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Family Photo Wall

I was pretty happy after I sat back and looked at my family photo wall, so I decided to blog about it.  My friends seem to ask me for tips all the time on the subject, and my friend Jenny and I are known for rearranging photo walls at our mutual friend’s homes.

If you want to see more, I’ve blogged about How To Arrange Art and I also did a post on a…


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Repurposed Nursery Furniture

Over the past few months we’ve had a few cool DIY tutorials perfect for a baby’s nursery.  I posted a step by step how to for a DIY Ribbon/Organization board to hold hair clips and photos. I also shared some DIY Nursery Letters that my best friend made, and perhaps…


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Repurposed Pin-spiration

“Pin-spiration” is a new term I’ve been seeing a lot lately. Pintrest is yet another social networking site that allows you to create virtual pin boards of absolutely anything that fits your fancy.  Check out my Pin boards here.  Did I mention I am obsessed with it? I can spend hours perusing the site.

Here are some great repurposed pin-spiration ideas I pulled off this addictive site. Read more:…


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Baby Shower Message Cards

This project was SUPER easy, but since I did it, why not put it on my blog? One of my very busy friends was throwing baby shower for her girlfriend and I gladly made these for her so she would have more time to do other projects.  She showed up at my house with all the supplies, and with the help of my craft closet, I busted them out in a couple hours while I watched The Biggest Loser. Read more:…

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Felt Wreaths

Ever since I made my Recycled Book Wreath and my Coffee Filter Wreath, I became obsessed with wreaths. They can look great all year round.  Also, lately I have noticed many cute do-it-yourself projects made out of felt, so naturally I thought… felt wreath! As I did my…

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DIY Spray Painted Fan

Decided to paint my drab white fan and give it a makeover! Here’s how I did it!Click here for the step-by-step picture tutorial! :)…


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Favorite Bourbon Recipes

It’s time for another Cocktail Corner with David Edessa! Check out his favorite cocktail recipes here:…



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Six Ways to Recycle Maps

Maps are so beautiful.  I’ve been looking for some ways to use them because I see them everywhere (including my glove box).  Just like CD’s, record albums, and books, they are becoming obsolete due to the…


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Long Beach Antique Swap Meet

Every time I attend the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet I have the best time. This time, last weekend, I went by myself and I STILL loved every second of it. I spent two and a half hours meandering around, admiring each vintage find, examining unknown artifacts, and meeting friendly vendors. Read more:

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Repurposed Crates Ideas

A few months ago, I did a blog post on recycling old crates.  It included using crates for shelving, bike baskets, and side tables.  Since then, I have gathered a collection of old wine crates from a wine tasting party I did in October.  I’ve been searching for more inspiration for a new project and found some other great repurposed crate…


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Recycled Magazine Bowl

Awe man! This project was a lot tougher than I thought. Ever since I made that recycled magazine frame, I have wanted to make something else out of magazine pages.  When I first had this recycled magazine bowl project in my head I pictured a large shallow fruit bowl. Let’s face it, not all DIY projects turn out exactly like you want them to.  In this case, my fruit bowl turned into a… ummm……


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Flea Market Finds

I am completely obsessed with Flea Markets.  Ever since I started blogging, I have come across so many fun places to go. I wanted to share some of my flea market finds and show how you can get hunt for inexpensive great pieces and repurpose them into something new. Here is what I found (read more):…

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Recycled Paper Flower Magnet

After making a Hollow Book Safe out of antique books that I inherited, I kept the left over pages in case I wanted to use them to make other craft projects. I ended up making these cute Paper Flower Magnets out of a few of the recycled book pages and beer bottle caps.

I actually made these book page flowers a few months ago but I wanted to wait to post the tutorial…


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DIY Ribbon Board

I always see these cute ribbon boards at gift shops, catalogues, and craft fairs.  They are great for organization for an office or (in my case) my daughter’s room.  I made it for items such as her hair bows, clips, and photographs.

Another reason I wanted to make this DIY Ribbon Board is because the my daughter’s first baby blanket was getting worn out by the washing machine and I wanted to preserve it somehow, without hiding it in a keepsake trunk where no one…


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Cocktail Corner with David

Another Yummy Cocktail Corner with David Edessa.  Also included: Warm Winter Coffee Drinks! Thanks, David!!!Here are the recipes!…


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Recycled Magazine frame

This is my attempt to recycle a magazine!  Read more for a step by step photo tutorial :)…


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Kitchen Cart Makeover

Check out this lovely DIY step by step picture tutorial for a Kitchen Cart from guest Blogger, Linn!…


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DIY Door Hanger

Check out this super cool DIY door hanger tutorial :)…


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Tangerine Inspired Cocktails Part II

Here's another round of yummy tangerine inspired cocktails by David Edessa. Read More:…


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Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

A tutorial for recycled wine bottle frames, perfect for a party.  Also, a link to several decorating, favor, and game ideas for a Bridal Shower Wine Tasting Party! Read more: …


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