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I recently had a conversation with my daughter about the meaning of friendship and how less is always more when it comes to her tribe.  She’s 11 and starts middle school in the fall. This means that inevitably she has begun to feel the sting of “friends” whose attitudes have changed and who are not always the nice little boys…


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6 Plants to Help You Clear The Air!

I recently watched a short video in which a little girl narrated and detailed how we have become the “indoor generation”.  The video touched on the fact that we spend less time outdoors than any other generation, having created environments for ourselves where we hardly need to step outside. As a result we are seeing an…


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Beautiful Mamas.

A few days ago, as I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a Buzzfeed article about a group of moms on Instagram. Not just any moms.  These were brave women who were sharing very raw and real pictures of their post partum bodies with the hashtag #takebackpostpartum.  

The image on the front of the…


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Strong Girls Grow Up.

This past Mother’s Day was one of introspection for me.  I had a few hours to myself in the morning between the time my boyfriend left for work and my kids got dropped back off.  

I thought about my strained relationship with my mom, and I thought a lot about my  own experiences as a mother.  I wondered if I…


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Hyaluronic Acid and Its Amazing Benefits!

Yeah, thats right. Acid. I’m on it. And I love it.  I do want to get one thing straight before you think I’m a lot more fun or reckless than I really am.  The acid I’m talking about is not taking me on any hallucinatory trips or to the local rooms of recovery.

Nope. Nothing like that.  It does, however, keep…


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Runaway Mom.

I once started a short-lived online journal to kind of vent on the trials and tribulations of being a newbie to the mother-hood.  

I like looking back at those old posts now and then just to remind myself that I survived the earlier years, which means I’ll most likely survive the tween and teen…


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Social ME Media.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing for those who know how to use it and curse for those who don’t.

It is a necessary tool for those of us who run businesses and need it as a marketing platform. It’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends and family…..but when…


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Low Sugar Mama

I came to the realization recently that I’m definitely a mean mom when it comes to sugar consumption.  I’ve managed to keep my kids on a low sugar diet since infancy, and honestly plan to keep it that way til they head off to build their own nests. 

I didn’t grow up eating much sugar,…


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Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m writing it almost more as a reminder to myself than as just another entry in my blog…..because parenting is hard. Really hard. Parenting consciously, even more so. Parenting alone, hardest of all.  And I’m trying to do all of the above while staying sane, as I’m…


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The Dirt On Cleaning Products.

There was a time when I, like many of us, completely trusted that what I was buying for my body, skin, and hair care was safe.  It was on a shelf, in a store, approved by the governing agencies that regulate such things…so how bad could it be? 

I concerned myself only with price and whether the product…


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Finding Love As a Single Mama.

Life is funny. Adulthood even funnier. No matter how much you plan, strategize, and think you’re in control….you’re simply not.  

After my divorce, I made the decision that I wanted to remain single, raise my kids, and rediscover myself.  I did not want to be in a relationship ever…


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My Favorite Coconut Oil Benefits!

Anyone who knows me, knows how picky I am about ingredients…not just in food, but in the skincare and hygiene products my kids and I use.  Too many ingredients = bad.  

Ingredients that are unrecognizable and sound lab-created? No, thank you.  Thankfully, it’s getting easier to…


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Love Yourself.

There’s nothing quite like that magical, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling that falling in love brings. The chemicals our brains release, the endorphins, and the fairytale sparkly magic….it’s all just so good.

It’s so easy to lose yourself in that passion and magic….and losing…


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Bookworm Love.

I read an article not too long ago that attested to the fact that readers make the best people to fall in love with.  I loved that article, and as a huge nerd and bibliophile, I’ll go ahead and agree.

I mean, for decades Hollywood has made us nerdy types out to be the wallflowers at every dance, losing…


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The Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay!

One thing I don’t remember being warned about when it came to adulthood is that someday I’d be gearing up for battle not just against wrinkles….but acne too!!  

I mean, once we’re past that hormonal rollercoaster of the teen years, it’s supposed to be smooth sailing and smooth skin, right?  No.…


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6 Teas to Help You Ease Away Stress!

Were we all warned as kids about how stressful adulthood would be?  Probably….but I’m pretty sure we were all too busy singing the soon to be defunct Toys R Us jingle as we skinned our knees roller skating, and tried to beat our best friends at Donkey Kong.  Stress?  Oh, we had NO idea.…


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The Halves of Motherhood.

Back in my early days of parenting, I started writing in an on-line journal called Confessions of a Model Mom.  This was before blogging became what it has…and I used it as a way to blow off steam and just express myself.

I honestly don’t think anyone ever read it, but…


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Let's Talk About Activated Charcoal!

My passion for natural and alternative medicine started when my son was a toddler and his pediatrician just could not pin down what was “wrong” with him and why he was more sick than not.  

From eczema to allergies, neurosensitivities and what seemed like a weakened immune system, all I got from…


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A Letter to My Children.

It’s impossible to turn on the TV or look at your phone and see a world you feel good about leaving behind for your children.  Society seems to be going through a devolution, and it breaks my heart that this is the world my kids get to see as “normal”…when it is far from it.  



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Love In Europe: Memories From My Traveling Days

Several years back, one of my friends wanted to start a website about love in all of its incarnations.  I wrote a post for her site that just recently became more relevant for me.  After my divorce, I decided that I would just work on myself and raise my children. I didn’t consider the thought…


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