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Food Revolution!

Now we're in for it...

So as most of you know Aidan went through a "I don't need food " stage which freaked both Andrew and I out

completely, so much so that we were resorting to sneak food into his

mouth, however we had underestimated how smart our child was(not sure

how that could happen because he is OUR child and we are kinda smart

too) and he would just spit it out again, well we sat panicking about

the amount of food that was making it into him that when… Continue

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Wow why did no one tell me?

Well as you all know by now, I have stopped breast feeding and am now

waiting (not so patiently) for my milk to dry up.

Now while I have been "weaning" I did a little research as to what would help it go

quicker, and all the baby and breast feeding website suggests crushed,

cooled cabbage leaves stuffed into your bra,so I try it, walking around

smelling really gross as the cabbage warms and lets off it's wonderful

smelly vapours, it seems to soothe the… Continue

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Hello to a new day...

Well we say "Hello to a new day and a new challenge" as we (or at least

I) have decided to go cold turkey on the whole breast feeding matter,

mind you, it wasn't even for the nutritional purposes anymore but more

for the comfort Aidan got of knowing mom was there...

However as it may have been comforting Aidan I can say without a shadow of doubt

that it was NOT comforting to me! OK OK it was up until a little while

ago but now that Aidan has managed to grind… Continue

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For You I Will

When you feel your world just ain't right

Call on me, I will be waiting

Count on me, I will be there

Anytime the times get too tough,

Anytime your best ain't enough

I'll be the one to make it better,

I'll be there to protect you,

See you through,

I'll be there and there is nothing

I won't do.

I will cross the ocean for you

I will go and bring you the moon

I will be your hero your strength

Anything you need

I will be the… Continue

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Oh Boy!!

Barney came to play yesterday....

and turned my house a bright shade of purple!!

no actually Aidan managed to reach the gentian violet and proceeded to empty the whole lot all over the house, all this

happened while silly mom thought she could find some peace while she

goes to the loo and closed the door behind her! (for those of you who

don't have kids that would be a normal thing to do however once you have

a child there is absolutely no way in hell that any… Continue

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Excitement at the Bevan's

Howdy Doo all,

As of late there has been much excitement in the Bevan household, as most of you have already gathered Aidan can now officially be classified as a toddler as he started

walking not so long ago! I'm pleased and slightly nervous to announce

that he has mastered that in virtually no time at all, well that and

walking BACKWARDS??

How is it that you have only been walking a month(walking properly for approx. 2 weeks) and you can walk BACKWARDS with…


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Damn It's Been Hectic

Wow so these last two weeks have been soooo crazy! It all started with a braai on Friday 28th, OK I must admit it wasn't too rowdy but still went on a little late(ish)

Then at 9am on Saturday Andrew Ramsden(had to give surname as there are 2 Andrews) and Mel came over and we all met up with Candice, Ryan and little Kyla- Lee in Hillcrest and made the trek up to Pietermaritzburg to hit the Royal Show, which was pretty cool because (my) Andrew had never been before and the rest of us… Continue

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I know this is not Aidan's experience BUT...

Alright so I know that this is not something Aidan would talk about, but sometimes mommies do have something to say too!

There is something out there that just gets my goat, is the whole new LOL! craze, what the hell is this all about, I just don't get it... I know that it stands for Laugh Out Loud, but what ever happened to actually physically laughing, i Love to laugh and just doing this LOL thing doesn't give the same feel good feeling as a good old hearty laugh does!

I… Continue

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To Cut or NOT to Cut... That is the question!

Well I have heard it all... He's growing a mullet, he has horns, his

fringe is too long, come on Tracey you need to cut Aidan's hair...

I personally don't think that it needs to be cut, I mean this poor

child's hair can be deceiving I know, what with the colour tone that it

is and how it makes the hair look thicker than it really is, and yes I

agree he does have a few strands that are slightly longer than the rest,

but does that warrant a cut?

