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Common Recipe Substitutions

I don’t know if this ever happens to you but I know it happens to me all the flippen time. I’ll be in the middle of making something fantastic and I’ll reach into the cupboard for a spice that I ALWAYS keep in the house and it’s not there. Oh silly scatterbrained me; I had it on the list didn’t I? Or you’re craving something so badly but your missing just one ingredient and don’t want to waste the gas to…


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Easy Fried Taters

With school starting back for my stepson this week and myself starting a new class I’m all about having super simple things to make for dinner. These easy fried taters are just that and they are so flippen tasty. This is one of my hubbys favorite side dishes; in fact he’s the one who used to make it. His version though was slathered in butter“Oh look there’s not…


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Magnificent Mama Mondays

Are those double fudge chocolate chip brownies over there? Oh yes I have to have them. Yup that's me I love food; even some of the strangest things that disgust my hubby. Yummy BRAUNSCHWEIGER!!!!!! Because of this fact I am one of the masses who struggles with weight issues.

I have tried the whole diet thing and felt miserable; I found myself craving things even more than normal. I have never been great at…


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Hair Accessory Organizer

There are so many cute ideas out there for making your own hair accessory organizers, it can be a little overwhelming. I myself have always been a little leery of attempting one but it’s really not as hard as one would think. Heather and I decided to try and tackle one of our favorite designs using some super cute fabric, ribbons, wood, and some other materials.…


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Honey Vegetable Foil Packet

During the summer we grill out a lot and I mean A LOT; I think at least four meals a week are cooked on the grill. Vegetables cooked on the grill are absolutely amazing and stay so crisp if you time them right. We used to always just season them which is really good just itself; then Josh had the brilliant idea to add honey to the mix and oh my goodness we have never gone back. Of course you can also cook these in the oven if…


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The Woes of a Stepparent

A Mama Happily Interrupted: The Woes of a Stepparent

I often feel that being a stepparent is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I know I'm not alone in…


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Heather's Homemade Chairs

A close friend of mine has been creating these fabulous children's chairs that have been selling like hotcakes. I have had the occasion to be able to join her in the fun so I thought I would share some of what goes on.

A Mama Happily Interrupted: Heather's Homemade Chairs…


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Easy Salisbury Steak

I remember as a kid getting those Salisbury Steak freezer meals and thinking they were oh so tasty. Now as an adult I've tried them and although they are edible I just cant see myself wasting the calories on them. I practice portion control and everything, but life is too short to avoid eating the food that I love and I'm a meat and potatoes type of girl. This recipe is super easy and what makes it even better is homemade gravy; you can use the pre-made…


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Fun with the Eagles

Looking for something fun and educational to do with your kids that doesn't cost that much? If you ever go to Wabasha, MN you have to check this place out, and all proceeds go towards taking care of these majestic creatures. Seeing the Eagles up close and personal was so much fun.

A Mama Happily Interrupted: Fun with the…


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Hubby Style Burritos

There are times when my husband takes over the kitchen instead of being the grill master. This is one of those times; so delicious!



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Ranch Chicken

Delicious, fast, and easy!!! Who doesn't love that combination right there, that's the way all life should be right. Bite into this ranch chicken and your mouth will be salivating for more.

A Mama…


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Looking for something crafty to do with your toddlers favorite scribbles? There are a lot of ideas floating around out there for upcycling, here is something a little different for you to ponder :)…


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Mocha Frappuccino

Coffee and I have a LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, relationship; if I don’t start off my morning with that wonderful jolt of caffeine I don’t think my family would know how to handle me. Having my normal coffee with creamer gets a little boring though so I like to treat myself, but the prices for those specialty coffees are so not a…


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Sweet Tea

We all know about those high priced bottles and cans of sweet tea you can buy in the store, but it's really not the same as drinking a nice fresh brewed glass at home. Not to mention that it is so much cheaper to make at home. So here you go delicious sweet…


Added by Nikki Brantner on July 28, 2015 at 1:05pm — 2 Comments

Meatballs in Mashed Potato Cups

Meatballs in Mashed Potato Cups is one of my favorite comfort foods to make. It's a little piece of heaven in one cute little package. It also helps that it's a big hit with kids and husbands :) I hope you enjoy it at much as I do.…


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What a Slacker I am.

Well golly gee look who's been slacking again. Caught up with the kids, housework, my own school, and a million other things. Well I am getting back on the blogging band wagon and will hopefully be staying strong. Here's to more followers :)


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Salt Dough Keepsake

I love doing crafts but I don't really get that much time anymore so I love that my daughter is getting old enough to do these things with me. Visit my site to see this fun salt dough keepsake.

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French Onion Pork Roast

Alright so I became a member of Mom Bloggers Club but I haven't been sharing things on here. This French Onion Pork Roast is one of my family's favorite things that I make and so it was today's blog post. Please visit my site for this delicious and easy…


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