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Diary of a #YouthSports Mom: Why We’re Taking a Break from Hockey

Guest Post by Dr. Aaron Haight

I love sports. I have played sports my whole life. I was even the only girl on my rocket football team. I minored in sports studies. I interned for the Detroit Pistons and Joe Dumars. Sports are my thing and up until last week I was a Hockey Mom.

My son Jacek is my sports kid. Since age 2 he has been able to sit and watch an entire football game without getting up or whining. We have taken him to high school, college, and professional…


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Helping Your Kids Memorize

When your kids start school they have to memorize a variety of things.  They need to know their home address, home telephone number, spelling words and so much more.

I am going to share what I do to help my children remember their weekly memory verse.  You can use this technique for anything.
My children currently attend private school and every Monday in their homework packet is a memory verse from the Bible, they need memorized by Friday.

Don’t get too excited…


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10 Weeks Pregnant: Starting to Feel Like This is Real

I can’t believe we’re here: ten weeks pregnant. And while I know that anything can happen…we’re officially quarter of the way through this pregnancy.

It feels crazy to say that.

For the past several weeks, I haven’t really believed that I’m pregnant. I’m just…going through morning sickness. Counting the weeks.

But it’s starting to get more real. As each day goes by, it feels more and more like a pregnancy and less like I’m just sick. The more that I can relax, the more I…


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It's 3 pm, and I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing

For months, I've become interested in my son's memories: What will his first long-term memory be? What memories from this age will he retain?

But at some point, I've realized that I've started losing some of my memories. I…


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