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Gifts for New Parents They'll Actually Use

For many, families are only complete when they welcome a baby in the fold. A new born baby calls for celebration and homes and hearts fill with joy, good wishes and gifts from family, friends and well-wishers. However, whittling for gifts for new parents can be quite a task. Here…


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Melina Druga's Blog – July 2019 Archive (5)

A Review of The Summer Before the War: Modern Day Literature

Author Paula McLain describes Helen Simonson as “a Jane Austen for our day and age.”  This gave me reason to pause before I began reading Simonson’s novel The Summer Before the War.  When it comes to 19th classic British authors, I prefer Emily Bronte to Austen.  Nevertheless, I managed to finish the novel.  Indeed, it did remind me of the literature I read in college, so the novel is by no means pleasure reading.  It is 473 pages of tiny…


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An Interview with Author Cecily Wolfe

Cecily Wolfe works full time as a librarian in a public library and loves reading as much as writing.  A single mother of two teenagers, she loves ice cream and potato chips, and can be caught having homemade hot fudge sundaes for dinner more nights than I care to admit.

In addition to historical fiction, Wolfe also writes YA and contemporary fiction.   She also has published a new adult/women's fiction retelling of…


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An Excerpt from L'Amerique by Thierry Sagnier

The following excerpt is from L'Amerique by Thierry Sagnier.  It is set in Paris following the end of World War 2.   L'Amerique is available on Amazon and can be found on Goodreads.  The excerpt was provided by the author.


Maman was a painter. She’d dabbled in other media, had written and published a children’s book, and played both the piano and…


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An Interview with Author Jaromy Henry

Jaromy Henry grew up in Donalsonville, Georgia.  The town was the stomping grounds for the Anglin brothers, the only people to successfully escape Alcatraz, and was the site of the Alday murders, Georgia's second largest mass murder.  Most recently, it was hit by Hurricane Michael.


In addition to historical fiction, Henry has written an urban fantasy and has a crime…


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8 Movies Based on Historical Fiction Novels

Many people will read a novel and then watch the film adaptation.  Some people, such as myself, are introduced to novelists by first enjoying the movies based on their work.  This is how I was drawn to my favorite author Edith Wharton (who is technically not historical fiction because she wrote about events less than 50 years prior). Had I not seen the movie Age of Innocence, I would have never read the novel.  Here are eight movies based on historical…


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