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Top 9 Baby Gifts for Christmas

Everywhere you look, there are lights on the trees, candles in the windows and wreaths on the doors. This means it’s officially holiday shopping time! Maybe it’s your baby's first Christmas gifts this year, and you’re not sure what to get for someone who’s under a year old (and probably isn’t incredibly interested in toys for toddlers quite yet.) Or maybe you’re hoping to…


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Top Ingredients to Add to your Pre-Workout!

Your preferred pre-workout supplements are extremely useful for giving you that much-needed extra boost during gym times. However, with a sea of options available on the racks, you are bound to get confused with regards to which names and packaging variants are best suited for your body type. The key lies in starting simple, and right, with these essential ingredients in place.…


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Top Vaping Products That Won’t Hurt Your Bank Account

One of the main reasons why many smokers have jumped on the e-cig bandwagon: it’s cheaper than traditional smoking by some margin. However, as many e-cig and e-liquid manufacturers try to compete with the best devices and flavors, vaping still isn’t the cheapest activity to undertake. If you’re starting out with a new e-cig or you’re an advanced user looking…


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The God Mind Principles by Krystyna and Phillip Fowler

Unlock the secrets to the God Mind Principles.

What an amazing and life changing book!

Jointly written by husband and wife Spiritual Writers Krystyna and Phillip Fowler, The God Mind Principles is a truly enlightening book, which if you want, can be the catalyst to change your life if you follow the Rules of Law and the three spiritual seals which are written…


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How to Overcome Everyday Struggles with Long Hair

Girls, we know that you really love your long and adore nurturing them. One just simply hates to give up on them for anything in the world. But, we also understand the difficulties and struggles you face to maintain them.

The most frustrating thing when you have long hair is you have to deal with tangles and knots constantly. It not only takes a lot of time in combing and styling but also damaging and painful when you have to free those tangles.

Well, doesn’t matter how…


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Family Favorite Fall Treats

With Fall in full swing, I thought I would share some of our family favorite Fall treats! 

Apple Hill Donuts – This is our families all-time favorite fall treat, a trip up to Apple Hill has become a family Fall tradition.  If you haven’t tried Apple Cider Donuts from Apple Hill they are definitely worth the drive.  We also love taking in all the Fall foliage and beautiful views on the…

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7 Unusual Ways to Soothe Your Baby

You love your baby more than you love yourself, more than you love life. It’s the kind of love that makes you feel guilty about being tired. You can’t admit that sometimes, just sometimes, you’re too tired and you can’t find a way to soothe your crying baby. You try to hug that tiny, fragile creature. You try to discover the reason for the cries, but nothing works.…


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4 Ways to Help Kids Focus During Piano Practice

The trope of middle class parents forcing their kids to appreciate music by taking piano lessons is a cliché that is easily over a century old. While we parents have often sat through piano recitals that were probably as cringeworthy for us as for our kids, a good part of the subpar level or performance and retention for many kids is lack…


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Picture your Christmas dinner on top - read this and make it so

Planning a Christmas dinner is a pretty complicated thing because there are so many things you need to take into account that you might have to make up a list to keep up with everything.  If you start planning everything that needs to be planned early enough, you may have the pleasant surprise to transform this task in a pleasurable one. You should think of organizing the Christmas dinner as something entirely relaxing, given the fact that it is a huge opportunity to gather family and…


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The fears we have at birth

I have often hoped that I would not pass along my fear of snakes to my son. And for several years, I think I did a pretty good job. He eventually learned that I was afraid of snakes, but he still doesn't seem to be afraid of them. So, yay me.…


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Anxiety Sucks-So Don't Let it Win (a moderately woo-woo post)


I have this friend.

She's amazing and talented...but the only one who doesn't see that is her. But she will find her way back because I will remind her often how great she is.

I have soooo been there before. Not that I think I am "all that" now...but I do have hope and excitement for the potential I have now in life.

Around that same time that I felt…


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Home Organisation Tips: Keeping Home Tidy Over the Christmas Break

When the holidays come to town, they bring with them busy weekends, big messes, and little time to clean them up! Every family struggles to find a balance of “fun” and “organised” during this busy time of year. When there is Christmas fun to be had, who wants to clean?

If you find yourself struggling as well, try these fun home organisation tips. By preparing…


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7 Creative Ways to Say “Thank You”

Sometimes, simply saying thank you just doesn’t feel like enough.  When someone does you a huge favour or really goes out of their way for you, you may feel like you want to do a little more to show your appreciation. So for those instances when words just won’t suffice, here are 7 creative ideas to help you say thank you in a more meaningful way:

● Make them a little gift bag or basket. Fill it up with treats like a few scrumptious cupcakes/fresh flowers or pretty…


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10 Things New Parents Should Wait to Buy for a Newborn Baby

When you're getting ready for a new baby, the shopping list can seem incredibly long. Whether you've got a tight budget or limited space, it's good to know which items you can forego for a few months. Here are ten things you can wait to buy for your newborn.

1. Anything Noisy 

Newborns have very sensitive hearing and are more likely to find…


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How Bedding Selection Reflect Your Personality

As we all know that we all are different and so is our choices, we think differently, our choices, likes, dislikes, and opinions are different. That’s why we can’t say everyone will like the same decor of his room, as everyone has its own preferences. So, that’s why everyone should value his own personality and attitude towards these…


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The Advantages You Have When You Buy Boots Online

Everyone loves shopping or maybe every girl loves shopping can be more accurate if it is shopping of boots. Men like to shop but some of them might refrain from it. Moreover, when it comes to shopping for shoes, much like every other thing that you can buy, it has a huge variation in all terms to choose from. In addition, it is entirely true that some people tend to spend most of their money on buying boots but then…


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How to Protect our Children from the Harvey Weinsteins of the World

I'm going to jump right into this one just because I am so passionate about this next statement.

Stop teaching your kids to be so nice and polite to adults. Stop teaching them that the "teacher" is to be respected always and stop teaching them to "just go with the program".

With that being said, this is what I mean this is my…


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Sometimes You Need to be a Hedgehog



There are many things on my ever-growing To Do List that I hope to chisel away at today, including month-end bookkeeping (yuck) and working my business plan 2017 (yay!). There are so many things that I have had lightbulb moments on in the last 4+ months when it comes to my writing, my path and my business. All good, by the way :) But I still struggle daily…


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Real Life: Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamil Soucar

The ‘real life’ guide to working as a Construction Manager.


 This very informative book has been written as a ‘real life’ guide for Construction Managers, and those who are considering undertaking the job. It not only offers guidelines for practices, but also looks into the very real, and present human element which is part of any project, including personalities,…


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Using your property for women loan

Loan is the financial arrangement made from sources other than sources available to you to meet the unexpected situation demanding money. Once the Great Britain was the financial capital of the world as it ruled a larger part of the world in its colonial days. Still, the banking system of the country provides financial solution to its people. People do take loan to build house, to expand business and to run the business. While taking the loan one must consider the fact that loan is a…


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