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Kids & Videogames

One of the largest fights I have with my seven year old daughter (7 going on 17!) is about video games. Basically she wants to play her video games all. the. time. for. ever. and I don’t want her to. I want her to go outside, and have fun – read a book, play with her Legos – basically enjoy her childhood. But I give in, of course, and allow her to play. If it was only playing, that would be fine, but now there’s also whining involved. How often can she play? How long can she play for?…


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Airstream Dreams

If you follow me on pinterest you might have noticed all the airstream pictures I’ve been pinning lately… Jay & I have decided to take the plunge and purchase an airstream trailer! We haven’t purchased it yet, and we’re tossed up between a 31 footer and a 26 footer 70s-era airstream trailer, but we’re so inspired to make it our own…


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One of the easiest changes I’ve made in my home is getting rid of paper towels. I was initially very intimidated by this aspect and put up so many barriers to doing this – if I use rags, what type of rags? how much more washing will I have to do? what if I’m out of rags? cloth towels cost more than paper towels!

As in most things in life, the initial investment in cloth napkins and kitchen towels can be a lot to pay at once, however the cost of paper towels is a lot more in the long…


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Practicing Smiling!

Lately I’ve caught my reflection in a mirror or in a store window on the street and realized something – I don’t smile very much. I suppose there’s not too much wrong with that – I mean, I smile when I have to – when paying for groceries, when picking up my mail, at the Starbucks counter – I make the effort. I always smile at my baby, but babies are cute and often smiling at you – smiles are contagious I think.

Read the rest here: …


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What Should I Do?

When it comes to falling asleep, I am definitely not one of those people that can lay their head down on a pillow and head right into dreamland. Instead, I first have to find the perfect position. This means first laying on my tummy, then moving my head from side to side, figuring out a way in which my neck and arms are still comfy. I finally give up lying on my stomach, and then fling myself over on one side. I may bother J at this point, ask him if he's awake, he'll grunt and won't move,… Continue

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What Makes You Happy?

Originally posted on Ramblings of a Fab Brunette

In the past couple of months, I've discovered quite a few things about myself, surprisingly, many of these things I already knew, but they have just resurfaced after what seems like forever.

Funny thing is, I was watching an episode of What Not to Wear on TV, not sure if it was new or old, but it dealt with a gorgeous girl from Jersey, a new mom of a 4 month old, who has lost… Continue

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How I Made J a Father!

Obviously, babies are made the way babies are made, and I won't get into a thorough discussion about it, since I was never really certain when my precious little Princess was actually created, but nevertheless, sometime at the end of June, I discovered I was pregnant.

It happened at Alice Fazooli's, a restaurant we had never gone to before but always wanted to, and we sat on the patio and ordered a bucket of Coronita's. The food was good, the sun was hot, and J and I were carrying on… Continue

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I remember while growing up, I often found myself bored. I remember a time where no matter how much I had going on in my life, I could be found wasting time, watching tv, listening to music and doing nothing else at all.

As a young girl, I was always looking forward to the next step of my life, and it could never come fast enough. In elementary school, I longed for the days of… Continue

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Life Lessons: Assumptions

If there's one lesson I've learned in my life, so far, that I can pass on to your wondrous ears (or eyes), is to never assume anything. Oh, you've heard this one before? Well, how often do you actually follow it?

I believe this to be one of life's most important lessons. When you assume something, anything, about anybody, you're also in danger of passing on some kind of judgement, which is also a faux pas in my eyes.

Case in point: last year I worked at a high end… Continue

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Job Search '09

Sometime last week, J & I decided that I should go out and get a job. I'm more than a little excited and also curious as to where I will actually end up working. My decisions in finding the perfect employer:

- A place with uniforms (no clothing stores please!)

- Preferably someplace outside of the mall (food court just helps you gain 20 lbs and lose $50 a week!)

- The pay should be $11 per hour minimum

- And hoping no night shifts after 10 pm.

Hmm.. wait… Continue

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Less is More

We hear this phrase in relation to almost every aspect of life - decor, fashion, life - as in: have one or two main focal points in a room, pare down your accessories, get rid of that clutter to live clearly. This version of Less is More pertains to a slightly more superficial matter, but not one that should ever be overlooked - I'm talking about the makeup on our faces.

I grew up always wearing makeup, I played with it since I was in the sixth grade. I started as many did, with the… Continue

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Breaking the Mould

I am not sure if it's just me, but I find that working and staying at home keeps putting me in a rut. These ruts cleverly disguise themselves as routines, but I find in actually they turn into ruts - something tedious and boring that I end up doing everyday that prevents me from doing what I actually want to do, or even something different. I believe this is generally due to my laziness, but I get so caught up in it until it bothers me.

Recent ruts?

-- Wearing sweat pants… Continue

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Notes on a Monday

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for the Mother's Day wishes - it was oh so grand! A weekend of fun and relaxation - and nothing went to plan! On Saturday I took Princess to a movie, Monsters vs Aliens, which was cute, and we had a little picnic - then off to Grandpa's she did go! J & I spent the evening in, watching movies and eating pizza, our absolute favourite food in the world.

Sunday, Princess with Grandpa and his kids at Wonderland, J at work, I had a glorious day to… Continue

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A little thing called Time Management

I have never really thought of a well-functioning life to have any thing to do with Time Management, but lately it the word has been popping up everywhere. A number of blogs have taken to writing about it, there are whole books on time management for stay at home moms even, and I, as a Working-at-Home-Mom (or WAHM for short), realised that the key to success might actually be through time management.

Well, at least of some sort or another.

I dislike structure. I'm not a… Continue

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Where is Parenting 101?

When I found out I was pregnant, I admittedly went into total panic mode, crying all day and going to sleep with an emotional migraine (don't tell my Princess that!). I relaxed though, came around to the idea that I will one day have my own Princess, and began to read many, many books to know exactly What to Expect, because I truly did not know. I didn't choose a parenting style, I didn't read books about How to Parent, and looking back, I really think I should have.

Nobody tells you… Continue

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London is Calling

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of living in a foreign city - foreign to me, and not necessarily of a different language. First I have dreamed of 'making it' in New York City, on the little island called Manhattan that never slept. Then it was the dream of living in Paris, eating macarons, drinking lattes, and writing by a little window whose view showed off the Eiffel Tower. After visiting Amsterdam I dreamed of living in a narrow little first-floor flat, minimal in… Continue

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