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November 2018 Blog Posts (93)

7 Creative Additions that Will Make Your Backyard Come Alive

The backyard is an amazing place for relaxing, spending time with the family and entertaining guests. It is also a wonderfully open space to get creative with some uniquely innovative enhancements and installations. We are all familiar with backyard pools and hot tubs. And while those are still…


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3 Natural Ways to Balance Post Pregnancy Diet & Body Needs


Now that your baby is here, and you’re enjoying your post pregnancy life of being a mommy. This is incredible feeling and you are living a fast-paced life where you’ve to take care a…


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Knowing more about bed rest

I was fortunate to have a very healthy pregnancy with my son. My doctor described me as a "boring" patient (which he assured me was good) and there was never any mention about me needing to lighten my load or go on bed rest. And, looking back, that made me lucky as I had a full-time job that I didn't want to leave and a lot of other responsibilities.…


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Overwintering pests and what to do about them

A major problem that many homeowners face during the winter is how to keep pests out of your home when it gets cold out.  Many pests (known as overwintering pests) will look for a warm place to spend the winter.  This usually means indoors, inside someone’s home.  IF you aren’t looking for roommates, you need to take steps to prepare your home so spiders, insects, mice and more cant get in – because trust us – they will try.  Prepare your home now before the pests invade and create an…


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How to Monetize Your Mom Blog

Monetize Your Mom Blog

With any small business comes costs, and it’s no different for a newly created mom blog. Of course, with these costs also comes the desire to make money to sustain the needs of your new business, also to help support your family, your passion, and hobbies!

Below you’ll find four…


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5 Reasons Why Self-Care Matters When it Comes to Blogging Success

Too focused on what’s ahead and what you need to write next and forgotten about yourself? We need to stop thinking of self-care as a luxury when it is actually a necessity.

Remember that you are your greatest asset and if you want success with your blog, then you need to make caring for yourself a priority.…


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8 bad habits to break to increase fertility

You and your partner have made the life-changing decision to start trying to get pregnant! That is a huge step that cannot at all be taken lightly. You will have to start making some serious lifestyle changes. Once you have made a decision to bring a baby of your own into the world, it is no longer about you- it's about your baby that you are planning to create! And that starts with ditching bad habits and start new good ones before you even start trying to conceive. Let's take a look at…


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Want to talk? Take a walk

I have noticed over the last few years that my son likes to talk about complex topics (curse words, body parts, girls) when we are in the car or in another situation in which he doesn't have to face me. I am fine with this - I want him to talk when he feels comfortable, and I can completely understand how the having-to-face-your-mom bit could make him clam up.…


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The Amazon Rainforest Adventure: Inform children about how important our Rainforest is (Picture book) (The Rescue Elves Book 2) by Monty J. McClaine

A wonderful story bringing the plight of the Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants to the attention of children.

As a family we are very conscious of the world around us, the environment, recycling, and animal welfare. Awareness is so much…


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Getting into Fostering

If you have you ever considered fostering but didn't know where to start here is some help in making the leap from thinking to fostering.

I'm interested in fostering - where do I start?

The first thing you need to decide when you look into fostering is whether you want to foster for your local authority or getting into a…


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This is how My Story For You App is changing the memoir writing.

A great storyteller can change the world. Having a great story is one thing but learning how to tell it is the art that you need to master. Learning from other people experiences can greatly help people live more at peace and better connected.

Gone are the days where you had to g through so much struggle before coming up with your story. Technology has brought about easier ways of putting your memoir in an interesting and readable manner. My Story For You App is one…


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How to Improve Sleep Deprivation? Healthy Sleep Tips No One Told You Before

Lack of sleep is one of the main stimulators of bad health. If you are looking to improve your health, you should make sure that you adopt healthy sleep habits because that can make a big difference to your life. By healthy sleeping habits, it also means that you adopt good sleep hygiene.

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common problems…


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Better Health Through the Holidays & Beyond


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time and it was amazing.  My mother in law is a wonderful cook and she did all of the cooking, Praise God !!! I'm very thankful for her and how she loves our family.

I want to share with you all a few items I used and tried to…


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Fun Activities For Your Next Family Day

Indeed, family is God’s greatest gift to humankind. They are the ones who bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. No matter what, they will always have our backs; they will stand by us through thick and thin. They are our angels reimagined in human form.

What greater and…


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Renovating your home before your baby arrives – here’s how

The moment when you realize that you are going to become a mother is definitely one of the best feelings in the world because you know that the family which you have created together with your partner is going to become a whole. From the moment in which your baby will arrive, you are going to have a little human whom you are going to love, protect,…


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Teaching Kids about Consent in the #MeToo Era

By  Britta Stromeyer Esmail

The #MeToo movement, the now-infamous Access Hollywood tape, the Bill Cosby case, and Brett Kavanagh’s confirmation hearings have inspired millions of people to talk about consent.  …


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When Do Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

All baby clothing is cute, but your heart can’t help but melt when you see those itty-bitty versions of sandals, sneakers and boots. From the first day of their lives, you want to see your little ones in those teeny-tiny shoes — but studies on the infant foot say you should hold off. Strapping hard shoes to your baby’s…


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Cucina Tipica: An Italian Adventure by Andrew Cotto

The sights and culture of Italy form the backdrop for this incredible Italian adventure.

I just loved this book! In it I was transported from the first page, with American Jacoby Pines and his fiancée Claire, from my adoptive country of France into beautiful Italy. The author, Andrew Cotto, who lives in Brooklyn, is a…


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How to Stun Your Family with Italian-style Pasta sauces

How do they do it? Italians and pasta sauce go together like – well, pasta sauce and pasta. And everybody knows the ingredients are simple, yet the results are quietly spectacular.

Of course, the answer is simple – even if it’s tough to replicate: Italians have been making pasta sauce for generations. With pasta at the base of many of their…


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Can I buy this?

My son is sprawled on the couch with his iPad on his stomach. It is playing an ad; he is staring at the ceiling. When he sees me, he moans a little and complains that he is forced to watch ads sometimes because he needs coins and I won't let him make in-app purchases.…


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