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Types and Benefits of A Maternity Pillow

Getting sleep is elusive for pregnant women because of the constant change in the body. There are lots of things that disrupt the rest of a woman, such as discomfort, restlessness, and many trips to the…

No Equipment Needed: At-Home Workout Using Only a Towel

It can be tough to remain motivated or find creative ways to exercise, but you can get a full workout without leaving home using only a towel. These simple tips are great for both beginners and those looking to switch up their at-home workout routine, and added bonus - no equipment needed. To get you moving, the health experts at…

How to Make Long Island Tea

Long island tea is a classic drink that you can get in almost any bar, a type of cocktail so old that nobody’s completely sure who even first created it. Despite its name, it’s not actually made using tea: in fact, it’s not even made in a similar way to tea…


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How to Keep the Family Safer on School Runs

When rushing the kids out of bed, through the breakfast routine and into the car, it’s all a bit much in the morning! But it’s necessary for them to reach school to get their education and for you as a mom to have free time to blog during the day.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget the importance of getting all the kids off to school safely without anything unexpected happening that could derail the schedule, or worse.

Accordingly, here are some suggestions about how to complete…


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3 Reasons You Might Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

As a busy mom, you soon learn to cope with just about anything. Everyday problems and crises become water off a duck's back, but with parenthood comes wisdom (as well as fatigue) and that means we should always be wise enough to know when we need some expert help. We may think that we'll never need the services of an attorney, but in fact there are occasions in life when an expert personal injury lawyer could be the best friend we have. Here are just three of those…


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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Most of us are truly only concerned with the increasingly poor outdoor air quality. We assume that we are safer in our homes than we are out in the air, but that isn’t always the case. With pollution levels at record highs, poor air quality is also becoming a concern for many inside their homes.

Every home contains air particles that can contain irritants, pollen, smog particles, mold, and viruses. Some people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues can…


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Practical Life Lessons from 3 People Who Went from Broke to Rich

The American Dream in which any person can hope and aspire to greatness if they are willing to work hard is one of the key factors that helped this country become an economic superpower. Irrespective of your background, race, religion or any other stereotypes, the land of opportunities presents you with a chance to be successful. History is replete with stories of many people who came from very humble…


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Are You Suffering from PTSD? Learn How to Spot the Signs

Where it used to be that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, was something people didn't talk about or know much about, times are now changing. According to estimates it is believed that roughly 7.8% of Americans will suffer from PTSD at some time during their life. As far as breaking it down by gender, women are more at risk as they are twice as likely to develop PTSD.

So, what happens if you think you may be…


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What Happens If You Are Injured As A Stay-At-Home Mom?

When thinking about work injuries we naturally think about something that happened on the job but what happens when a stay-at-home mom is injured? The impact is oftentimes greater on the household. The problem is that it is really difficult to truly asses the value of anyone that works at home. In 2013 it was stated that a stay at home parent needed to make on average over $113,000 per year. While we cannot know the actual amounts now, they should be similar.

Obviously, not all people…


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How to Bond with Your New Puppy

Pet ownership has reached an all-time high here in the United States, with 63% of households owning some sort of animal. One of the most popular pets to own is, of course, a dog. There are more than 74.8 million dogs in the U.S., which goes to show just how popular they are. If you’ve made the decision to adopt a dog, then you may want to take a little time before bringing your dog home to learn how to best bond…


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Parenting Coordinators and What They Do

In going through the process of divorce, there are many things that must be taken into considerations. It is important for the divorcing couple to take care of several matters such as the separation of their conjugal properties, the custody of their children, the obligation for child support and the payment of alimony. These legal matters may be adjudicated in the main case for divorce or in a separate action depending on the parties involved. Some of these issues may also be…


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Tips To Choose Great Perfect Baby Cribs

Everything in the baby’s bedroom should be safe. This includes the baby bed or crib. In fact, the baby crib is the one that should be the safest as in many cases you cannot monitor the child while he sleeps. You want to be sure that you buy a baby crib that is safe by eliminating all potential hazards and traps.

