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Terrible twos Jungle

We are deep in the Terrible Twos Jungle. Just a few days ago we passed the half-way mark much to the relief to the majority of us who are on this safari. We would have celebrated that momentous occasion

but just as we passed the mark the Two Year Old decided she had an idea

of her own: a temper tantrum. Why? Mommy dared to shower.

Mommy tried to explain to the Two Year Old that it was fine, that although Mommy was a bit stinky, the idea of having a waterfall in the middle of…


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I think I have Baby Elbow

s opposed to Tennis Elbow. Or is it Tennis Shoulder?
At any rate Little N is requiring a lot of holding.
And patting. My elbow is permanently crooked at a ninety degree angle
and my wrists are both injured. If I were a soccer player I’d be on the
bench. (Principe is making us watch the UEFA….hance the bad metaphor.)

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I almost got all of the ironing done. I almost ironed well-enough to tell it is ironed.

My coffee almost got finished while hot.

The microwave almost blew up...and I am pretty sure my neighbors almost called the cops from my screams.

The pacifiers almost got cleaned.


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Should a shower without a drain have another name?

:) Just couldn't help myself on the rhyme, but seriously, can you really call it a shower? I have to admit, no one called it a shower except the midwife who told me to use it to wash myself every time I

went to the bathroom for the first two days after delivery. Then she

called it a shower. And it looked like a shower. But I just couldn't

figure it out.

I'm just going to have to say it, and no offense whatsoever to…


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Happy Easter

Today started out gray and dark. Queenie somehow managed to sleep until 7:20am but as much as we tried to keep her in our bed to watch cartoons she wanted to wake up her abuelos and start playing. The

problem was that her Easter candy was already hidden through the living

room and dining room so we didn’t want her to go in there until

everyone was ready to watch her in action.

By about quarter to 8 I had managed to comb her a hair a little bit (you should see it in the…


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Changing my mind

During my first pregnancy I was one of those women that looked into everything on the web about pregnancy and giving birth. I have to admit that I got sucked into the movement against all things medical during

labor. I was swept up in the claims that doctors and nurses were out to

keep us all in bed, that the epidural was only bad, that every doctor

would rather do a c-section in order to save time and earn more money,

etc. Granted, there are probably some in the medical…


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Does anyone else have the experience of disciplining your child and seeing that those around you are embarrassed or uncomfortable? I can see why maybe this happens to people who don’t have kids. Perhaps it

catches them off guard or whatnot, but why do grandparents get


This morning we have a rough go of it to say the least. I am not sure what is going on with Queenie, although I have a couple different theories including molars coming in, the fact that she was…


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The loneliness of moving

One of the hardest things about moving is the emminant loneliness that is sure to plague you for the first few months. Really, that is why more people don’t do it: the fear of loneliness. I’m convinced of


Let’s face it, being alone stinks. There isn’t any fun in it. And even if you have kids and a husband, you still don’t have your own friends who you can meet up with for coffee every once and awhile and

chat. Or possibly leave your kids with while you get a mani-pedi.…


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It is 12 noon

It is 12 noon. I've been awake for 8 hours. I've been out of bed for 6 hours. Queenie fell asleep on the stroller on the way back from the grocery store, something she never does. She was that tired. And who

could blame her? She woke up at 4 AM looking for DeeDee (her stuffed

elephant) but when I found him and put her back to bed she took the

opportunity to start crying. And didn't stop for another two hours when

I finally got up and brought her out into the living room.…


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Childhood fears

Yesterday we went to the pediatrician to talk about Queenie's habit of not sleeping through the night and her new trick of waking up at 3 am and being awake for two hours at a time. Wide awake. And nothing

helps her get back to sleep.

It wasn't our actual pediatrician, but as we have only seen our own pediatrician once, I guess it doesn't really matter. The only twirk was that this one only speaks French whereas ours speak Spanish, so I was a

bit left out of the…


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An in-depth look at Queenie

As I sit in my kitchen sipping my coffee (trying to make it last as I

can only have one still….!) and I listen to Queenie march up and down

the hallway banging a tiny wooden spoon against this little bamboo mat

that I bought in Thailand (it is a spice mixing set, she just doesn’t

use the wooden Elephant as part of her tambourine) singing, “Ahoo,

haaa, boo, bababa, dah-haaaaaaaaaa!” then just as suddenly as she start

she throws her musical instrument to the floor… Continue

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home to stay

After going away for a weekend long bachelor party I told Principe it was time to stay home. I am 37 weeks along, you know!

Read more

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How much sympathy?

How much sympathy do you have for homeless people or those that beg on the street? No, they are not always one and the same thing. Yes, sometimes they are one and the same thing.

The answer to this question lies much in the fact of whether or not you have ever lived in a big city where you go downtown often enough to really have contact with those who beg or live or both on the street.

You don’t get much of it in Small Town USA. One reason is because of

our loitering laws…


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I lived in the 1930’s and 1940’s as a preteen and teen. Lived there. To the point that I thought communism was still illegal in the States. Do you understand? Thought McCarthyism had won or something, if I

really even knew what McCarthyism was.

Don’t be fooled by the title of the post. It isn’t that I was obsessed with the women’s rights movement or anything of the sort. No, I was just obsessed with the time period. The dresses. The movies. The

shoes (chunky heels? Come on!…


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Dear Jake

March 10 is the birthday of my nephew who died three years ago. This is my annual letter to him. Read more...

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Protests in France...They are not a stereotype!

This past weekend I saw yet another two protests. I was going to write

about them, but it would have only been a small excerpt since combined

they consisted of about 50 people. In front were the Women’s Rights

people talking about abortion and tacked on (literally) to them were

the communists. I didn’t really get what the communists were

demonstrating about. They really just looked like they had organized a

handful of people to follow the feminists around. Perhaps… Continue

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The Sound of Silence

There needs to be a new song written called “The sound of silence DOES
NOT EXIST IN THE CITY!” Not even one as small as Toulouse. This is a small city. SMALL. But silence does not exist here.Read More

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Crying in the bathroom

There are days like this day when I HATE being a stay at home mom. When

I envy the fact that Principe has rarely seen Queenie throw a temper

tantrum, when I am jealous of the women out there who get to share some

gossip during their morning coffee that has nothing to do with how to

make your toddler come when you say or to stay in bed. I have gone all

day today without speaking to one adult except for Principe twice (who

is in Madrid until tomorrow and says he may… Continue

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Questions, questions, Oh, so many questions!

Queenie has started to ask “What’s this?” about everything. Wait, did I

say ask or shout? Yes, she shouts. Especially when we are outside. She

shouts or screams or squeals. Most passer-byers think it is cute. I

usually do, too. At any rate, she squeals and points at everything and

anything. If she knows what it is she will tell me what it is about a

million times while I answer, “Yes, baby doll, yes, I see the zapatos

(shoes). Um-hmm, those are cars.… Continue

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How was your Valentine's Day?

Mine was spent a bit alone...oh, forgetful husbands!

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