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Using stress as a teacher

I believe I have a normal amount of stress in my life: I get challenged regularly to take on new projects at work, I have stepped up my involvement in some outside-of-work activities and I deal with the mistakes I make and want to learn from.…


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Why You're Not Losing Weight Eating Salads


're Not Losing Weight Eating Salads

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Let's discuss why you aren't losing weight eating salads.  A lot of times we associate the word “salad” with healthy and weight loss, but is it really?

That completely depends on what all you put in your salad and what type and how much dressing you use.

[Tweet "Eating salads and not losing weight? Here's why. #salads…


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Imbibe these 10 Healthy Habits in Your Children

Children are in a fragile state in life wherein their immunity isn’t fully developed, and illnesses and infections are a constant threat. There is no questioning the fact that most parents do an amazing job at keeping their children healthy and happy, but at some point, parents must pass down some of these responsibilities to their children.

Making sure that your kids grow up to be balanced adults pertains to both mental and physical prowess. If your kids are excelling at school, are…


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Eat In For Lunch Or Eat Out?

If you work a full-time job, you’re probably familiar with the daily struggle of whether to pack a lunch or eat out.  While bringing a lunch from home is typically the more cost-effective option, it can be tempting to spend the extra money and get lunch from your favorite take-out spot.  If you’re struggling with the decision of whether to eat in or eat out, here are a few tips to help you decide.

Consider Your Budget

While that slice of pizza…


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Embrace your Authentic Self

Here's a question. When was the last time you were unapologetically yourself? When was the last time you felt something in your gut and just went for it? You didn't hesitate, you didn't consider another person's opinion, you didn't waiver on whether or not it was…


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6 Superfood Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Indian activist and civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi said it best: "It is health that is real wealth." When you are healthy, you'll experience a more satisfying and more fulfilling life while avoiding the stress of chronic disease. While the…


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Are there any real benefits of drinking water ?

Ever thought this? Yeah Me too! I’m always being reminded by family members that there are great benefits of drinking water. But to be honest, I always think that water is so bland and boring.

So I decided to challenge myself and embaraked on a 21 day water challenge, not like that, I ate food. I just tried as hard as I could to substitute any drinks I was having with water. This meant I increased my water significantly…


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Three Steps to Get the Slim Mom Body You Want

Bikini season is almost here, and many moms are left wondering if there’s enough time to get bikini ready before it’s here full-time. Moms are also wondering why bikini season comes just after all the Valentine’s chocolates and Easter candy is issued, which doesn’t seem entirely fair to many. The key to becoming that sexy, slim mom you admire every morning at school drop-off is not an unattainable goal if you make some lifestyle changes. Ditch the fad diets…


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A Parents Job When It Comes to a Kid's Dental Health

Adults and parents have a lot of influence in a kid’s life. Kids learn and do things that they see the people around them doing. In general, kids see their parents the most. However, there are some kids that see a lot more of their grandmothers and grandfathers, or uncles and aunts.

As a child grows it’s a parent’s job to make sure they show their kids what they should do and not do. It is their responsibility to teach them right from wrong, as well as explain good and bad…


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4 Healthy Snacks For Your Kids After School

One in three kids in the U.S. is overweight. This is an alarming number of children who are at…


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Are you Parenting Honestly?

Hello! How was your week? I just got finished having the most interesting conversation with my Lil Mama. Seems the older she gets the more subjects we dive into with more details. The more we continue to communicate the more Q&A's we enter.

But here's a BIG question many parents ask themselves; 

Should I admit I don’ have all the answers? That I don’t really know everything after all? Would it be so terrible of me to actually “be human”? Would these admissions reduce my…


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Tips on how to heal faster from mommy makeover

Tips on how to heal faster from mommy makeover

When you finished with your mommy makeover, you may…


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Tips to Stay Healthy while Travelling in Winters

People who travel in winter holidays have more than 50 percent chance of suffering travel-related illnesses. Some illnesses can be minor and while others can be infectious. In order to enjoy your holidays in the best possible way, here…


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Bronchitis – symptoms and treatment

Bronchitis – symptoms and treatment

Bronchitis is the swelling or inflammation of the bronchi or the bronchial tubes and the air passages…


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Healthy Habits to Pick-up During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a turning-point in your life whether it’s your first baby or your third. Each pregnancy is different but there are measures you can take that will make the next 9 months as comfortable for you as possible. it’s the perfect time to pick-up new habits that will help you even after you…


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Five ways an End can become a Gift

Good Afternoon!

New York had it's first snow of the season yesterday and I must say I actually just embraced it. I spent the day working on some edits and drafts then was binge watching this new show I found on Netflix called The Killing omg a must see. The writing is fantastic! The story is continuously unfolding and capturing your attention second by second.

Great storytelling comes to life because of words Being able to paint a vivid…


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What Language of Love do you Speak?

Hello love, are you finding yourself overwhelmed with things that need to get done before the Holidays really arrive? Are you wrapped up in your To Do list yet feel like you are forgetting something? Guess what, you probably are. You probably are forgetting the most important part and the Purpose of it all is sharing and expressing your Love.…


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What to do after your root canal treatment?

What to do after your root canal treatment?…


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How to Protect our Children from the Harvey Weinsteins of the World

I'm going to jump right into this one just because I am so passionate about this next statement.

Stop teaching your kids to be so nice and polite to adults. Stop teaching them that the "teacher" is to be respected always and stop teaching them to "just go with the program".…


Added by Mari Corona on October 29, 2017 at 2:39pm — No Comments

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