How can… Continue

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Oh My Word

Oh my word has it been ages since I last blogged or what?

you would think that with all the "down time" I've had there would be plenty of

news... well sorry to disappoint you we don't have much going on...

Just a few items that have happened in the Bevan household: I had my first

Easter where I could actually EAT the chocolate and not just look at it!…


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Wordless Wednesday

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All i can say is WE SURVIVED!!!

OK wow this last week or so has just been so crazy!Lets begin...

So Thursday the 25th February was the last time i think i had a decent

nights sleep, OK OK so that whole week up til Thursday was a tiresome

one too i guess, as Aidan was cutting his first molar EEEKK! Then

Thursday came and he had cut the tooth = good sleep that evening.

Little did i know that the very next day would be the start of yet another

sleepless cycle as Aidan started getting snotty and… Continue

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My first Pancake experience

Alright so yesterday was Shrove Tuesday (the day before Lent begins for us Catholics) and our church holds an annual pancake evening, where all the pancakes are provided and all we had to do was take our fillers and drinks.

A lovely evening all in all min spite of it's crazy beginning, with the massive thunderstorm on the way to the church which in the end made it an even more spiritual thing for us as we spent the whole journey praying,anyway Candice, Ryan and Kyla-Lee joined us(they… Continue

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I've been a very busy boy...

Hi all sorry i haven't been posting much lately but i have been a very

busy boy!

Now the last time i posted was all about my 1st Christmas, but as you can guess there have been loads of things keeping both me and

mommy and daddy busy since then...

So lets begin... during and just after the Christmas season we were busy house(or at least dog and

cat sitting) for uncle Pierre and aunty Rene and also for uncle Sean,

aunty Larine (also Thomas and "sunshine")so all… Continue

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Our First Chirstmas!

Okay so I'm pretty sure that you have all gathered by now that this was Aidan's first Christmas, so you will then realize just how much excitement there was in not only our household but that of the Granny,

Grandpa, and Noona and Goompa's homes too...

To say that mommy and daddy went a little crazy with the gifts, could, well, be an

understatement, the floor under the tree was crammed with gifts and

Aidan's… Continue

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Sleep Training

So about 2 weeks or so ago, Andrew and i decided that it was time to

start training Aidan to sleep in his cot, as he is too long and wriggly

now to stay in the bed with us...

So this was how bedtime in the Bevan household happened, mommy and Aidan went to bed and Aidan would

have his last feed and fall asleep, then later in the evening daddy

would come to bed however by this time Aidan has almost successfully

pushed mom out the bed and has laid claim to pretty… Continue

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I was a GOOD boy this year, Father Christmas...

"I was a GOOD boy this year, Father Christmas... Now give me my present!" Not quite the words coming from Aidan as he sat on the FAT mans lap, it was more of a case of, "DUUUDE! I have never seen such a

big grey beard like that before, are you sure it's real? if only i could

reach it and give it a pull... But alas, my arms aren't long enough… Continue

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Some cool breastfeeding facts

Found on:

Did you know....

1.Human milk has over 300 ingredients, including interferon, white blood cells, antibacterial and antiviral agents, while

formula has only 40 ingredients.

2.Human milk has been shown to kill cancer cells in a laboratory dish and has been used in oncology.

3. The human breast "custom-makes" antibodies to fight whatever… Continue

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As Thomas would say: " I'm a WEEEENA"

My Winning picture!

So this morning mommy got an email for Mommalicious Mamma's saying that 'I' (yes that's correct) 'I' won their Summer photo competition.

How cool am i? But let me not get a big head about this, i mean the other

babies that entered were also very cute, anyone of them could have won

it- HA HA HA but I… Continue

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All the things that have been keeping me busy

So i have been away for awhile because i have been very busy learning things...

i have learnt how to sit properly so now i don't roll all over the show and sit still and watch my Baby Einstein programs.

I have also learnt how to talk so mommy gets a big earful all day long,

she is supposed to understand English... howcome she doesn't have a clue

what I am saying when I keep saying… Continue

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