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The orange shirt day


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Biography 08: Dry skin

 In my childhood, I spend most of my time running, jumping and climbing. It was difficult for me to sit or walk. I didn't want to waste my time by taking care of myself. So, elders faced so much trouble to make me take a bath, comb my hair or any other personal care. Taking lotion or cream stayed far away. Then I faced the consequences. Some…


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But I can't write down that name for you

 I was watching a celebrity talk show. The host asked the celebrity, "What is your favourite song?". They replied, "Goom hai kisi ke pyaar mein..". I didn't know about this song. So I have searched online And found this:


Gum hai kisi ke pyar mein dil subah shaam [Day and night my heart is lost in…


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Biography 07: Milk

One day I was sleeping. My mom came from training after a few months. She woke me up and kept her face too close to me and asked how you are. I just woke up and her face was really close to me that I couldn’t look at her well, I blinked a couple of times.…


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Whatever you lost, let it go

When we were kids, my youngest aunt (Paternal) uses to live with us. She was unmarried. She always listened to songs. The whole day, the same song. I mean whichever song she liked, the whole day she will play it. Because of this, I had memorized some of her favourite songs. 

After a long time, I found someone posts one of her favourite songs on Facebook, I remember this song, still the whole lyrics.…


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Biography 06: Mom

My mom was a full-time worker and most of the time she had to work more than her work time. She was doing very good in her job, taken all necessary training and always stayed at the top of her colleagues. When I was 7 months old my mom had to go to Khulna from Dhaka for a 6 months long training. When she returned, I forgot…


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Plastic and paper recycle

In Canada, if you go to any mall, restaurant or any office, you will see there are different types of recycling bins. Some just mentioned for recycling. Some put name for plastic, for papers and for cans etc. Many people who are conscious about the environment take…


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Biography 05: Flowers

I get born at 02.30am. In the morning when my parent brought me home, they found everywhere is decorated with flowers. Like they are welcoming me. The fact was “Shahid Minar”, the symbol of the language fighters who died to keep our mother tongue, was right beside…


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You Got Me Too

 I heard this song as background music of a video. Someone was showing how to sew a flower with lace and the music was playing. Liked a lot so search for it. Here it is: …


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Biography 04: Names

I have born in Springtime. In Bangladesh, during Spring Shimul flower…


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“At the end, love wins”

Really? How many times you have seen this winning?

I have seen so many times, people fall in love, willing to do anything for their lovers. But in the end, they get refused. Their feelings were very true (I think), they just choose the wrong person to fall in.


When people near me did this. In the beginning, I had tried…


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Biography 3 (Summery)

When I first started writing in this blog, I had decided, I won’t hesitate to write anything over here. Mostly it’s not a popular blog, I don’t need to worry. But, on Facebook, I always try to give happy news. 

Then I realize, I can’t…


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Every individual deserves this privacy

If anyone ever liked me, maybe only for some moments. They earned lifetime respect from me. I honour them. Theses feelings are priceless.


When any person directly or indirectly expressed their…


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Biography 2: skin color

I have born at Dhaka Medical College. After getting birth, the doctor hit me to cry. To clear my vocal. My dad didn’t like that. So, to annoy him doctor kept hitting me and I kept crying. My dad couldn’t stop himself but to ask the doctor to stop. They laughed. Till…


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Difference between like and love

There is a very fine layer in between love and like. The easy to figure it out is to monitor how feeling growing with time.


If you want anything more and more. Then it’s love. It never dies. If,…


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People, with an ocean like heart

Some people born in this world with a big ocean like a heart. They love people, animals or anything else. Till death, they work for their love and work. Because of them, humankind takes a leap of growth. When general people get love and mercy from them, they don’t…


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A beautiful song "tare hai barati"

A beautiful song "tare hai barati"

I like this song. I think it's a happy song, but it started as a sad one. After watching this song I started feeling a marriage ceremony open air at night would be amazing.…

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Simple delicious rice

How to cook delicious rice in a simple way? You will need

  1.      Rice cooker (Optional)
  2.        Rice 3 cups (Amount is your choice)
  3.        A can of vegetable soup
  4.      …

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My Biography 1: The Birth

I have born in the Bhuiya family of Bikrompur. They were the Nobab in past. My mom came from Munsi family. They were very well educated. I was the second child of my family. My sister came first in this world.

When my mom…


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My screen times

I have decided not to touch the phone or any screen (Computer or TV) from 8pm to 5.30am. But it is now 2.57am and I’m writing. I hope I will gradually be able to maintain my screen time.

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