Baby Furniture Safety Check

Every single item we refer to as baby furniture needs to appropriate for the age of the baby and completely safe. The quality that is…


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The Best Life Skills to Teach Your Kids

Our kids depend on us to prepare them for life. The best thing we can do for them is to teach them a great set of life skills. Life skills describes a set of basic skills acquired through learning or direct life experience that enable individuals to effectively handle issues and problems commonly encountered in daily life. They include creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, the ability to communicate and collaborate, along with personal and social responsibility…


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How to Get Through a Divorce

Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life, it doesn’t happen to all of us but the figures are alarmingly high and they are rising. You may have done well for yourself and found a good man and a strong marriage that will last forever but for many, this dream can become a nightmare and the marriage may break down.


The process of divorce is messy and at times, depending on your situation, it could turn nasty. My own…


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With Cyber Bullying, Are Children Getting Meaner Nowadays?

No parent wants to see their child suffer due to bullying. Sadly, bullying is not likely to go away anytime soon. Worse, with the popularity of smart phones and social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, bullying has morphed into cyber bullying…


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How To Choose The Very Best Nursing Home

There comes a moment in life when you need to start thinking about choosing a nursing home. If your spouse, father or mother is not safe and you cannot offer proper care, a nursing home is naturally the best solution. The problem is that there are numerous options available. Some are way better than others. You want to focus on some great options, not like with the sad state Louisiana nursing homes. If you want to…


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Staying healthy for the kids: our best tips

When you have kids, it changes how you live, as you are now on the hook for raising a responsible adult.

This is a task that will consume much of your life over the next two decades, so it is important that you remain as healthy as possible.

This is not just to set an example, but to ensure that you are able to be there for them for as much of their life as possible.

In this article, we…


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6 Master’s Degree Programs That Help Career Changers

If you are currently working in a career that doesn’t give you satisfaction, it may be possible to go back to school and learn skills for a new industry. One way to do this is through an advanced degree program. Although many people who are not happy in their career may think that they need undergraduate classes to get into a graduate program in a new field of study, that’s not always the case. Older students may…


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Children Electric Shock Injuries – What Should You Know?

Getting into direct contact with an electricity source is something that can be deadly for the human body. Based on current voltage and the duration of the contact, a shock can easily lead towards huge problems ranging from a minor discomfort to really serious injuries and death.

The young children, especially the toddlers, will be faced with the most damaging effects. In many cases this takes place because the child will bite electrical cords or will poke some metal objects in…


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Important Tips To Help You Cope With A Birth Injury Case

When you are expecting a child the world is more beautiful. That is quite normal. When a birth injury appears, the entire world seems to be crumbling down. The huge problem in many cases is that there is a clear lack of information that appears. We are ready to deal with growing the child but when birth injuries take place, more problems appear. The entire life needs to be changed and the best interest of the child is always the priority.

There are so many different things that can be…


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When Should You Hire Birth Injury Attorneys?

Having a child is definitely a wonderful occasion. It should not be tainted by birth injury. Unfortunately, long term affects from birth injury can be numerous. An injury can take place because of so many different reasons. However, in the event that medical careless mistakes or negligence happen, this is something that should not be the case. Birth injury attorneys will be able to help but most parents do not actually…


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MTI Magnolia Telecom reminds parents: don’t forget calling cards

Over the last two decades, the cellphone has become one of the most used and ever-present technological devices on the planet.  Once reserved for business executives and other high powered professionals, almost everybody in developed countries has a cellphone today. 

Despite the worldwide proliferation of the device, cell phone plans and rates are not…


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Moms With Acne - Treating Breakouts Naturally

If you struggle with acne breakouts and don’t want to go with harsh treatments, there are natural options. In fact natural options are not only better for your skin but they may give better results and you'll save quite a bit, too. A leading acne site reports that users of the popular acne treatment Proactiv only have average feedback on its results. So it is a harsh chemical treatment on the skin and it may not even work that well. Of course, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid do work, but…


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