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8 Effective Ways to Use PLR Content

Most content marketers eventually decide to use PLR reports and other content to grow their businesses, and you’re no exception. It can be a challenge to produce targeted, relevant content…

Things for You and Your Kids to See Online from Home

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people around the world to stay at home. With schools, amusement parks, and major attractions for kids closed down during this time, kids have nowhere to go…

Make Your Customers Swipe Up On Your Brand’s Instagram Stories

Instagram has been a digital marketing hotspot ever since it introduced an integrated toolkit for the effective brand promotions of businesses across the globe. The popular social media platform is well equipped to provide your brand with a…


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Getaway Guide to Palm Springs

A popular destination among local Californians and visitors from further abroad, Palm Springs is a desert oasis that provides great relief from the chaos of Los Angeles. It is known for its wellness services, luxury hotels, and glamorous history, with people from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley calling the area home at…


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Essential Oils for Sinuses/ Post Nasal Drip

cbd vape juice I wish I would have known about using organic essential oils for sinus congestion when I was growing up. I…


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The Benefits of Encouraging Your Child to Read

You have to admit that as a parent, getting your child to do something they don’t want to do can be a challenge. Unfortunately for some, convincing their child to sit down and read (in lieu of interacting with a digital device) can be one of those things. Though it may seem at times impossible, it should be stated that…


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Child Friendly Food For The Summer Holidays

I’m not sure about you, but when the summer holidays are upon us, routines get a little crazy. We seem to either have a day of rushing about on the move, or a complete day in the house with a load of time to prep meals and bake.

I’ve been looking for some great child-friendly recipes for the summer, to help keep my little girl nourished and energised while we take part in various activities when out and about. Making food is also a great activity to pass the time and learn new skills.…


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New Year’s Resolutions:FREE Goal Sheet Template plus Tips!

Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions?  For a few years, I was so against them, and I’m not really sure why. My argument was that New Year’s Resolutions or resolutions in general, should be made throughout the year and not only at the beginning of each year. I still believe this; however, the setback was that I never actually made them, I just…


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FREE Disney SVG - for personal use only


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Making peace for your health

It's already mid-November and everyone around me seems to be stressed out about the holidays. They are trying to make travel arrangements or planning a menu or preparing themselves for seeing family that they don't get along with.

That last one is pretty important. I hear it in the hallways of my office:…


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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Baby Car Seat

Finding the right portable baby car seat is one of the most critical purchases any parent will ever make. It involves several decisions ranging from the type of car seat you want to the features. The whole of this process can be complicated and stressful. However, you do not need to worry because here are some simple basic purchase guidelines that will help you make the best choice.

  1. Go through your car’s owners’ manual…

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6 Kid-Friendly Healthy Holiday Desserts

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. It is also a period of time that is filled with unhealthy, sugary treats. Consuming too much sugar isn't healthy, especially for your child's body, and can wreak havoc on health including your smile.

An occasional treat is harmless for the most part but if you are like me once you start it can be a tough habit to break. It is a real problem…


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My son wants to be an author, and that’s ok.

I decide to share this because I feel there is still much too much stigma about letting our children pursue careers as artists. And yes, kids will do what they do regardless of what a mother’s heart feels, but we can still encourage or discourage certain behaviors, and I recently…


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Check in on sleep

We've had an action-packed month. Looking over all the activities we've completed while still going to work or school, I am sure that none of us have gotten enough sleep. There have been numerous nights in which I've looked at the clock and realized it was well past my son's bedtime. And there have been many other nights when I've looked at the clock and realized it was past my bedtime.…


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Five Ways to Avoid the Health Risks of Being Too Busy

A life of complete calm and organization is a myth. For most, the daily chaos of life becomes routine and manageable. But when does busy become too busy? And when does too busy start affecting your overall health? To help you assess if you are overextending yourself, the health experts at Envolve,…


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Plural Nouns: An Easy Guide to How to Pluralize


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An Excerpt of The Legacy by Ann Markim

The following is an excerpt of The Legacy by Ann Markim. The excerpt was provided by the author.



Anna Jorgesen studied her reflection in the small mirror hanging on the wall of Peder’s room. Her hair, a bright blond when properly coifed, looked drab and disordered. Dark circles beneath her blue eyes added years to…


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More meaningful conversations at dinner

Somewhere in my house there is one of those decks of conversation topics that the entire family can answer. And that is a good thing, because I need a little help.…


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Can’t expect to have anyone in life, forever.

You can’t depend on someone or something by hoping that the person or the thing will be there for you, forever. In my childhood whenever I was in pain, I use to run to the window. There was a tree beside the window. My silent friend, who was always there for me, always listened what I said, never…


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Truth Be Told

The truth is, parenting is hard.  Some days we feel that we have this whole parenting thing down and then someone throws a fit, throws a tantrum or quite frankly, just doesn't listen.


Some days I wish it was like how they display it on…


Added by Brandy Peck on January 7, 2019 at 10:28am — 5 Comments

More thoughts on bad words: The nipple incident

Last fall, my son and I went to the Renaissance festival. We go every year, and we love seeing the jugglers, acrobats and shows. One of the shows featured a fire eater, which we couldn't pass up the chance to see. During the course of the show (which wasn't rated adult only), things went a little awry, and the man ended up lighting his nipple on fire.…


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7 Amazing Things that You Should Need To Know About Eye Cream

The eyes always make a huge impact on how you look.  When people complement your sultry looks, that’s because you got your winged eyeliner and your curly eyelashes right.  When you’re told you look tired, it’s usually because your under eyes are bulging and you have droopy eyes.

How does Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream or any other eye cream work to benefit your eyes?

Below are at least…


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