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Mom Talk: Are Family Pets Good For Your Kids?

Hey moms, we’ve got news for you! The age-old question of “Are family pets good for your kids?” is now going to be addressed.

To start off, we first have to go over the history of having domesticated animals as pets. Probably one of the very first animals to have been…


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5 Ways to make homework less stressful for your kid

Homework isn’t just stressful for children, it can be stressful for parents as well. With children always complaining about going to “do my homework”, parents are wondering how they can make homework…


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Is Getting a Memory Foam Mattress for Kids a Good Idea at Younger Ages?

You need to check literally a million factors when choosing a mattress for your child.

And I will not lie if I say the material that the mattress is made of is among the crucial ones.…


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13 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed

Every parent wants their child to be smart in class. They want them to pass their exams and move to the next grade. It’s important for them to give their children all the…


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5 Things to Know Before Giving Bath to Your Baby in Winters

Having a baby is one of the purest things in the world and it is very important to take their utmost care. And as much as we adore winters, baby care can get very difficult at that time of the year, especially bathing them. As newborns are already very sensitive to temperature, maintaining the right balance between the…


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How Can Parents Prevent Their Kids from Becoming Addicted

Drugs are more potent now than they were 30, 20 and even 10 years ago. From Fentanyl, OxyCotin, weed, etc. There are a lot of opportunities for children to abuse drugs. It is easy to get your hands on drugs: from home medicine cabinets, neighbours' homes, online, or school. Here are several ways you can prevent your…


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Fun And Affordable Activities To Get The Kids Away From Their Consol

Gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets are all wonderful things. They offer hours of entertainment, a way to get your kid’s brains whirring and most importantly, they can give us a few moments of peace and quiet when we need them most. But the tide can turn and the next thing we know, our little ones are spending…


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Handling a moody child

Even with all the parenting books and blogs on the planet, raiding children still does not come with an extensive manual. That’s why there are more learning and trial and error than having one way of doing things right. Even despite doing your best, your child will not always turn out the way you pictured when you held…


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10 Best Financial Tips for Your School-Age Kids

Proper financial planning and a solid savings plan will give our parents peace of mind. Perhaps, preparing ahead is key to managing student needs, and there are a lot of unknown costs that need to anticipate as parents. Consider these financial tips for school-age to help you become financially well rounded and fiscally…


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5 Reasons to Wear a Retainer After Braces

One of the biggest fear parents have for their children is seeing them grow with crooked teeth. That’s a problem braces tries to solve. The procedure can last for about two or three years. After braces are removed, you are supposed to wear a retainer. The work of a retainer is to ensure that straightened teeth don’t revert. The…


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Put down the video games

Technology has unfortunately made many children prefer to sit in front of a screen and play computer games the whole day. This means that they're not able to gain the advantages of physical exercise that is important for their growth and development.

It is therefore important…


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4 Quick Safety Tips to Keep Your Child Safe While Driving

As a responsible parent, you’re definitely concerned about your children’s safety at all times. Auto accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and, because we are all dependent on our cars every day, the risks you expose your children are pretty high. The most exposed passengers when accidents happen are children compared…


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5 Important Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse in College Students

Substance abuse is the unfavorable use of hallucinogenic substances, including illegitimate drugs. Substance abuse results when a person uses a substance (or a drug) abnormally or, in a…


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5 Tips for Students to help them with Credit Card Debt Settlement

If you are a student and you need to a real insight for Credit Card Debt Settlement, repay your debt as fast as you can. This is not going to be a walk in the park, but with sheer determination and hard…


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School Dance Transportation

Here they come, the annual rite of passages better known as school dances. It seems like your son or daughter was just starting junior high, and now they're making their way through high school just as quickly. There is a lot of excitement in the air and expectations are very high as far as school…


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Teenage Son: Compassion is the Key

Mood swings and inconsistent temperament are the words that are generally connected to girls but let’s face the fact these emotions are not just limited to the female fraternity. Male also have their mood swings and in fact, the confused phase when a child is no more a child but yet not a man, “…


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How Your Kids Can Greatly Improve Their Typing Skills

When I was a kid I used to sit for hours and type on my mother’s typewriter. I memorized where the letters, numbers, and symbols were on the keyboard and tested myself on how fast I could tap, tap, tap out the alphabet without any errors. Because I worked so hard to memorize the…


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Tips For Getting Girls Into Sports

Would it surprise you to know that girls are twice as likely to drop out of sporting activities through their teenage years than boys? Or to realize that most young girls start engaging in organized sports up to two whole years later than boys? …


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Back-To-School Deals Moms Won't Be Able To Resist: Getting the best for your kids isn’t always such a pain on the pocket.

Are you behind on your back-to-school shopping for your kids? That's okay because I've compiled the only list you'll need. While searching out the best deals on the 2017-2018 school year must-have items, we have compiled a list of essentials. Using the free…


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Tips for Finding the Right Swimwear for Tween Girls

Women tend to struggle to find swimsuits that make them feel good, and often put off the task of buying something new until they really have to. For tween girls, the process can also be fraught with…


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