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About Shish Kebobs

Do you have kids? They love to eat grilled food, too. A fun and healthy alternative to hamburgers and hot dogs for them is to make shish kebobs. Shish Kebobs are easy to make and healthy for those young and old alike.


Shish kebobs remind me of those scenes in old movies when they are roasting meat over a spit. Unlike that scary unmentionable meat being turned over and over by the cowboys, we will put our favorite meats and veggies on a stick and add some…


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Just Jewelry $100 Challenge! Win FREE Jewelry!

Who is up for a challenge and FREE…

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this. does. not. feel. like. real. life. yet


 does everyone see this properly? this is a car seat. in the backseat of my husbands SUV. in the middle of Indiana. for the baby. I am having. in less than 70 days. none of this seems real…


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You have to see this one!

I made the cutest onesie yesterday.  Having so much fun creating new designs!


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How Long Could You Go Without Screen Time?


This question was posed at a recent screening that I attended of the fascinating Ground Productions documentary, Play Again by filmmaker Tonje Schei. This film follows several youths as they are removed from a life of television, video games and cell phones and are presented with the opportunity to rediscover nature....…


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China Dim Sum

In less than a week, I have gone to that restaurant three times in a row! So... I don't think I wanna go there until perhaps half a year later! hahahaa.... First time I went was with my two ex colleagues, second time with Elinluv and the third time with Andy and Fernie....

These dim sum were pretty special in a way.... prices range fromRM3.50 onwards.... actually I don't mind going there again if anyone were to give a treat.... hahahahaa.....…


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Top 10 tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets

Top 10 tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets


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Top 10 tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets

Top 10 tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets


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How long is a piece of balloon string? and more importantly what colour?

My first baby boy turned two yesterday. TWO! I can't believe it's been two whole years since I met first met him, coughing and spluttering after being dragged into being. What a blur of love, tears, awe, wonderment and it seems balloon ribbon choices. It's with shame I admit I spent at least 3 minutes discussing the balloon ribbon colour with a long suffering, yet very patient, party warehouse…

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Measure Me, If You Must

Measure Me . . .

Not by the dimensions of my waist.
Not by the cup of my bra.
Not by the width of my behind.
Not by my age.
Not by the color of my skin.
Not by the unruliness of my hair.

Measure Me . . .

continue reading Measure Me here

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Saturday With Makayla

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday With Makayla

Well, I am not a professional soccer player. I know this because I have never played soccer before. Let me start at the beginning. After battling some disgusting stomach bug, I finally felt decent enough to drag my carcass out of bed with Makayla this morning at 7:30 and lay on the couch while she watched her favorite show in the entire world, Glee. Glee is a show about people who…


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This Could Be Your Best Walking Partner...

New blog post today on how a dog can be your best walking partner!  Check it out! This Could Be Your Best Walking Partner..




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Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway: 1 Year Subscription to All You


There are a LOT of blogs out there. A lot of amazing blogs. So when you subscribe to MY blog through your email, I know you are really paying me an enormous compliment. You have so many other excellent choices. So to show you my appreciation, I have a weekly subscriber appreciation giveaway here on Family Friendly Frugality.

The only requirements will be that you …


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Her Words

Z  amazes me everyday with her storytelling abilities and the manner that she can articulate them. With that I bring you a new feature: Storytime Saturday!



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Raising a Proverbs 31 Woman

Todays post is a sequel to "Raising the Head of a House." Stop by and share your thoughts.



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The Jacobi House

I don't mind moving, but I wish I could take The Jacobi House with me.

Added by Margie Sims on May 14, 2011 at 2:43pm — No Comments

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