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I try my best not to talk about my politics on this blog because, frankly, it really doesn't matter what my politics are. However, this was just too good to pass up.



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Craft Week!

<center>I know I have been gone for quite awhile, but when nothing is happening that is worth sharing then why say anything at all?

However, this week I wanted to make a nice comeback with some fun activities. I enjoy doing different crafts. I L-O-V-E sewing (even when my sewing machine is broken). I've just started learning how to crochet and I've been looking for some nice things make that will be helpful around the house.

This week I wanted to share some of those…


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Cages Are For Doggies

This past Thursday some on from the water company decided to trespass into our yard. This caused Chewy, (our large dog) to go NUTS! He ended up jumping up on the kitchen counter, turning on the water and causing our kitchen to flood...


For more, click here.

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Gas, tickets, and CRACK PIPES!

I am just so steamed over this that I have to share it. The other day when JR and I stopped a the local gas station to cash in some of his winning lottery tickets I noticed some of the items that the gas station was selling on their front counter. Actually the counter was over taken with these items.

There as the usual, mini liquor bottles and the give a penny, take a penny container. There were also some bakery items (lazy cakes) and some "tobacco" items. 

Now I'm…


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The Big Decision

When I was growing up my mother worked. She had (and still has) a full-time job working as in the information technology (IT) department of a well known title company. When I was a preschooler I either went to day care or I spent my time with my grandmother. Actually, I spent most of my time with my grandmother. When I became school aged my father would…


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Product Review: The Diva Cup

For those who don't know the Diva Cup is a menstrual cup. It is made from medical grade surgical silicone that is soft and easily bent/folded. The point of the menstrual cup is to "catch" the flow so you can dump it out instead of catching your flow in a pad or tampon.


Click here to read more.

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Sad Day in Cleveland

Today my family celebrated the life of my Uncle Larry who passed away last Wednesday. My mother and I went to St. John Cantius Church in Cleveland. This is actually a beautiful cathedral. We were able to say our last goodbyes before he is cremated. One thing we were happy to see was that when the prepared the body for viewing they made sure Uncle Larry was smiling.

He always had a smile on his face when we saw him and it was good to see that he was happy.…


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Ode To My Crock Pot

Oh crock pot, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

  1. You cook delicious meals without much help from me.
  2. Your meat is so tender.
  3. Your time saver techniques are a life saver.
  4. Your meals are healthy, hearty, and on-time.
  5. You are the original set it and forget it.

Okay, I'm not drunk and I don't do drugs. I just wanted to tell you how great a crock pot is, especially for a working mom. We're able to make sure our family has a home…


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Look, We Don't Care

Just a short post about some blogging homemakers.

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Cartoons Anyone?



At any point in time during the day you can come in our house and find one cartoon or another on our televisions. (Yes, we have two TVs that are hooked up and working. Several others are not connected, but would work if they were.)


Each of us has one or two (or more) cartoons that we enjoy. Some are child appropriate, some are for adults only. After all, I'm not 2 and…


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Why I'm Glad to be the Mother of a Boy

God willing, one day JR and I will have a beautiful baby girl. Right now though, I'm so glad that I have a son.

This past Christmas season I was blessed to work part-time for Toys-R-Us. While there I was able to see some of the toys for both genders. I thanked God everyday that I had a little boy.

I didn't have to worry about Monster High dolls.

Or how about BRATS.

Better yet...…


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