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Why Is Family Medicine Important?

The reality of life is that everyone will get sick or injured at some point. When this occurs, the need for a trusted physician is often recognized. However, many people fail to invest in healthcare until something goes wrong. Having a regular family physician is an important part of maintaining your health and wellness, and can also make the process of receiving care when you are already sick or injured, easier and more efficient. Continue reading to learn…


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What Do Security Guards Actually Do?

If you own a business you've likely heard more than a time or two that you should hire a security firm. You may be concerned about the expense of this investment or simply feel like security is not overly necessary. You may even wonder why you should consider hiring guards at all if you are already utilizing surveillance cameras/equipment? Some people even feel there isn't enough of a threat to warrant hiring a security firm Many people have a false perception of what guards do, never fully…


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Security Guards Are an Indispensable Asset to Medical Facilities

You may have never considered it before, but hospitals require just as much security presence as the business next door.  Since, hospitals see hundreds of people in and out each day (whether outpatients, family members, volunteers, employees, or visitors) the sheer amount of traffic makes it an easy target to criminal activities to occur.  Hospitals are particularly vulnerable to theft and burglary due to their stockpiles of pain medications and high dollar equipment. …


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Maintenance Tips for Your Car's Tinted Windows

Have you recently decided to invest in window tint for your car, truck, or SUV?  After taking the plunge and spending your hard-earned money to obtain the many benefits of window tint, you are likely hoping it lasts for years to come.  While professionally installed window tint is known for its longevity, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your tint even more.  Here…


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Is Your Exercise Regimen Working Out?

March is a great month to start a new fitness routine.

Why?  The gym is much less crowded than it was a month or two ago, when the hordes of “New Year’s resolution exercisers” had yet to give up on their renewed interest in working out.

Whether you’re ready to kick your exercise regimen up a notch, or you’ve been out of shape and need to get back in form (round is a shape, but not a healthy one for your body) … consider making a change this month, and renewing your dedication…


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