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4 Signs Your Baby Has Outgrown Their Car Seat

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Whether your child is sitting in a forward or rear-facing car seat, they will eventually outgrow it and no longer need it. As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that your child is always kept safe while riding in a vehicle. Having a properly-sized seat is an essential part of…


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From Boots to Baby Brands: 7 Gifts That Give Back With Every Purchase

There is never a bad time to give gifts especially when those gifts give back with every purchase. Here are seven products from boots to baby and kids’ brands and more that have an added component of social good. These companies give back to nonprofits that help kids and even honeybees.



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Essential Things To Do To Stay Safe At The Beach

The beach is a magical place. There is something special about the waves crashing onto the shore, the sand beneath your feet, and the constant chatter of happy people, relaxing. 

However, while it is a great place to visit, there are a number of dangers at the beach. It’s…


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The challenges of raising children in the 21st century

Raising children is both one of the most difficult and also most important things that a person can do in their lifetime. However, even though, in theory, we should all have some innate ability and know-how on the proper way to raise kids that’s been passed down to us from our ancestors, the speed at which the world…


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What Should I Do If My Child Is Dealing Drugs?

The rise of drugs in everyday life has been significant in recent years. Studies in the UK have found that around 40% of children aged…


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How to Travel with Kids

Finding ways to take some time away from both the stress and the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives can make all the difference to our family's well-being. With the right preparation, traveling with kids can be a wonderful experience where our children can see new places and learn new things about the…


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How To Teach Your Kids To Start Cleaning And Doing Chores On Their Own

Cleaning and doing chores used to be a solely one-parent activity, and usually, moms were the ones who would get down to business. However, every family member should take up some house chores, especially kids, and do their "cleaning" part. There's nothing wrong with teaching your children a few obligatory chores such as cleaning the room, making the bed, and helping with dishes, what's more, there are numerous benefits to doing…


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How to Write a Catchy College Admission Essay?

There is no such thing as too many strong essays when it comes to getting into a foreign institution. In his or her motivation letter, a candidate may encourage him or her to attend a highly respected university that he or she has never before attended.  

It takes a…


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Discover The Mistakes Parents Should Avoid When Raising A Child

Raising a child is difficult. You can read as many books and guides as you want, and even speak to friends who are already parents and you’ll get some great advice. But, when it comes down to it, everyone has their own parenting style. It’s not that there is a right or wrong way to parent, providing you have your…


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Bike Riding While Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know

If you loved riding a bike before pregnancy, you may be wondering if it’s okay to ride a bike while pregnant. There are many aspects of riding a bike while pregnant that could be considered, like the intensity of biking, the way your knees are moving, or even falling off the bike. Bike riding can be a safe exercise…


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Turning a Garage Into a Playspace

The lack of room for play should never be rare in a house full of kids. After all, they always need to be entertained! If your kids have friends around, a lovely play area where they can run about and have fun would be phenomenal. 



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Should Moms Play Video Games With Their Kids?

Even though kids are no longer in school for the summer and it is supposed to be a pleasant time for them, boredom quickly sets in. Moms frequently complain about their kids’ boredom and lack of activities on forums and social media. It can be challenging for mothers to come up with activities for their kids on a…


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5 Egg-citing and Memorable Easter Gifts

With spring right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about Easter gifts for your loved ones. Rather than giving out the standard chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets, why not do something a bit more egg-citing this year? Whether you…


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Ways To Get Your Children More Vitamin D This Winter

When the cooler months arrive, moms and dads everywhere start to dread the thought of flu and colds entering the home. When and what is going to hit the house? Will it be mild or rough? Do I still have…


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9 Daytime Activities You Can Do With Your Baby

Babies are curious and fascinated by the things that happen in their environment. They’re keen on faces, moving things, bold colors, shiny things, and sound around them. Having just come into the world, they seem to want to take in everything. They use their sense of smell, touch, see, taste, and hear. Their eyes light up…


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The "Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses" Has Begun

By Annlyel James

Well, Harry Potter fans, this has been quite the year of celebration. Twenty years ago a movie entered theaters that changed the…


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Kids Having Trouble Sleeping? Here Are Some Things That Can Help

Sometimes, getting kids and toddlers to sleep can be a nightmare. They can be wide awake one moment and snoozing the next in an instant, it can feel inconsistent. Unlike adults, children require more sleep on average (8-10 hours) than adults do (6-8). This is because…


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Fall Fashion Haul for Girls’ Tees and More

This is a sponsored post with Threadsy. Of course, this review reflects my personal opinions. 

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like a great deal? Well, neither have we. In fact, if most parents are like us, they look high and low for deals on everything from their…


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Your No-Fail Guide to Keeping Your Kid’s Bathroom Clean and Organized

From toothpaste on the mirrors to toilet paper unraveled and thrown on the floor, your kid’s bathroom may just be a disaster. Let’s face it – your child’s bathroom will likely never be as clean as you want it to be and the moment you finish cleaning it, it is completely destroyed. …


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How to Get Your Children Ready for a Stress-Free Moving Day

The day of a big move can be frustrating in the best of circumstances. Adding kids to the equation can only make it more complicated. First, you’ll have to pack their stuff without losing track of any of their favorite toys. Then, there’s the matter of explaining the need for a move in the first place.

Even if you manage to do those things, you’ll still have to keep your kids safe and out of the…


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