where the humming is coming from, my friends, but it needs to stop."…


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Overcoming a Birth Injury as a Family

Birth injuries are tragic and unexpected by definition. They turn a joyful time of giving thanks for new life into a bittersweet frenzy of doctors, diagnoses, and predictions of what’s in store in the future. Some birth injuries may lead to some damaged bones or joints but won’t cause any serious long-term issues. Some accidents or negligent actions during the delivery, however, will change your child’s life…


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Four Easy Japanese Sweets You Can Make For Your Kids

If you are thinking of treating your kids’ taste buds to something new and exciting, try making a Japanese dessert. When you think of Japanese food, the default dishes that come to mind are probably ramen and sushi, but there is more to Japanese cuisine than these savory treats. Desserts and sweets are big in the…


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6 reasons why shy students should be attending summer school

The academic journey of each student is different. Often, certain personality and temperamental traits can interfere with a student’s development in school, that’s why parents should notice any issues on time and help their children pursue the right course of action.

If you’ve concluded that your kid is usually shy, especially when it comes to school environments, you might be currently searching for solutions to help them overcome the barriers imposed by their temperament. An option…


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