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Mommy's fun too....

Today I wanted to get the girls outside because after "daddy's weekend of fun" they seemed extra bored just hanging around the house. So I got them all ready and we took a walk down the street to the ever exciting...Post Office! Where I picked up our usual junk mail and then we headed back home. However the girls didn't quite seem satisfied with our trip (can't imagine why...who doesn't love the post office?) so we stopped to play in our yard for a bit before heading back inside.…


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Toast, Jam & Butter

This morning Ashlyn requested some toast, so I gladly popped some bread in the toaster and then lathered it with yummy all-natural Blackberry jam. I placed it triumphantly in front of her and she promptly burst into tears. This aggravated me because there was no effort to communicate, she went straight to crying. So in order to help out her future spouse and teach her to communicate she was sent "the chair" until she is done crying and would take the effort to tell me what was so horribly…


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"She's an Amazon!"

This is my first post of 2011...everyone else seems to be writing about their New Years resolutions. I don't really like New Year resolutions. They seem silly, if your going to do something just do it already, why would it being a new year help you? If you couldn't get your crap together yesterday the ball dropping in Time's Square isn't going to help you. In light of my bad attitude about New Year resolutions I am going to share things I was going to do anyway regardless of it now being… Continue

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Advice, Anyone??

We made it to I just have to learn to spell it. Our first night was not bliss and it didn't really feel like home sweet home. We got in later than we expected (shocking) and when we finally

made it to bed no one seemed to sleep.

Ashlyn, Sydnie and Payden woke up at multiple times for various reasons

(the weirdest being Ashlyn who needed me to button up her PJ's at 4:30

a.m....that's normal, right?) and it seemed like the night was



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Socially Awkward!

I should be finishing Christmas cards...the Channel 2 Newsman warned me if I don't get them out this week they won't arrive before Christmas! But what do they know?

I need a moment to relax, this month has been crazy visiting people and eating mass amounts of food. It's hard work shoving your face with every delightful goody put before you while carrying on intriguing conversations. Well ok, so not all of them are super intriguing, for which I have only myself to blame.



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Subway Sandwich

Yesterday Ashlyn started rolling around on the carpet whining about her

stomach hurting. She seemed pretty uncomfortable so I decided to let her

do what makes everything better...watching the magical story of


We were headed down the stairs when she started coughing and then made a

small gagging sound. No sooner had I asked "Ashlyn are you going to

throw up?" when the flood gates opened. I think her vomit sailed through

the air for at least a foot… Continue

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I miss my mom.

Our family is leaving Nicaragua the beginning of December because our funding has run up. However last night Adam came home and said I should leave earlier

because the flooding here is getting so bad and it's only going to get

worse. We now have to park our truck at the end of the road and ride

horses through waist deep is officially an island. As you

can imagine this is hard to do with kids, so I'll be stuck at…


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Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

There is a coin at the bottom of my toilet. It jingles every time I flush as a happy reminder that it’s still there. I need to get it out but somehow sticking my hand in a toilet keeps ending

up on the bottom of my “to do” list.

However Adam will be home soon and I know he will say “Why is there a coin in the bottom of our toilet?” Maybe I should tell him I decided to make it our new wishing well and…

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Check It Out!!

I'm so proud of my husband! He saw a need, figured out a plan and made a website to raise money and awareness. He loves helping the people here in Nicaragua! Check it


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Rain, Rain Go Away.

After Payden went down for a nap this morning the sun peeked through the clouds for a bit so the girls and I went out to play. I saw a foal and her mommy hanging around the fence so we went out to see them. It

was fun because the foal was rather curious about my girls…they are like

miniature humans with squealing voices. The foal would walk up and try

to figure them out and they would run back to me screaming away like it

was going to eat them alive. Most the time the…


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Where is that Easy Button?!?!

The first night Sydnie was born was the worst night sleep I've ever

had...about one hour total. She was so angry and cried and cried, it was

miserable. I had feasted on Hot Wings right before I went into labor so

perhaps that didn't settle to well on her tummy. Regardless she wasn't

much happier the first few weeks of life no matter what I ate.

And frankly things haven't changed much, she still is a challenge. She's

whiny, defiant, pushes all my buttons, and is… Continue

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Respect - How much it means to a man.

I am reading the book "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn it's about

the great mystery called marriage. I thought I'd share what I've learned

so far.

74 % of men would rather feel alone and unloved than feel inadequate and disrespected. In fact many men had a hard time seeing the difference because if a man feels

disrespected he is going to feel unloved!

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I have an addiction, it’s not alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or even chocolate my weakness lies in an odd shaped yellow fruit called…bananas. I love bananas and can’t see to get enough of them. I buy twenty or fifteen

bananas almost everyday and we eat them all. Did you just raise your eyebrows

at that number? It’s disturbing I know and a problem for sure. I used to blame

my girls on how fast we ate them but then I realized I am actually eating most



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Creepy Doll

We first saw "creepy doll" for sale in a grocery store almost two years

ago. When my oldest daughter laid eyes on her it was love at first

sight. A doll just about as big and bald as she was that she could carry doesn't get much better than that.

I picked two of the dolls up to see which one she wanted since they had

different colored outfits and I was also holding Sydnie who was around

seven months at the time. My husband was standing nearby and… Continue

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Love Deeply

When I'm snuggling with Ashlyn right before bed she often hugs me and

tells me she loves me. Then she says my favorite thing..."your a good

mommy". Which I don't really believe, but it is so nice to hear it from

your own daughter. I hope she always thinks that despite my many


1 Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers

a multitude of sins".

I love this verse because as a parent I fail so many times, it's not… Continue

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Down in the Dumps.

Lately I have felt "down" or stressed not sure which but either way I've

been extra annoyed the last two days. My temper has been rather short

and I keep staring at the kitchen annoyed that I have to cook. My

pancakes this morning turned out like some sort of flat, soggy,

semi-round substance with blueberries sticking out of them. I'm fairly

certain they would have stuck to the wall if I had thrown them (which

wouldn't have been a bad idea). Anyone have a great… Continue

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Sleep...or a lack thereof.

There is this little thing called sleep that seems to constantly elude

me. It all started around three and a half years ago when my first

daughter was born and late one night I wondered "how do women do this

with more than one kid?" Two kids later I have somehow survived but I'm

TIRED! When I look in the mirror (which I try not to do) I notice my

eyes seem to bulge out of my head as in some desperate attempt to stay

open, it's not a pretty picture.… Continue

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Today we went to the Butterfly Garden. We walked through the net, the

butterflies took one look at my kids (husband included) and disappeared

for the trees. However there were a few weak butterflies fluttering on

the ground that could not escape the "love" of my children. Those poor

butterflies were carried around, kissed and of course, dropped over and

over again. I felt a little bad...but really those butterflies weren't

going to make it anyway.

My husband… Continue

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Buying Ban!

Does anyone else dread sending their husband to the grocery store?

Yesterday I said "I have green peppers but I'm almost out of tomatoes."

What did he bring me? A huge bag of green peppers...I think there might

have been a tomato or two in there somewhere but you could barely see

them through all the peppers.

He also gets on these "kicks" where he's really in the mood to eat a

certain item and he obsessively buys it. These items are always the same

and… Continue

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Home Sweet Home

This morning started early…or I guess it felt like yesterday never ended. Payden kept waking up all night for some reason and the girls were awake by 5:30 am. Honestly why do kids wake up so early? Why can’t they just

get up at 8 am?? What is so horribly wrong with getting a little extra sleep??

I have a plan when my girls are teenagers and love to sleep in on Saturday’s

that I’m going to set their alarms for 5:30 am just as pay back….ahahaha!…


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