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The type of study that I stopped reading

Here's the thing: I love my husband.

He's not perfect. He has this talent for standing in the wrong place in the kitchen while I am trying to cook, and he asks me a lot of questions that he could easily look up on Google. But he is perfect for me. He is my knight in shining armor when he helps fix all the…


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Why My Son Will Not Be Participating In Traditional Halloween Festivities

Why My Son Will Not Be Participating In Traditional Halloween Festivities

Many children across America are eagerly going to bed tonight, as they anticipate tomorrow’s Halloween…


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Mail Order Monster movie focuses on being a stepparent

A new film being released in November will address some of the more important but not-heavily-spoken about issues that families are dealing with today – predominantly, parenting a child that isn’t yours.

It’s difficult when a new person enters the picture, especially for a child who struggles to accept the new man or woman who has stepped into a role normally…


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Say Yes!

This past Sunday I had the privilege of sharing a message at our church service.  I wanted to share with you all too.  The main point is to say yes to your goals and dreams, say yes to those things that are sometimes out of your comfort zone.  I find in my life, there are things I believe God put in my heart, but sometimes I hesitate, or don't think I can…


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The Best Self-Care Solution for Moms on the Go

Regardless of their working situation, all moms are on the go and they all need a little reminder to keep practicing self-care. You don’t have to be a wonder-woman to look great, stay healthy and live your best life while juggling a career and the little ones. You can have it all and the only thing you need to do is to start putting yourself first. Whether you decide…


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Is There a Shortage of Medicaid Dentists?

If you think you have a challenging time finding a dentist who accepts your insurance, then you may not be ready to hear about how frustrating it can be to locate one who participates in Medicaid reimbursement plans.

Government benefits like Medicaid and CHIP are essential resources for at-risk families, pregnant women, children, and youth currently in foster…


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What are the signs that my car needs brake repair?

Know the signs of visible wear, screeching sounds, and other symptoms of a brake that needs immediate attention!

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, it is absolutely paramount to ensure that the brakes are always in perfect condition. After all, you use your car to transport your children every day and want to keep them as safe as…


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Friendship and family themes make up MY PET DINOSAUR movie

Spielbergian fantasy film ‘’My Pet Dinosaur’’, from Emmy winner Matt Drummond, is now on Demand from Uncork'd Entertainment.

The film has been likened to early Steven Spielberg movies (specifically the filmmaker’s 1982 classic “E.T : The Extra Terrestrial” – largely because of its heart-warming family themes and its central yarn…


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Enhance Home Decoration with Front Facing Garden

Do you have enough space in front of the home to turn it into a garden? If yes, do it now because it will definitely enhance your home decoration to a new level. No matter the available space is less or more, gardening is possible in any size of area. All you need is an interest in nature and a little bit of investment. It is not an expensive task but requires patience because plants grow in a natural way. For better gardening, it is essential to seek help from experts. Also, you can try…


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The Leper Messiah by Rob Levinson

The life of David, one of the most important people in Jewish religious history, revealed.

The author, Rob Levinson was born in a Gypsy clan in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, unusually he was given up for adoption, however it was his adopted parents who raised him into a tradition of literature and encouraged is early writing…


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Non-Surgical Treatments – A Step Forward in Beauty Care Technology

Even a decade back, beauty treatments, apart from the routine waxing and tweezing were long drawn-out cumbersome processes that required patients to go under the surgeon’s scalpel. Anti-ageing therapies resulted in scarring (though behind the hairline), prolonged downtime, recuperation periods and even side-effects.

With the advancement of laser technologies…


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What influences your screen time rules?

The screen time rules in our household have evolved over the years. Like many parents, my husband and I struggle with finding the right rules for screen use for our son. On the one hand, I am thankful that there are plenty of experts who weigh in on how much recreational use children should get. On the other hand, I know he has some slightly educational/slightly recreational use in school that is impossible for me to monitor and factor…


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Dynomike: What's Heartfulness? by Frankie B. Rabbit

Discover how heartfulness can change he world!

My granddaughter and I have been looking forward to the next Dynomike book, and as soon as we opened it we were greeted by our favourite character, Dynomike, and his friends. The rhyming stories and way it is so wonderfully illustrated captured her interest, and I think it is a great…


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Types of Stem Cells Used in Medicine

Treatments with the usage of stem cells are becoming a very promising field of medicine. It has already shown itself as quite a helpful measure for many patients. The popularity of this innovative practice is growing steadily.

Researches in the field…


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Six foods for hair growth you need to eat every day

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow a long and lustrous mane in the shortest time ever? The facts are, the average human hair grows around 0.5” every month. While some people experience shorter hair growth, all hair does grow.

With many factors standing in the way of your hair growing to the lengths you…


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5 beauty treatments for a younger looking skin

When you're younger, your skin is plump, smooth, and glowing. But as you age, your skin starts to lose its volume and elasticity. You may start to notice laugh lines, creases, and wrinkles that were never there before. These changes can be discouraging. However, you don't have to simply live with them. There are a number of quality treatments…


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Pending tasks

I always thought, if I keep working and make good use of my time, one day I will be able to finish all my pending job. Sometimes I made a list for my to do. And it always surprises me when I look at the list after a long time. I found there were lots of planning to do, which I couldn’t do. Let me give you an example, when I was a programmer, I had to plan to learn…


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Three Mistakes to avoid as a Single Mother

Most women as they set their goals in life one of their top priorities is becoming a Mother. They create a life and begin to set molds on how they should be and the things they will need. One of those things is the “perfect” husband. If these women come from homes with a steady male figure they begin to fantasize about one just like him. A provider, the head of the household, one who takes care of everything.

But is that really the truth? As young children watch their parents and…


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What’s The Price For Freedom?


Do Freedom Have A Price.

The price of freedom may have a variety of answers based on what point an individual is in life. In my case freedom do have a price. For example a real life situation, a young women was presented with an opportunity for freedom. She quickly saw her freedom with the presentation and decided right away to make a sacrifice.  Her…


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Book Review: Chosen by Paddy Bostock


By Paddy Bostock


     In this wonderful political fantasy story, Paddy Bostock is back with a book that is unforgettable and mesmerizing. It is a book that I couldn’t put down, once I started reading it.


     It is a story that most of us can relate to. We all get bored with our lives, regardless of what profession we are in. And sometimes, we feel that we have to make fairly big changes just to…


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