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Rachel Todd's Blog – August 2010 Archive (4)

Home Sweet Home

This morning started early…or I guess it felt like yesterday never ended. Payden kept waking up all night for some reason and the girls were awake by 5:30 am. Honestly why do kids wake up so early? Why can’t they just

get up at 8 am?? What is so horribly wrong with getting a little extra sleep??

I have a plan when my girls are teenagers and love to sleep in on Saturday’s

that I’m going to set their alarms for 5:30 am just as pay back….ahahaha!…


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Tiny Turtle

Our house is an old colonial home with a courtyard in the middle of the

living room. So we basically have a garden in the middle of our living

room with a giant hole in the ceiling. It's a little odd to imagine

having a hole in your house but it never gets cold here so that's not an

issue and it's rather fun to be able to see the stars at night from

your couch! They call it "indoor outdoor living" whatever that means.

Around the courtyard is a gutter with a grate… Continue

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Last week I decided to get rid of all the girls clothes that no longer

fit and give them away. Ashlyn was curious about where all her clothes

were going...especially her shoes (so young and already loves shoes!). I

explained to her the shoes didn't fit anymore and even though she

loved playing in them there were people who can't afford to buy shoes

and really need them. She seemed satisfied with my answer and even

talked about it a few times when we went to put our… Continue

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A Bit Absent Minded!

Today I was finishing up washing some dishes when I noticed my oldest daughter Ashlyn was missing in action. I looked

around and found her sitting on the couch all by herself with a rather

bored look on her face. For a moment I wondered what on earth she was

doing…then I had a flash back of her standing on Payden’s bouncy seat

(with Payden in it of course) for which I had sent her straight to “Time

out” for. I had forgotten all about it, poor…

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