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How to Look and Feel Self-Confident During Pregnancy

Ads and magazines lead us to believe all pregnant women look and feel amazing all the time. Everyone talks about that pregnancy glow and the women you see in the photos all have perfect skin and they look beautiful as if no extra fat was gained whatsoever. Not only that this isn’t encouraging, but it makes you feel worse since you start feeling like you’re failing at pregnant life which adds disappointment to the self-consciousness and insecurity you’ve…


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What You Should Have in Mind When Buying a Family Home

Buying a new place for your family is a huge step and under no circumstances should it be taken lightly. It takes time and quite a dosage of careful consideration. First of all, it’s a kind of a once-in-a-lifetime action and it represents a huge responsibility. When you have a family, you need to think about the needs of every family member, as well as your own. These are usually various and it’s really difficult having to compromise between all the…


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Common Dental Issues in Children

If you want your little one to grow up into a young adult that’s happy to flash their gorgeous smile, it’s important to pay attention to their dental health today. If pediatric dental issues get neglected, that can leave lasting consequences on their oral health. So, here are a few issues to keep your eye on.…


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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Many parents have reservations about formal early childhood education, mostly because they believe separation from parents on a daily basis can harm the natural upbringing process and family dynamics or because they think that there is no need for education prior to kindergarten. Consequently, most children start their formal education around the ages of 5 to 6. However, recent scientific research has proven that…


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7 Inspiring Tips for a Living Room Makeover

Unless you’re a professional interior designer, decorating your living room isn’t all that easy. There are many things to consider if you want to create a harmonious whole, and getting every detail right takes some careful planning. But don’t worry—if you’re a little bored with your current décor you can give it a little…


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4 Essential Spring Health Tips

Spring is the time when nature awakens and with all the trees and plants blooming, our bodies start feeling invigorated again. Once the long cold winter is behind us, it’s time to start getting ready for lighter clothes, better eating habits and trying to be more active once sunny days become more regular than grey afternoons. If you feel like your body is in need for some spring cleaning just like your closets are, then check out the following tips that will…


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Beauty Tips for Working Moms

Working moms are downright superheroes and they deserve all the praise of this world. But unfortunately, instead of getting praise and assistance, they’re expected to not only take care of their children and their career but also look amazing doing it.…


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5 Things Every Mom Should Know

No occupation list would be elaborate enough to encompass all skills, tasks, and duties that a mom gets to perform throughout the day. From being a professional hairdresser, family accountant, commercial cleaner, high-end chef, stylist, counselor, nutritionist and much, much more. Overall, this is a hard, stressful and demanding job, made even more difficult due to the fact that every move and decision you make affects the future of your offspring. With that…


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10 creative gifts to buy your best pregnant friend for a baby shower

A baby shower is a great way of gathering your close friends and family, all of the people who love and support you, and celebrate the arrival of your child. They are there to help you and give honest advice, as well as to…


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Maternity Fashion Done Right

Mommas-to-be, if it’s your first time being pregnant – or if you’ve seen the pictures from your first time being pregnant – you are going to be hit with a fashion culture shock. All of a sudden, none of your clothes fit, and the ones that do seem to lay on your body all wrong. And perhaps the most difficult thing of all to cope with: sometimes you just can’t achieve your personal fashion style because there isn’t a selection in the maternity aisle. So let’s go…


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How to Help Your Child Spend Their Gap Year Wisely

Kids don’t always know what’s best for them (even though they always think they do); so, as a good parent, it’s your job to guide them and help them make the most of their gap year. This doesn’t mean you should force your child to do something they don’t want to, but simply introduce them to different options. This time of year is time for considering new things, thoughts and decisions, so I’d like to share some of my experience with you on how you can help…


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How to Plan for Retirement as a Mompreneur

How to Plan for Retirement as a Mompreneur - Source Pixabay

True, there are many upsides to…


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7 Money Tips Every Mom Needs

Spending responsibly and saving money at the same time can be a really challenging task, which can get even trickier when you’re a mom who has to take care of her whole family. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, which is often quite nerve-racking, but trust us – it doesn’t have to be like that at all! Here are seven useful money tips every mom needs, so check them out and learn how not to break the bank, but save some money…


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Slow Parenting: Getting Involved in Your Child's Education

When you decide to get involved into your child’s education, you should do it very carefully. No matter the age, you have to watch not to interfere with some natural developmental processes. To put it simply, parents who are overly involved usually end up with a child that has competence issues. If you want to avoid making such parenting mistakes, here’s how you should approach getting involved in your child’s education.

Volunteering at…


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Moms Beware: 5 Health Risks of Working from Home

Hailed as the perfect career path, working from home is as rewarding as it is challenging. Moms all over the world gladly jump at the first opportunity to work from their homes, consequently spending more time with their little nestlings and…


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How to Make Money Online as a Stay at Home Mom

Photo by bruce mars

Taking care of a tiny human who…


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Top 5 Freelance Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

With the development of information technologies, finding a job online is now easier than ever. Mothers already work a lot, but a 9 to 5 shift can be very problematic for anyone who has kids, especially if they’re young. So, freelancing is practically a dream come true for any mom because it allows her to organize her time the way she likes. There’s a multitude of options out there…


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