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December 2007 Blog Posts (21)

New Year Resolutions, Take 38

Every year it's the same thing. Try to find something I won't suck at and make it my resolution for the coming year. Over the years it's gone something like this: I promise to lose weight, to fit into size 8 jeans again, give up chocolate, try not to drink so much Diet Coke, and make millions. And thus by continually putting myself in these positions I am always setting myself up for painful failure. The kind of failure that makes my teeth hurt.

Even when I was young and understood…


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Evil Genius In The Making?

Tonight the boys have been playing and fighting on & off. One minute they're playing quietly and the next moment the younger two have been

running to me and complaining about their older brother.

There is no doubt my oldest is my baddest and most…


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As we say "Goodbye" to 2007... partner, Mary Scribner, and I would like to take stock of our A Wild Ride accomplishments:

1. We made a conscious choice to keep…


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They Don't Make Them The Way They Used To

Monopoly - The Electronic Banking Edition - featuring properties from the Here & Now tm Edition

One of the many presents my boys received this Christmas, was this new

modern edition of Monopoly. The new Electronic Banking version

eliminates… Continue

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In the spirit of the holidays, today's Blog entry focuses on PLAY. Many of us struggle during this season with children whose sensory issues can not take in all the activities, noises and smells of the season. In short, they seem to find it difficult to play.

A while back, Melitsa from Play-Activities contacted me about her site. I checked it out and…


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Tis The Season - To Use Your God-Given Talents

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more depressing Holiday news

stories, I saw this gem of an article that left me choked up. It has

all the makings of a Holiday classic. I bet Hollywood will buy the

story rights and make a movie!

The Rev. Hamilton Coe Throckmorton gave each adult in his congregation $50 and the goal of

using their God-given talents to double the money to raise funds for

the church's mission work.

To find out what happened, click… Continue

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Tweefo Warrior Screech…. Yiyiyiyyiyiyiyiyi!!!!!

I've been thinking a lot about passion lately. Not romantic passion (puh-lease). I'm talking about the kind of passion that inspires us to action!

You know the feeling. It kicks off when you get a great idea, when you experience something inspiring, or when you think about something you truly enjoy doing. For me, the feeling starts off as a thought or voice in my head. Then it moves down to my belly and tingles there a bit before welling up into my chest and exploding into sheer… Continue

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Fat Christmas, My house, 2007

Damn the holidays. My yo-yo weight is cycling downward once again, but it's not happening nearly fast enough. I can only get my cute velvet party pants up to my knees, which spells Christmas trouble with a capital T. Christmas is not the same without my party pants. Last week I was finally reduced to purchasing a fluffy black turtleneck from the Gap to hide my gigantic ass. My self-esteem is spiraling downward at a rapid clip which sounds much like BB gun fired right at my eye.



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One of My Favorite Photos

Single motherhood, getting acclimated to my new job, wrapping up school, and just plain tiredness, have all contributed to the delay of this post. Several days ago Vegan Momma tagged me in a post titled "What's One of Your Favorite Photos?" There are no specifics listed so I'm assuming this selection can be any photo I like. It was really difficult to… Continue

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Thought for the Weekend

My son's teacher, and our good friend, suffered a major stroke earlier in the school year. His recovery is slow but steady. He's an amazing man. His wife is an inspiration to all of us as we individually deal with our own challenges. Almost every day, Judy writes on her husband's Care Page, letting all of their family and friends know what major or minor progress Kim made since the last time she posted. Today, at the bottom of her update, Judy…


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Reasons to Have Children

Reason # 3 - They make good blankets!

When my children were smaller, I loved to take naps with them. ( so did my husband, pictured here )

Babies are warm & snuggly and little heat factories! Sadly, I understood

why Michael Jackson affectionately called his son… Continue

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Reasons to Have Children

Reason #2 - Cheap Labor

" Billy-Bob-Joe-Bubba-Harris Jr. the 3rd." - 10 years old

Note the many breaks, mostly to either watch a cartoon or play a video game.

I guess you get what you pay… Continue

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Reasons to Have Children

Reason 1.: They provide you with fine art!

Alex - Age 9

Colin - Age 6…


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feeling a bit down...

Being a single mom living with my parents is wearing on me. I know I will get used to it but I get lonely, especially when i am PMSing. (which duh, is normal anway) This is not how I dreamed it. i wanted to have a baby with a man who would love me until the end of time. i wanted to put the baby down at night and stay up watching movies and cuddling with my hubby. I miss sleeping with someone at night, i miss the warmth. I feel like the dating scene will be so much more…


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No Hassle Tree

This is the first time I can remember in 100 years when we went to get a Christmas tree and it was easy. We hadn't really picked a time to go get one this year. We usually do it around the first week of December, "around" being a loose term for "when mommy and daddy feel up to it." There have been some years when the snow has been 17 feet high and we can barely make out the tree branches, which are usually stuck together in a circular mess, needles frozen to heaven and other years where it…


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beginners luck?

...a poem to kick off my very first post. I think this blog will do wonders for my insanity. Being able to vent without paying a stranger one-hundred dollars makes me smile. I will just vent to one-hundred perfect strangers for FREE!

my journal is lined with pages of my past, my present, and hopes of my future.

everyday writing my story page by page, line by line

days go by, i go on living, weeks go by, i still keep breathing,

years go by my heart…


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Please come visit my blog at for my daily happenings.

I like to come over to the mom bloggers club to share photos and videos, but I want to keep all of my blog post in one spot!

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Breastfeeding on Antibiotics

Ho hum.....whoa is me. Yet another sweet, well intentioned mama led astray by her deeply trusted yet ignorant and most likely sold out family physician. Ho hum

Grant has a new baby at his day care; an adorable 3 month old whose older sister attends as well. I was ecstatic to hear that he was being nursed while mom was on a nice a phat 3 month maternity leave. Upon seeing the bottles, I asked if she was sending pumped milk. No she wasnt. Bummer. But thats can supplement… Continue

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Hi everyone!

Hey there! I'm a mom blogger from Colorado - started out craft blog, but heck, I'm a Mom, had to happen I guess! :-) I'm on blogger:

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Do-overs and take-backs

My husband and I watched the Colts/Jaguars football game Sunday afternoon. (big Peyton Manning fan here!) During the first quarter there were three challenges to the officials’ calls. Most games don’t even have one, but three during the first quarter seemed unusual.

A challenge can be made if the coach disagrees with a call. If the call is reversed, then it’s good for the challengers. If it stands, the challenging coach loses a time out in addition to whatever disadvantage the call…


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