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Martini 101

This week’s post, Martini 101, includes helpful tricks and tips to the perfect martini and recipes for a Dirty Martini, Strawberry Vinegar Martini, California Pomegranate Martini, and last but DEFINITELY not least, the Raspberry Cheesecake Martini. Read more:…


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Making Rose Soap

For generations, roses have symbolized love, passion, and romance. Many consider a rose to be the official flower of Valentine’s day. The flower has been featured in many forms of media, taking center stage in mushy movies and television shows, sometimes even playing a symbolically notorious role, as in the film ‘American Beauty’.

Being such a popular flower, and one that smells good, it isn’t a wonder that roses and their scent have been incorporated into soap.…


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Repurposed Kitchen Inspiration

My motto is, “Repurpose, Reinvent.” (If you haven’t noticed ;) )

I thought I’d put together some of my favorite repurposed kitchen ideas from some of my favorite websites. Read more:…


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Coat Hanger Makeover

One of my best friends had this yellow-ish wooden hanger she wanted to use in her daughter’s bedroom.  Her room is very whimsical and girlie, perfect for our little “Tay”.  Click here to see some DIY nursery letters made especially for this room.  My friend said she wanted to paint it white.  Since I already had all the essential tools and paint, I offered to do it…


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Three Chair Bench

My friend emailed me a few pictures of a dining room set she wanted to try and update. The first thing I thought of when I saw the chairs was that we HAVE to upcycle them into a chair bench.  I first saw this idea on an HGTV show (I can’t remember which one but I’m thinking it was Home Made Simple…sorry!). The minute I saw the episode, I recall wanting to go to the Salvation Army or…

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Popular Martini Recipes!

Check out David's recipes for tasty weekend classic cocktails like the apple martini and lemon drop! Read more:

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Cute Valentine Ideas for the Classroom

I know I have a while until my little one starts going to school, but I can’t help but be excited to participate in all the fun classroom activities. I recall that Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays in grade school. That week, we would make “mailboxes” out of old shoe boxes to prepare for all the Valentine’s Day goodies coming our way. Even though I knew that every kid gave a Valentine to everyone in the class.  I still got excited to receive one from the…


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TerraCycle Upcycled Valentine’s Craft

Check out today's post! This is the perfect Valentine's Day recycled craft to do with your kids! :)  Read more:

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Wine Crate Shelves

A few posts ago I wrote asking for help on recycled wine crate ideas.  I FINALLY thought of something!

But first, as a recap, I’ve had these wine crates from a Wine Tasting Bridal Shower that I did.  You can get wine crates from any specialty wine…


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Crafting With Duct Tape

You HAVE to check out today's post on crafting with duct tape including a YouTube tutorial for a duct tape flower ring and an AMAZING floor lamp made out of duct tape and two liter bottles!!! Happy Monday, Everyone! Click here to read more:…


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Repurposed Lighting Inspiration

Everywhere I go, I always have my camera.  Not only do I want to capture fun moments with my daughter, family, and friends, but I find decorating inspiration EVERYWHERE. I end up filing my pictures in digital folders on my computer.

I just noticed that I had taken several pictures of lighting ideas and thought I’d share them. Some of these pictures are old, but in my head, the store bought version is way too expensive anyway.  I’d rather try and recreate them…


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Etsy Valentines

Valentine’s Day is almost here and for me, it’s my Birthaversentine (Birthday, Anniversary, and V day all within 10 days of one another… I know I know… didn’t quite think that through. I did, however, make it clear to my husband that one gift doesn’t cover all three). Soooo, I thought I’d give some shout outs to my favorite Etsy Valentines handmade crafts. I literally scrolled through over 2000 items and these were my favs! Here we go! Read more:…

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Fiber and Fire

Oh my gosh… I can’t stand it! I am obsessed with the craftsmanship and knack for design of this talented mother and daughter team, Patricia and Andrea also known as Fiber and Fire.

I was doing my usual rounds of blog exploration one day and I came across Fiber and Fire on Picket Fence Blogs. The Ad button alone caught my eye.  I clicked on the link and scrolled down each post and several clicks later I was inspired.  Wishing I lived close enough to attend one of…


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