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A Review of Alsoomse and Wanchese: Book Moves at a Snail’s Pace

Not many novels feature Native American protagonists. Prior to reading Alsoomse and Wanchese by Harold Titus, the only other books I was aware of were Kaya’s stories published by American Girl. Titus’ novel offers a culture-clash story, with many of the characters based on historical figures.


Set in 1583 around Roanoke Island, the story chronicles the final days…


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An Interview with Author Rob Mackintosh

Rob Mackintosh is eagerly expecting the arrival of future grandchildren.  A retired university professor, he teaches adults about personal development and leadership, mostly in residential locations.


When not writing or working, Mackintosh enjoys traveling through his native England and around continental Europe for both pleasure and research.  His hobbies include…


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6 Best Historical Fiction Novels for People New to the Genre

There are thousands, if not millions of novels, that are considered historical fiction.  Their settings range from antiquity to the 1960s.  If you’re new to the genre, how do you know which novels to tackle first?   Here is a short list of six of the best historical fiction novels for readers who are new to the genre.


City of Jasmine by Deanna…


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An Excerpt of Distant Hills by Nora Ryell

The following is an excerpt from the prologue of Distant Hills by Nora Ryell.  It is set in 1738 England.  Distant Hills is available on Amazon and can be found on Goodreads.  The excerpt was provided by the author. 

She hoped that maybe she had managed to lose them. She couldn’t hear the baying of the hounds anymore. The moon was full and as it shimmered and danced on the pale fabric of her dress, she…


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An Interview with Author Gene Masters

Gene Masters has been married for more than 50 years.  Together he and his wife, Ruth, have two daughters, two grandchildren and a black cat named Margaret Thatcher.

When not writing, Masters enjoys L fly-fishing and woodworking.

Masters is the author of Silent Warriors.  He is the next author to be featured in my interview series focusing on historical…


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Elizabeth Cochran’s Heroic Actions to Expose Corruption at Blackwell’s Island Women’s Asylum

The Blackwell’s Island Asylum was the first civic mental hospital in the city of New York. Starting in the early 1830s, it was established to take care of the large number of indigent insane. Within the first decade of its opening, conditions were described by some of the staff to the commissioners in charge as “a miserable refuge.”



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Author Interview with Sarah Margolis Pearce

Sarah Margolis Pearce stops by my blog today as part of the Widow Creek Blog Tour for her  historical fiction novel Widow Creek.  The tour is sponsored by Sage's Blog Tours.

 Q. How many working titles did you go through before deciding on Widow Creek?

Margolis Pearce:  It was always Widow Creek.…


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A Review of Finding Wonderland: More Contemporary Than Historical Fiction

Finding Wonderland by Mary Van Winkle is a mixed-genre novel, a combination of contemporary fiction, historical fiction and science fiction.


Van Winkle considers her novel a re-imaging of Alice in Wonderland.  It has been years since I read Alice in Wonderland, and there were only a couple of scenes that reminded me of the children’s story. …


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An Interview with Author Joe Matlock

Joe Matlock lived in two residential foster homes from the ages of five to 18. On his 18th birthday, he enlisted in the Marines.  By the time he left the service, nearly 20 years later, he had become a fighter pilot.

Matlock opened an ice rink in San Antonio, TX, and later retired to a small farm.


Matlock is the author of…


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9 Doctor Who Episodes Set During the Victorian Era

It’s no secret I love history and historical fiction, but I also love science fiction, specifically sci-fi television shows.  One of my favorites is Doctor Who.  Maybe it’s the brainy yet quirky and socially awkward main character.  Maybe it’s the dash of humor in every adventure.  Or maybe it’s the time travel.  After all, what better connects all my loves than an episode about time travel?  This list of Doctor Who episodes set during the…


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Changes to My Blog Subscribers List

Recently, the email subscribers widget on my website installed an update.  It now no longer functions properly and does not email blog post updates to subscribers.  As a consequence, I have moved all blog update subscribers to the newsletter mailing list. 


If you were a blog update subscriber using the email subscribers widget, you will need to reconfirm your email…


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A Review of Kelegeen: Finding Purpose in Lean Times

Set in the mid- to late- 1840s, Kelegeen by Eileen O’Finlan will surely spark readers’ interest in doing research on the Irish Potato Famine.


The title comes from an Irish parish where the majority of the people rent from English landlords.  Their lives are so tenuous that their fates hang in the balance and can be altered quickly by one bad harvest or one dead…


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An Interview with Author Honeysuckle Pear

Honeysuckle Pear was born with asthma and allergies, and her skin sensitivity is three times what it should be. Later in life, thanks to an MRI, she learned she suffered not from asthma but from a condition called Bronchiectasis. This diagnosis ensured her doctor could finally prescribe the proper medications.

When she was 12 years old, Pear realized she was doomed to be an office worker, a future she did not…


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Victorian Poison Wallpaper: Death by Interior Design

We are slaves to fashion – both in our wardrooms and in our homes.  This also was the case during the Victorian era.  Homes in the Victorian era often were covered in wallpaper.  The Victorians loved wallpaper so much they covered every wall with it and sometimes the ceiling.  The wallpaper of choice was that of bold colors with large patterns.  But the fashion-forward got more than they bargained for – poison wallpaper was killing them.…


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A Review of Moscow Airlift: Makes for a Better Screenplay Than a Novel

Set during the Cold War, Moscow Airlift by Marc Liebman was published by Penmore Press.  The novel is ideal for those who love political intrigue.  A saga, the format of the novel with its wealth of characters and multiple location changes lends itself better to a screenplay.


I did not review the final draft of the novel, and therefore, ignored any typographical…


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An Interview with Author Eileen O'Finlan

Eileen O'Finlan describes herself as a New Englander to the core and can't imagine living anywhere else. Her dream home in an old farmhouse in Vermont where she can spend her days –and nights if wishes – writing.

O’Finlan is an animal lover and has owned cats since she was six years old.  She also is environmentally conscious.

When she’s not writing, O’Finlan…


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The Great Molasses Flood of 1919

Molasses.  Chances are it’s something you don’t have in your pantry, but 100 years ago it was a household staple.  Molasses is processed from sugar cane and is used as a sweetener; it is a dark brown, barely viscous liquid.  One January day, molasses also became synonymous with death. An industrial accident in Boston, known as the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, caused the sweetener to flow through city streets.…


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A Review of Scavengers from the Sea: A Thriller That’s Not so Thrilling

Published by author services company TCK Publishing, Scavengers from the Sea by Rob Mackintosh is subtitled “a historical thriller novel.” That’s where the trouble begins.  The novel isn’t so much thrilling as it is a series of slice-of-life pieces with nothing to tie them together other than the characters.


This is book one in the Legend of the…


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An Interview with Author Marc Liebman

Marc Liebman is constantly on the go.  When he was a partner in a consulting firm, he was on the road at least four days a week and averaged 200,000 air miles annually.  It’s an experience he doesn’t miss.


Liebman also has traveled via RV with his family and dog.  His dream trip is to watch a baseball game in every ballpark in the country.  He’s already seen games in…


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The History of the Corset: A Slave to Fashion

The corset is probably considered the most uncomfortable garment ever invented, not only because it constricts the body, but because it also is symbolic of women being constricted in society.  Was this true, or is it a stereotype?


Corsets have been part of a woman’s wardrobe since antiquity.  Over the centuries, they evolved and changed.…


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