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The type of study that I stopped reading

Here's the thing: I love my husband.

He's not perfect. He has this talent for standing in the wrong place in the kitchen while I am trying to cook, and he asks me a lot of questions that he could easily look up on Google. But he is perfect for me. He is my knight in shining armor when he helps fix all the…


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Keeping them reading

I was at the doctor's office with my son and the nurse came in to take my his vitals. She asked me some follow-up questions and mentioned that the doctor would be right in. Just before she left she said "Good job, Mom." She then pointed to my son, who was quietly sitting on the bench, reading.…


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Must avoid bad parenting habits

Must avoid bad parenting habits

Parenting is a practice which demands a lot of dedication, involvement and sacrifice. Being good parents is not providing kids with what all make them happy, but deciding what they need to grow up maturely and responsibly. Many parents commit lot of parenting mistakes, which if not rectified, may spoil the life of the child.

It is the alarming aspect that many parents do not recognize the…


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One Very Simple Recipe For Small Cakes That You Will Thank Me For Later

Here’s how to use 30 minutes of free time at home with the little one: Make Kool-Aid Small Cakes

Earlier this summer, as I was drawing up the blueprints for a summer wonderland…. In layman terms,…


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How to show your dad that you care, this Father’s Day without spending a dime

I recently visited my parents where as usual, we were all in their room one night as we gathered in conversation and having our little pow-wow, which depending on who’s in the room, can be all laughs. And on this night, it was, as my dad chimed in, out of no-where to say that he had an idea.

He asked, you…


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15 Marriage Tips in honor of our 15th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this past Wednesday so I thought I'd share 15 marriage tips! We had a great evening out, enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Sutter Street Steakhouse in Folsom, I highly recommend them.  We strolled the streets of Historic Folsom and enjoyed sweet time together with…


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10 Ways to be the difference in your child falling or flying

Family Sitting on Grass Near Building

I recently came upon a meme of a sad girl with the words across the chest of the tee-shirt she wore which said: She’s standing on the line between giving up and seeing how much more she can take. Powerful right? It’s loaded with the need for us as parents to make sure that this “line” is not a thin line.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 4-year old who’s being potty trained a 10-year old who’s trying to make the basketball team, a teenager who’s going…


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Book Review: In Time Butterfly by Amanda Derrick

This is a wonderful picture book for kids with important lessons about love and family.


    The story is about Paul and Mona, two little caterpillars who befriend each other. As time goes on, Mona grows faster than Paul. Paul becomes frustrated and wants to do everything that Mona is doing. But he can’t because he is a bit different from her.


    Regardless of their differences, they form a real bond. They spend a lot of time talking with one another. But one…


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Headed to The Beach or Pool this Summer? Here's What You must Know

It’s that time of the year again where children are excited about getting out of school, taking a family vacation and just being away from the classroom for a while. For the adults, summer trips are being planned to the beach, water parks and community pools to escape the heat. This means neighborhood and community pools and parks are gearing up to host hundreds of children throughout these hot, summer months to aid in the cool down. There’s something you need to think…


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I can like anyone, right?

For me, loving someone and liking someone have huge difference. I can like anything or anyone. But love means something big for me. When you love someone, you can do or go anywhere to achieve or just to stay with them or sometimes just to make them happy. Liking won't let you go that far.

I am married, and I have a son. Still I am talking about it, because I felt many people misunderstands me. I like many people as a friend,…

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Family Values (Why I Am Striving For A Strong Family Unit)

Why are you even blogging about family values?

Well, because family values are super important! They totally shape who we are, and now as a mum I have to help shape someone else's life.

In all things I want all my children to hold on to these values and never give up on themselves, their family and people. I want to have a tight family and have a close relationship with all my children. When I think of my family and how we are all so close with each other that we can…


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Where My Girls At? A Message For Moms Who Have Considered...

I was searching for the words over the weekend to share something that I was not sure if I should even share at all. Then, the more I thought about it the more it became clear to me that I had to. Because sometimes the very thing thing we…


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Does Valentines Belong to a Woman or A Man? BOTH

The shortest month of the year has arrived, and we are less than 2 weeks away from what we observe as a day to display the love we have for our significant other. Department stores and retail establishments alike have already begun to market and advertise life sized teddy bears, giant boxes of chocolate…


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12 Reads that may inspire you to get you through the Weekend and over your slump. #ICYMI ... May even help you address Monday

12 Reads that may inspire you to get you through the Weekend and over your slump. #ICYMI ... May even help you address Monday


Mom, Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening To Me

Out With The Old, In With The New

When The Ride Of Your Life Drops You Off Without Notice…


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The Ultimate Guide to Breaking the Ice with Your Bonus Child's Bio Mom!


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What Language of Love do you Speak?

Hello love, are you finding yourself overwhelmed with things that need to get done before the Holidays really arrive? Are you wrapped up in your To Do list yet feel like you are forgetting something? Guess what, you probably are. You probably are forgetting the most important part and the Purpose of it all is sharing and expressing your Love.…


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5 Things That IRK Me, From Petty To Principal

Bloggers Challenge to share: 5 Things That IRK Me, From Petty To Principal…


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We need to trust each other

My son and I have been talking about trust. It's a hard concept to define, so I ask my son to raise his arms over his head and I tell him that I promise I will not tickle him. He looks a little warily at me, but he does it. I don't tickle him. That's trust, I tell him.…


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Dear Southwest Airlines, Wanna Get Away? Quite frankly, Yes. I Do! Here's why, and how you can help:

Dear Southwest Airlines, Wanna get away? Quite frankly, Yes. I Do! Here's why, and how you can help:

Image result for JET SET

O.K., here's the skinny. Growing up, my mom always told me—and yours probably told you the same—closed mouths don't get fed. …


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