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How to Make Long Island Tea

Long island tea is a classic drink that you can get in almost any bar, a type of cocktail so old that nobody’s completely sure who even first created it. Despite its name, it’s not actually made using tea: in fact, it’s not even made in a similar way to tea…

5 After-School Snack Ideas for Busy Parents

As a busy parent, finding it easy to make snacks for the kids is essential. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is bake cookies. When the kids get home from school, they're usually hungry and exhausted. You need healthy snack options you can have ready for them. When they run through the door, kicking off their shoes and dropping their school bags on the…

Flowering Plants You Can Plant at Home

Are you one of those people that admires your neighbours’ gardens when they are in full bloom with envy? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to give gardening a try but feel like you do not possess the know-how to make a success of your own garden?…


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Melina Druga's Blog – April 2019 Archive (7)

An Interview with Author Michel Poulin

Michel Poulin is a retired member of the Canadian Forces, having spent 5.5 of his 32 year career overseas.  He current resides on the South Shore of Montreal with his wife.


The majority of Poulin’s novels are science-fiction involving time travel to various historical periods.  In addition, he also has written military fiction books centered on World War 2, erotica/urban…


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King Arthur: Please Stand Up

This post was written by a guest blogger.  If you’re interested in guest blogging, please visit the guest blogger page.


Will the Real King Arthur Please Stand Up? (Er, uh - no, Just Please Lie There)

By Joe Matlock

King Arthur, like all legendary heroes, can be whoever…


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A Review of Alsoomse and Wanchese: Book Moves at a Snail’s Pace

Not many novels feature Native American protagonists. Prior to reading Alsoomse and Wanchese by Harold Titus, the only other books I was aware of were Kaya’s stories published by American Girl. Titus’ novel offers a culture-clash story, with many of the characters based on historical figures.


Set in 1583 around Roanoke Island, the story chronicles the final days…


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An Interview with Author Rob Mackintosh

Rob Mackintosh is eagerly expecting the arrival of future grandchildren.  A retired university professor, he teaches adults about personal development and leadership, mostly in residential locations.


When not writing or working, Mackintosh enjoys traveling through his native England and around continental Europe for both pleasure and research.  His hobbies include…


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6 Best Historical Fiction Novels for People New to the Genre

There are thousands, if not millions of novels, that are considered historical fiction.  Their settings range from antiquity to the 1960s.  If you’re new to the genre, how do you know which novels to tackle first?   Here is a short list of six of the best historical fiction novels for readers who are new to the genre.


City of Jasmine by Deanna…


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An Excerpt of Distant Hills by Nora Ryell

The following is an excerpt from the prologue of Distant Hills by Nora Ryell.  It is set in 1738 England.  Distant Hills is available on Amazon and can be found on Goodreads.  The excerpt was provided by the author. 

She hoped that maybe she had managed to lose them. She couldn’t hear the baying of the hounds anymore. The moon was full and as it shimmered and danced on the pale fabric of her dress, she…


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An Interview with Author Gene Masters

Gene Masters has been married for more than 50 years.  Together he and his wife, Ruth, have two daughters, two grandchildren and a black cat named Margaret Thatcher.

When not writing, Masters enjoys L fly-fishing and woodworking.

Masters is the author of Silent Warriors.  He is the next author to be featured in my interview series focusing on historical…


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