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Top 3 Anti-Aging Serums for Summer

During every season, we want to have fabulous looking skin. We want our skin to look young and healthy, glowing and bright. Every season has varying temperatures as well as elements that can affect our skin. It is important to learn more about how your skin is affected by each season and treat it accordingly. By having…


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More For Mom- Living Your Whole and Holy Life Book Review

I was recently able to review a book written by Kristin Funston about living a holy life as a mother.

Let's face it, motherhood doesn't always come naturally to every mom and there are times that we struggle and there are times when we thrive.

It's in those struggling moments when we wonder if we're doing everything that we can to be the best moms that we can be.

While we're trying to find the answers on how to become better moms, we don't always focus on our holy lives,…


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Wandering the world

We've been enjoying a vacation for the past week in a tropical location. We've explored the history and the culture of the area, and toured the natural beauties around us. We are lucky. I remind my son of this idea often: We are so fortunate that we are able to explore the world.…


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A Stranger in Paris: 1 (A French Life) by Karen Webb

A story of love, life and adventure in Paris.

It’s amazing what we will do for love. Its magnetism draws like nothing else, as the readers of this fast paced and exciting memoir will discover.

It is possible to break free from your traditionally expected path in life and live a totally different one. The author, Karen Webb,…


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7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe around Swimming Pools

According to statistics, drowning is one of the leading causes of death among children. In the United States alone, around 400 children drown every year. It is a worrying trend, especially when you know that these deaths can be prevented. Whether you have a…


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A Review of The Adventures of Nancy LaPlante in the 19TH Century

The Adventures of Nancy LaPlante in the 19TH Century by Michel Poulin is different from any other book I have reviewed. Poulin is a mixed-genre author, and the majority of his novels involve time travel from the far future into the past. 


The Adventures of Nancy LaPlante in the 19TH Century, is a compilation of chapters from two of…


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How You Become a Cool Mom Through a Recipe of Presence and Patience

Becoming a cool mom will depend on your own determination to do so. Therefore, I am only able to share tips from a personal perspective of being a mom. It is not so much about researching the topic, but asking yourself some questions and answering them from how you felt when you were the ages of your children.

Furthermore, like you were as a child, your children are a growth chart until adulthood. And so,…


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How Pregnant Moms Get Around

Being Pregnant is a job in itself, moms have specific things that have to do and eat so the baby is healthy. They have to be careful…


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How To Enjoy Driving Your Children To School

There are many parents that must drive their children to and from school. When you drive a luxury car everyone is far more comfortable. After school activities, car pooling, and traffic has never been so easy with the ample room these vehicles supply. There are states that are currently utilizing suvs to offer…


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Keeping a room ready for the kids

When I was a teen, my Mom told me that my job was to be a good student. And I was. So, while I had a few jobs during college, none of them were the full-time variety that would help pay the bills after college. My Mom and StepDad welcomed me back home after I graduated for the two months it took me to land my first real job. And I am forever grateful for their support (just as I am sure that they are grateful I was only living with them…


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Are These Common Sleep Wreckers Affecting Your Health?

Are you guilty of these 6 sleep wreckers? When it comes to getting ample amounts of quality sleep, it is not just about quantity. Like in many cases, you need quality sleep to feel truly rested. Many people feel tired even when they have gotten 8 or more hours of sleep. Experts share that this is most likely because of poor sleep quality.

Waking up tired is one of the most common indicators that you are unable to get quality rest. To get quality sleep, you have to move to a phase…


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Hard-Working Moms: Escape to Canada for a Short Vacation

‘Selfless’ and ‘devoted’ are just mere adjectives that classify a woman into a hard-working mother. We all know, it’s easier said than done. From laundry to dishwashing, grocery to house cleaning, and hundreds of other chores, mothers are generally expected to be an all-rounder.

Life patterns have massively changed – time management has become the biggest challenge. Whether it's a working mother or a stay at home mom, they have to deal with time constraints and getting things done,…


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The Working Woman’s Guide to Healthy Eyesight

As a working woman, it is imperative that you pay special attention to your eyesight.

Studies have shown that…


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An Interview with Diane Merrill Wigginton

A California native, Merrill Wigginton and her husband sold their Sacramento-area ranch and moved to Kalispell, Montana, in 2017.  There, she enjoys hiking, participating in church, helping out the community.


She has eight grandchildren and a dog named Bella.


In addition to…


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When should a child or teen be treated with HGH?

The growth hormone is what helps a child to grow and it helps with maintaining the health and well-being of the organs and tissues throughout the child’s life. The HGH hormone is created by the pituitary gland which is located at the bottom of the brain.

It’s not always quite clear to know whether or not a child or a teenager who is short for…


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The Working Woman’s Guide to Healthy Eyesight

As a working woman, it is imperative that you pay special attention to your eyesight.

Studies have shown that two thirds of all visual impairment and blindness occur in women; and while it is true that women typically live longer than men, they have a higher rate of risk from eye health complications like glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration.

Women also have a high…


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How to Have the Best Anti-Wrinkle Injections Treatment?

Anti-wrinkle injections are surprisingly versatile, and while many people assume they just make you look expressionless when used well, they can be an amazing cosmetic tool for enhancement and rejuvenation. When they are applied with precision to relax specific…


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Easy Tips to Build up Your Baby's Immune System

Your newborn will need all the help it can get from as early as possible to build a strong immune system and to grow up strong. However, you need to understand where the fine line is drawn, and when it becomes overprotective. Remember that you want to help your baby, not keep it isolated from everything because it will actually be counterproductive.

Let Them Explore Their Environment

In order to see the world around them, and to be able to learn as much as possible, you will…


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45+ Healthy Homemade Popsicles to Try This Summer

How is your summer going? Is it hot where you are? In Texas, we have already seen temperatures hovering around the upper 90s and even in the 100s. When it is that hot outside, we tend to stay indoors or head to the swimming pool to cool off.

During the summer, every time we go to the store, my kids always ask for ice pops. Ice pops are basically sugar water and aren't healthy at all. Each ice pop contains 50 calories and 13 grams of sugar. My kids can easily consume several ice pops…


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Looking for the family resemblance

My son looks like me. He has my nose and my lips and my earlobes. My son looks like my husband. He has my husband's chin, and eyes and facial structure. My son got the best of both of us.…


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