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A Photo That's Worth A Thousand Words

I am not sure who wore who out, but it looks like we both had a great time. -) Auntie Mode loading..... Here with my niece, Emersyn, AKA Shady Baby. Happy February everyone.

“An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” – Sara…


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It's All About The Baby, Baby

Remember the movie, It’s all about the Benjamins, baby? Well, these days, it’s all about the Baby, Baby. Someone asked me what I have been up to lately. My response. Aunting. The Aunt has been Aunting. I’ll break that down:

When someone has been killing it at what they are doing… we take that word and add an “ing” to the end. For reference, Urban Dictionary defines Aunting as: The Act(s) of being an aunt, usually in an awesome way.…


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New Resolution, No Reservations

New Resolution, No Reservations; I stopped waiting until January to make New Year Resolutions. Here’s why

Before we park January in the rearview mirror of 2023 and on the quiet as kept list of unaccomplished resolutions which were made on New Year Eve, I would like to share why I am crushing on the idea of every day being a new year beyond the month of January or even January 1st and why you too, should consider starting, stopping, continuing at your pace and when you…


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Oh Baby, A Feel Good Post

It has been a little over 4-months now since my niece little miss Emersyn AKA Squirrel, AKA Shady Baby was born and there has never been a dull moment with her. I absolutely love her smiles, her coos and every little thing about her. She is the baby that you always check on because she is always quiet but constantly observing things going on around her… just looking around and never making a sound. You’d never know she was there if it weren’t for her calling for the bottle or the diaper…


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It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Nothing says it’s Christmas time like New York. Lights, Lights and more Lights. Spending time with family during the holidays and meeting one of the three newest additions to our family, my niece! We had a blast! It was wonderful spending time bonding while watching my sister be MOM for the first time. While it was too cold to take the little one out in all the cold weather, my sister and I did get to enjoy the city. Here’s what we did:…


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Pros and Cons of Self Isolation

Stronger, Wiser, better: I am no stranger to self-isolation. In fact, self-isolation and I have a love-hate relationship as there are pros and cons. Isolation can lead to finding a happy-safe place, but it can also lead you to a dark and leery place. I have visited both.

It took a string of events to lead me to the place where I self-isolated. It was a long time coming. Then, finally one day the waves came in all at once. I was not able to rely or depend on anyone in ways I needed.…


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Tell Me About Yourself Without Telling Me Who You Are

If you were stranded and had to live in a desolate place, outdoors, alone for a week; what 10 things would you take with you and why? This exercise might even bring you closer to yourself in knowing what is most important to you and why, outside of the conventional answers such as friends, family, GOD and things that would keep you connected to the grid.…


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So, Apple has been sued and is facing charges

So, Apple has been sued and is facing charges brough against them by two women who allege that their ex’s used AirTags to track their location, potentially putting their safety at risk...

How do you feel about this? 

My feelings: I hope a class action lawsuit comes against them. I too have been tracked by an ex with the use of Apple latest stalking device. Yup, I…


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Full Disclosure; I have Anxiety and this is what is looks like

I saw a post today that dropped me to my knees with tears. The tears were because I am beginning to see that more people are speaking about their challenges navigating mental illness and I could relate to it today more than ever.

The post that brought me to my knees was, "Imagine future events and trying to figure out any surprise that may make things not go according to the plan... Because you are worried this surprise may trigger your anxiety."

I felt that in my…


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Here’s a subject for debate: Holiday Gift Giving; What would you do

Have you ever purchased or given someone a gift that was valuable to you, perhaps expensive as well as something you may have wanted to keep for yourself but with keeping in mind the gesture of giving you were moved to gift it to someone else? Sure, we have all been there before. We have gone out shopping and amid looking for the perfect gift for someone else we have found the perfect gift for ourselves. It happens all the time. And when money is not a factor, we sometimes purchase two of a…


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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Formerly known as Super Single Mom, I am now Super Single Aunt. Apparently, there was enough awesomeness to go around. I say that with a smile. I remember welcoming my first and only child, my baby boy back in 2010. He is now going on 12-years old.

WOW, how time has flown by. He was and still is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving having…


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Harvest Time is Here

Giving thanks throughout the year is something we forget to do. And then, seasons change, we are reminded of so much that we truly are to be grateful and thankful for. 

According to Wikipedia, "Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in the United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Liberia. It began as a day of giving…


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Here's The Tea on AuCuTee White Noise Sound Machine

It was just all around funny to hear my son call me a nocturnal animal, without regard to it holding substantial truth; it was mind blowing that he chose the most appropriate word to describe the sleep pattern of his mother, when he, being wise beyond his years realized that I sleep during the day and stay up all night. It was just funnier that it came from someone…


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One Very Simple Recipe For Small Cakes That You Will Thank Me For Later

Here’s how to use 30 minutes of free time at home with the little one: Make Kool-Aid Small Cakes

Earlier this summer, as I was drawing up the blueprints for a summer wonderland…. In layman terms, that simply means a lot of stuff to do to keep a vey busy…


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How Small Surprises Can Have A Big Impact

I have read many articles about how we are all trying to figure out this thing called parenting. And we can all agree that no one has it all figured out. That’s because each child is different, though they may share similar interest. I think we can all agree that at the end of the day, if we can hear our child say, “Mom, you’re the best” Then we are still winning. We are not trying to blur the lines between parenting and being our child’s homie…. And we want to make sure…


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How to show your dad that you care, this Father’s Day without spending a dime

I recently visited my parents where as usual, we were all in their room one night as we gathered in conversation and having our little pow-wow, which depending on who’s in the room, can be all laughs. And on this night, it was, as my dad chimed in, out of no-where to say that he had an idea.

He asked, you should write something about what kids can do to help their…


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10 Ways to be the difference in your child falling or flying

Family Sitting on Grass Near Building

I recently came upon a meme of a sad girl with the words across the chest of the tee-shirt she wore which said: She’s standing on the line between giving up and seeing how much more she can take. Powerful right? It’s loaded with the need for us as parents to make sure that this “line” is not a thin line.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 4-year old who’s being potty trained a 10-year old who’s trying to make the basketball team, a teenager who’s going…


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Keeping the Fun in Learning This Summer and Making Some Extra Cash

Yay! School is officially out for the summer but let’s not forget that learning is an ongoing process by which things need to be reiterated and reinforced. We still need to reinforce what our children has learned during the last school year to create a smooth transition into the next school year. A child that stays ready doesn’t have to get ready, right?

Our time to do that is over the summer. This does not mean summer school and it doesn’t mean that you need to cancel all summer…


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Headed to The Beach or Pool this Summer? Here's What You must Know

It’s that time of the year again where children are excited about getting out of school, taking a family vacation and just being away from the classroom for a while. For the adults, summer trips are being planned to the beach, water parks and community pools to escape the heat. This means neighborhood and community pools and parks are gearing up to host hundreds of children throughout these hot, summer months to aid in the cool down. There’s something you need to think…


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