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Voting in 2016 as a Working Mom

As the election nears this coming November, I am torn on which candidate would be "less worse" for our future. Isn't that sad? That I need to make my decision not because of who I have faith in? And I have no choice but to put my role as a working mother in the forefront of who I am voting for in 2016.…


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Why I Can't Wait to Divorce My Breast Pump

I'm down to the final stretch! My daughter just turned 6 months old & I am half way there to completely weaning her. We have already started the baby lead weaning, with cereals, veggies and fruits all under our belt. And I must say, I am counting down the days. This is my second time around on the breastfeeding adventure. I am quite proud of my accomplishments…


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Hiding Behind the Door of Imperfection - Overcoming Postpartum

How could I even think to open up and make myself vulnerable to all the mommies out there? How could I stand up and say “I have NO clue what I am doing, I am drowning, I am deeply depressed about being a mother all over again, & i am scared that I am slowly loosing myself?…


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I'm Back to Blogging - New "" Launch 6/1/16

Good Morning Everyone!

So - I took a little time off from blogging - nothing really important besides having a BABY!!  So now my family has grown to 4 and hectic living is just putting it lightly.

I went on a hiatus because I was becoming overwhelmed with every aspect of life and my content was suffering because of it.  I was trying to please too many people, including my readers, and I wasn't being "me".

And that is where "Simply Jaclyn" is born.  I am simply me,…


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What's in a Name?

Every parent goes through the joy of picking their child’s name … what they will be known as for the remainder of their lives.  Don’t worry - No pressure at all ……


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#TravelTuesday - Rio de Janeiro Through the Eyes of a "Local"

Recently I was given the opportunity to do a guest post with a new blogger friend of mine, Chef Mireille over at "The Schizo Chef".  

Rio de Janeiro is definitely a place that "I Love For".  Go on over and check out my Guest Post and see why I fell in love with such a wonderful place.

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Getting to Know Me - Blogging Interview

I was selected to participate in my first blogging interview, a great opportunity for me to share with my followers why I began blogging in the first place.

Make sure to check it out here ... ;

I have selected a few other MBC members to pass it on to.  Can't wait to see their answers as well!  

Happy blogging!

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My 28 Week Ode to the 3rd Trimester

Happy ‪#‎28weekspregnant‬ to me!! And to celebrate the joys of the 3rd trimester, check out my latest post! 

What part of the 3rd trimester did you hate the most?!?

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3 Elements of My Successful Year of Breastfeeding

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 

"I pushed through the nipple cracking, marathon feeding, "jet pack" carrying to NY, at work pumping, freezer stash making, supply regulating, year of breastfeeding."

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The 5 Miseries of Commuting Pregnant

My days are long, and they aren't just spent in the office - about 4 hours of it is spent getting to where I have to go.  Which can be draining for the average human, let alone a pregnant woman.  There are so many things that make it a hassle - but being pregnant adds quite a few more issues to the list.

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Join Bloglovin' Followers

Hey everyone - come over and join my new group designed to get Bloglovin' followers!!  Spread the word, so that everyone can follow your posts directly, in one spot, on Bloglovin'!!

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#WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday Series

In today's day, we live in the world of the hashtags.  One of the new popular ones is #wcw or Woman Crush Wednesdays.  To some people (mostly men) it is their chance to post their celebrity crushes, such as Kim Kardashian.  However, I would like to use it to showcase the wide range of wonderful woman I have in my life.

That is…


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