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December 2018 Blog Posts (100)

Dealing with Mom Guilt

When you become a mom, the idea that society seems to instill in your head is that is all you focus on. Your child should have your undivided attention, beyond all other priorities. As a mom, you’re “supposed” to be there for your child during all his or her major milestones and on a daily basis.…


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Check out some highlights of 2018 with cupcakes memories <3 2018 in Cupcakes

Check out some highlights of 2018 with cupcakes memories <3 2018 in Cupcakes


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Keeping our pictures private

My son has recently discovered how wonderful our family photo albums are.

Side note: I spend a lot of time scrapbooking our family photos, so I am ridiculously pleased that he has started appreciating them.…


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Going Walking After A Pregnancy

After having a baby, you will want to get out of the house and try to regain the shape you were in before the pregnancy.  Taking a walk is a great way to restore your physical fitness, connect with nature, boost your mood and keep your baby healthy. 

How You Can Start Walking With Your Baby after Pregnancy?

Strollers for Walking With Your Baby

When you plan your baby shower wish list, you should include…


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What is IV Hydration Therapy?


One of the best things you can do for your body is to maintain proper hydration at all times. Water is one of the six essential nutrients that humans need to survive. Water is so important because it is used in every cell to support physical, mental and everyday performance.

We usually think of hydration during the hot summer months, when you’re doing sports or other strenuous activities, or when you are so thirsty that you need a drink right away.…


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3 best interactive apps with fairy-tales

We do want to tell our kids more than just "Sweet dreams", or "Sleep tight", but quite often we lack time or a desire to read a fairy-tale, or make up a story of our own. It is not always that easy, so at some point, I started looking for the apps that can save my time and engage my kids in the story. A friend of mine,…


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Candid V/S Traditional: Which Approach Lures You More?

A wedding is a beautiful and joyous ceremony where two souls are unified in a life bound relationship. Wedding traditions diversify greatly between cultures, religions, ethnic groups and regional boundaries. But one practice is an integral part of every wedding irrespective of the diversity: photography. However, with the changing times, the trend of photography has also transformed.…


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Thinking about those school visits

My son has been really enjoying his holiday time off - we took a trip, he has had family visit and we are about to visit more family in the days to come. He's had nothing but fun and time with the people he loves.

I reminded him last night that he will need to go back to school eventually, so if there is…


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Gold in Small Amounts as Currency During Crisis

Karatbars International and CEO Harald Seiz: Gold In Small Amounts As Currency During Crisis

At times, it can seem like there is a constant fluctuation between economic recession and economic growth. As we enter into one, it is predictable that the other is looming around the corner. This constant volatility of the markets leaves many investors weary about where they place their investments. Fortunately,…


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Things you should keep in mind when attending a wedding with your kids

Weddings are incredibly fun events which celebrate the union of two people who have decided that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Weddings are great celebrations of love which announce the formation of a new family. Attending a wedding is surely an exciting event where you can have fun while celebrating together with the bride and groom their love. However, when you are a parent, attending a large-scale event such as a wedding might sound like a real challenge. Apart from…


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German Kitchen Design Ideas and Companies

Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, there’s no wonder why so much attention is attributed to decorating this room. All mothers want to prepare the best meals for their families, and doing it in a warm, cosy ambiance is definitely…


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How Do You Choose The Best Designer Handbag When There Are So Many Choices?

Designer handbags have become one of the most sought-after women's high-end accessories for a good reason. These handbags represent the personality and lifestyle of the buyer. Add to that the functionality of the handbag, it is quite hard to go wrong with a designer handbag. Unless you have been active in the fashion industry for long enough, choosing the first designer handbag on the market isn't an easy task. In fact, it could be quite overwhelming at times. There are so many brands,…


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Food in school in Canada

All restaurant in Canada maintain a very common rule, that any food cannot be stay in room temperature for more than 2 hours. When 2 hours passes, we assume that the food has been expired. Because by these 2 hours viruses increases their amount which can be very hazard’s for…


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Feeling bad when life is good.

The other night at bedtime my toddler was playing every parent’s favorite game, crying for no reason to trick me into going back in his room. Every time I walked in, he immediately went silent, closed his eyes and snuggled down to sleep. Far from being annoyed (at least the first couple of times), I marveled at the power I have to comfort him simply with my presence. All his fears and anxieties disappear when he hears my voice or feels my touch. As I stood over his crib watching his eyelids…


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Your child on social media: this is what you need to know

It is tempting to share good pictures of your child on social networks like Instagram. However, it is essential to be… Continue

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The gifts that they will forget

Yesterday was an explosion of wrapping paper and joy. Family and fun. Food and more food. As I tucked my son into bed last night, I asked him if he had had a good Christmas. He declared it to be the best Christmas ever. …


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Skin Tips to Slow the Signs of Aging in working Moms

Busy mom stands up as the successful business owner, good wife, sister, beautiful daughter, and mother as well. Then how she could take care of her skin in hectic routine? After sometimes if a working woman who is mommy also do not care of her skin wrinkles, signs of aging and fine lines start to appear on the face which…


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6 Cutting Edge Gadgets to Keep Seniors Safe and Healthy

Technology now plays a much bigger part in our lives than it ever did. With its constant growth, even the elderly, who are usually associated with a feeling of wariness towards technology, are coming to embrace it. More and more seniors are using technology in their daily lives, some of them even taking it upon themselves to…


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I want to believe

Last year, when my son was seven, he told me that he had figured out that the Santa thing wasn't real. He gave me some story that he and his friends at school had worked out - Santa couldn't be real, because all the parents leave the house on Christmas Eve after children go to bed to go buy presents.…


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9 Best Frugal Living Tips for Moms

It is never a cakewalk to be a mom. You are assigned to a never-ending service. At the same time, with the ever rising inflation rate, everyday life is getting harder and harder. Balancing the budget has become more complicated and, once you become a mother your expense list is never getting any shorter. You will need to buy baby products, grocery, festive things, maintaining the house and sometimes even the outside manly stuff. God never promised anyone an easy life but, he made sure…


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