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Why You Should Send Your Child Back to School With Allergy Labels

Even though families across the country are at home during the COVID-19 quarantine seemingly for months, it is important to remember that life will eventually return to normal. That means schools, daycares, playdates, and summer camps will eventually be in full swing again and it is critical to be prepared. Not only will our…

4 Romantic Birthday Gifts from Oil Painting Pictures

Couple portrait on canvas by a professional art studio created in a bold, realistic style

A romantic gift can make the difference between an ordinary flat night and an extraordinary evening with your mate. If your lover last year wowed you with their thoughtfulness or if you want to steal the moment with a dramatic gesture, there is a romantic birthday gift for even the most serious and practical.

When choosing the ideal birthday gift, the rule is to be thoughtful and confidently give…

8 Awesome Ways Your Teens Can Cope With the COVID-19 Quarantine

Now that much of the country is under heavy quarantine, parents are desperate for ideas about how to keep their kids busy and still learning. That's true from their little ones to their teens. Across the Net there have been a ton of ideas for little kids, but what about teens? Cabin fever will set in on them a little quicker because they are used to more…


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Melina Druga's Blog – December 2018 Archive (4)

A Review of Jeffrey Lent’s In the Fall: A Remarkable Novel

The following book review was written by guest blogger Harold Titus.  

In many respects Jeffrey Lent’s In the Fall is a remarkable historical novel. Lent is a skilled narrator: he is knowledgeable about his subject matter, his observations about human conduct are incisive, and his characters are intriguingly exceptionally complex.

Lent’s story…


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Edwin Hubble: Expanding Our View of the Universe

In a roundabout way, it is Edwin Hubble we have to thank for the Star Wars franchise.  Without his work, we would not have the concept of a galaxy far, far away.  If you were alive before the 1920s, when you gazed into the night sky, you believed everything in the heavens was a member of the Milky Way.  What we now know to be galaxies were thought to be nebula.



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A Review of Merlin Parnassus: A Magical Memoir Gone Amiss

What was the legendary Merlin doing when he wasn’t serving in King Arthur’s court?  That’s what the historical fantasy Merlin Parnassus by Honeysuckle Pear imagines.

The novel, told in first person, is best described as a memoir.  I reviewed the Smashwords edition of the novel.

The novel begins in ancient Greece where Merlin is born.  His birth mother soon dies,…


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Lizzy Murphy: The First Woman to Play Major League Baseball

Her name is lost in history for all but the most ardent baseball fans.  Mary Elizabeth “Lizzy” Murphy, the Queen of Baseball, was the first woman to play for a major league baseball team.

Born in 1894 in Rhode Island, Murphy had sports in her blood.  Her father was a semi-professional baseball player.  As a child, Murphy…


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