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Steps to Take When Upgrading Your Brake Rotors

One of the first rules every new car owner learns is that they need to check on their braking system every once in a while. The braking system consists of over 40 parts but the most visible ones are the brake pads and the brake rotors. The brake rotors are visible from the wheels and they are the circular discs that the pads press into to stop the…


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Time-Saving Cooking Ideas for Busy Moms

You're never truly free as a woman, especially as a mother. Whether a working mom or a stay-at-home-wife, you will always be kept busy with responsibilities, i.e., doing dual shifts; managing your job and your family. Hence, the phrase "…


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Black Tie Dresses to Impress

A black tie dress code is an invitation to style yourself as beautifully and formally as you see fit – which means there’s really no end to your evening wear options. If you’re looking to look the part at your next black tie occasion, you’re going to need some outfit inspiration to get you over the line. Keep reading for a few stunningly elegant black tie dress ideas that are made to impress whatever the event…

Corseted panelled…


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Crazy Cups Hot Chocolate Bomb DIY Kit…


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Holiday Entertaining Never Tasted So Good


This year we have tried some very, very delicious organic vegan foods as well as an Icelandic yogurt that is absolutely dreamy. One of the foodie trends that is gaining momentum and hitting the mainstream is plant-based foods. For…


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Beauty Treatments for a Busy Mom

One of the more frustrating aspects of being a mother with a hectic schedule is that you never seem to have enough time to get the beauty treatments you deserve. While taking care of your children and tackling a career can be extremely fulfilling, it doesn't mean you don't deserve to take time for yourself and work…


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Nonprofit Works to Eradicate Poverty Through Business, Not Charity


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4 Signs Your Baby Has Outgrown Their Car Seat

Photo Courtesy of

Whether your child is sitting in a forward or rear-facing car seat, they will eventually outgrow it and no longer need it. As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that your child is always kept safe while riding in a vehicle. Having a properly-sized seat is an essential part of…


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How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installer for Your Home

The connectivity behind a solar panel is a network of photovoltaic cells and circuits. It is usually readily available for usage as long as the solar panel is placed correctly in the proper position. There is also the battery pack, which helps to store excess energy ahead of the rainy season. The primary energy source is also unrestricted:…


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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living and Work Room

The pandemic thrust us into a new reality, and the backyard has a starring role. Yards and other managed landscapes became a safe haven. 

Backyarding became a way of life as lawns, gardens, patios and decks evolved into outdoor offices, classrooms, family gathering places, and the new ‘hot spots’ in our neighborhoods. 

According to a…


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The Fall Family Yard: Use Our Tips to Make It Work for You

Fall is a great time to be in your family yard. “Our yards are giving us ways to keep living,” says Kris Kiser, President of the…


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From Boots to Baby Brands: 7 Gifts That Give Back With Every Purchase

There is never a bad time to give gifts especially when those gifts give back with every purchase. Here are seven products from boots to baby and kids’ brands and more that have an added component of social good. These companies give back to nonprofits that help kids and even honeybees.



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Essential Things To Do To Stay Safe At The Beach

The beach is a magical place. There is something special about the waves crashing onto the shore, the sand beneath your feet, and the constant chatter of happy people, relaxing. 

However, while it is a great place to visit, there are a number of dangers at the beach. It’s…


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Things To Remember When You're Waking Up For A 7 AM Weight Training Session

I'm a big fan of weight training. It's been my go-to for years, giving me the best shape of all the exercises I've tried. But one strange thing that drives me crazy is waking up early to get some extra workouts! Here are tips for getting back on track after an extended break from exercise:

Make sure…


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The challenges of raising children in the 21st century

Raising children is both one of the most difficult and also most important things that a person can do in their lifetime. However, even though, in theory, we should all have some innate ability and know-how on the proper way to raise kids that’s been passed down to us from our ancestors, the speed at which the world…


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Products with a Purpose: Vegan Brands That Give Back

Every so often I like to feature products for good and brands that give back. It is important for me to not only use such products but share their work with others. These products with a purpose are all about vegan skincare. I use them daily.…


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What Should I Do If My Child Is Dealing Drugs?

The rise of drugs in everyday life has been significant in recent years. Studies in the UK have found that around 40% of children aged…


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How to Travel with Kids

Finding ways to take some time away from both the stress and the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives can make all the difference to our family's well-being. With the right preparation, traveling with kids can be a wonderful experience where our children can see new places and learn new things about the…


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Tea and Coffee Companies That Support Women

With all that is going on in the world, helping women through our everyday consumer actions is a way we can make a difference in their lives. While we can’t all take to the streets in protest or write impassioned letters to our senators or even donate to a cause every month, we can divert the money we spend to companies that support the causes we…


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