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Be Present at Our Table, Proud Mary

Holidays at my grandparents house in South Dakota is one I will always cherish. The gathering of family, Swedish meatballs simmering, laughter filling the air and children sneaking cookies from the kitchen. Norman a mental institute. 
The Johnson's have their traditions: lefse, Swedish meatballs, booze, and singing.
Not necessarily in that…

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Teaser Tuesday and Giveaway

May I present Chapter 1 - Deadly Redemption (Book 2 of Deadly Series)

Wait, you haven't read Deadly Deception yet? First, why? Second, let me help you out.

Leave your name and email below and on Friday I will randomly choose two people who will receive a Kindle ebook of Deadly Deception.

Now the *unedited* Chapter 1

Enter giveaway: …


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Teaser Tuesday - Logan's Story

Teaser Tuesday - Logan's Story

My son removed the circular tube from his mouth, where he was inhaling the steroids to help him breathe and looked at me with twinkling ethereal eyes and flushed apple cheeks, he placed his tiny hand a top of mine. I was perched on an uncomfortable leather stool next to Logan’s hospital bed. The aroma of…

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Deadly Deception (my second baby) is Published

I know, I know, I said November 27th BUT I just couldn't wait. Here it is on the Kindle
Deadly Deception (Deadly Series)
And the …

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Too Early To Debate With A Twelve Year Old

Are you eating chocolate cake for breakfast?


Can I have some chocolate cake?



I don't share. Especially chocolate.

Can I have a bite?



I told you why.

Can I have chocolate for breakfast?


But you can? Why?

Because A. I gave birth to you. B. I can. and C. I gave birth to you.

You said that twice.

I know, it trumps everything and it hurt a lot so therefore, I can…


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I Never Forget that my Child is on the Autism Spectrum. Never.

I never forget that my child is on the Autism Spectrum. Never. 

Last night, after telling us about his brilliant weekend with his peep at the beach, we immediately noticed he looked and sounded exhausted. 

Red eyes, squeaky voice, and ample yawns.

You know what this spells: M-E-L-T-D-O-W-N

And not any kind of meltdown. The kind where hot claws…


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Just Keep Swimming

For many years, Logan has been afraid of the water, well, afraid of drowning. And he would run down the scientific list of why he will drown. Yesterday, he started swim lessons and to say that I was beaming with pride is an understatement. I wanted to stand up and pom-pom cheer, do the running man, raise the roof…you get the idea. After I pushed back the potential of embarrassing my child in to the awkward teenage black abyss, I snapped a picture of my uber dope twelve year old becoming…

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Bullying Ends Now

Bullying is all around us. The boy at school, the parent on the soccer field, and the woman behind her computer screen…they are all around us. My family has had firsthand knowledge of this cruel and disgusting act. While my son, who was eight at the time, was taunted, poked, harassed, teased, chased at a public school in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Though his stay at this despicable institution was short lived, the emotional repercussions are still present. To this day, Logan will talk about…

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Joined the Flock

As much as it hurt my social networking soul I joined Twitter.
I reached out for opinions on Facebook and they were heavily mixed (thanks guys;-)
I was told that if I wanted a stronger book following Twitter would be good to add to the list so after much Tweet pressure I did it. 
We'll see how long it takes until I want to rip my hair out.

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Birth Anniversary

Happy Anniversary of my 32nd Birthday!

I adore being in my thirties.

To be honest I appreciate my birthday a little bit more every year. It’s not a huge deal to me per say but I’m happy that my mom brought me in to this world. My birthday falls either on or around Mother’s Day which has waaaaaay more significance to me.

I do like when the the days are spanned out so I can milk it a little bit longer.

Why yes I take advantage of it, wouldn’t…


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Do Not Call a Pregnant Woman Fat; Isn't That a Given

As I lay in bed this fine Wednesday morning I hear a commercial for Entertainment Tonight “A very pregnant Jessica Simpson, how much does she weigh?” In an ominous voice.

How about who cares what she weighs, she freaking pregnant!

Yesterday Joy Behar called Jessica Simpson fat. Really? Just because you gave birth in the stone ages and was a cave woman stick doesn’t mean you get to call a pregnant woman fat. Never mind the fact that she is carrying a human being inside of…


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What Autism Means to Me

What Autism Means to Me

By Logan 

It is awesome to be different, it’s genetics. Our DNA makes us all different, that is what God wanted. Acceptance is a big word but really, it’s easy to do. Why would God place us all on the earth to be the same, I don’t want to be like everyone else. Why do some accept people in books and movies like Harry Potter, people who aren’t real but I’m real and you don’t accept me? I do awesome things, I’m a great friend, and I’m an awesome gamer and…


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Mama Q&A

*I'm not an expert but I play one of TV*
Are you wondering

"What the heck is she talking about?"

I have to admit, for the past couple of years I've led a double life, okay, not really but doesn't it sound intriguing?

I receive a handful of questions via email or message in regards to…

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My Son, My Hero

I started writing Logan's story some time ago but he asked me to stop because he wanted to write it, so I stopped. My son is privy to the ignorance some have in regards to not only Autism but Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and many other Special Needs and Learning…

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Happy Unstable Christmas

The boys and I were watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special the other night. This is one of my FAVORITES! I don't know what triggered this observation but I began to notice that all of the little boys have what seems to be premature balding. Now I realize they have roughly been 6 or 7 for the past 60 years and maybe the bitter and ruthless cartoon circuit has been harsh on them thus not producing enough hair follicles. Stress will do that you know. …

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No Whoppers This Year

Typically going to the Lady Doctor is an event that most women don't look forward too. However, after last year's scare I was A-OK going today. Not only that my Lady Doctor is uber awesome!
First when they saw how much weight I had lost the high fives were on.
cartoons,achievements,encouragement,gestures,greetings,high-fives,kudos,people,Screen Beans®
"Girl you look good; what did you do?"
I told her how
kicked mine and my hubby's behind in to shape.
As I waited for my Lady…

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It's Official People!

I have published my first article for the

Please come take a gander at it:-)
I am super excited (can you tell)

If you subscribe then I won't have to stalk you, unless you like that kind of thing;-)

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Bunchy Undies Syndrome

We have really turned into a society of "I'm Offended!"

Some situations can cross a line but if I became offended every single time someone said something negative to me about Autism or Homeschooling I would need to be medicated,

Oh, wait

I am....

Anyway, can we all just settle down for a minute?

If you go about life with your undies in a bunch you will have one colossal wedgie and that will make you forever cranky. I know it would me. We were… Continue

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Ah gotta love David Bowie!

As most of our friends and family know we are Gypsies, well, not literally but we love to move and it has become an ongoing joke around the campfire. People just write in our new address with pencil knowing it won't be there long. 2011 isn't going to be any different, ha!

I've already been asked "Where are you guys going this year?"

As you know Phil is currently a RQC (Regional Quality Coordinator) for LensCrafters (kicking butt and… Continue

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Say What?

Do you know someone who speaks a language all their own?

I do.

It is as if they sit down every morning, pull up the Urban Dictionary and use the Word of the Day multiple times in one sentence.

Now I understand the need to want to keep up on the modern lingo but you know, sometimes they just sound, how can I saw this, stupid.

For instance here is an example of one of their stimulating… Continue

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