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Remembering my Mother on a holiday meant for her

Mother's day is bittersweet for me now. This is the first year I will be celebrating Mother's day without my mom. My daughter wants to please me and make me happy. I want to be happy for her, but its so hard to do. I can't help but miss my mom. This holiday will never be the same for me. I want to remember and think of my mom and I hope that as time goes on these memories will not hurt so much. I wrote a little about how I am feeling, thinking that getting it out would help. It does a…


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Summer Camp 2015

Not every kid goes to summer camp, I sure didn't when I was younger but I was dead-set on sending Serenity to one. She is a ball of energy and her batteries don't expire for a very very long time...too long to prevent me from losing my mind. So summer camp is a must! She needs the activity and I need the peace...doesn't every mom really? Over the weekend we set out to an open house at a cute little place about 30 mins from our house. It sits in a quiet wooded space far from the bustling city…


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Asian Food Challenge!!!

We decided to grab a few interesting and unique Asian snacks from our local Asian grocery store and see how a seven year old likes them. Funny reactions and some new favorites! We did a small blog post and made a video too :)


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Clean Bar Box Review and Promo code

I was lucky enough to receive a box for review purposes this week from http://www.cleanbarbox.com/. They make hand made free of all that nasty junk and very natural bar soaps. I did a review for them and my daughter also did a video that you can see here: …


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Any Moms Like to Read?

I am an avid reader and have read over 200 books over the years. I figured it would be fun to make a post about my top 10 favorite books. If you love reading as much as I do give it a look. Hope I can give you a few recommendations


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Who I am. Life with Marfans.

When I was growing up not a lot of people knew what Marfans was. It is still not very well known today but new information about it is being shared more and more. Living with a disorder like this one has had its ups and downs. It has been challenging at times and every day is different. Even with these difficulties I try to stay positive. There is no use in getting upset about something that will never change. It is with me for life. If you would like to hear more about it and what its been…


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Stages of Rejection

Humans can not help but let each other down now and then. You can't say yes all the time and you can not accept everyone. Sometimes its due to family. Sometimes its due to chemistry, but no matter the reason there are times where rejection takes place. Its awful. To be rejected is to be pushed aside and told you are disliked. It is a hard situation to overcome. I wrote about a few stages I go through at times when rejected in my blog. If you are curious to read more please click below. Its a…


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Building a Lemonade Stand with your kids

I believe that in the summer time, when kids are off from school, that it is important to keep them active. Its important for them and also for you as a parent. When kids are bored they can not help but get into trouble. They need the stimulation that they are no longer getting. One of the cool things we did last year with our daughter was to make a lemonade stand and see what she could do with it. Here's a little more about it if your are interested in reading and seeing more. :)…


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