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InsterStimm aka Sacral Nerve Stimulation for over active bladder

My post:


The next few weeks you will get to go through my journey of "InterStim" or Sacral Nerve Stimulation surgery.

I have had bladder issues my whole life and this use to be embarrassing for me to talk about I no longer feel embarrassed and want to lead you through my journey so others have a chance to… Continue

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Getting the hang of spending money I don't have!

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Note: If you have not yet, enter for the huge holiday bloganza giveaway that I have posted in my post before this one. Check it out! Entries end Dec 6th.

I have posted a few times now about spending money to receive money and this week it happened again but rather, I got the money BEFORE I had to spend it.… Continue

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I don't think I am a very good housekeeper!

Post: http://btrbb.blogspot.com/2010/11/cleaning-above-my-shoulders-or-rather.html

Note: Don't forget to enter the holiday bloganza (see my post before this one) it ends Dec 6th and there are 25 prizes)!

OK so I have to ask, does anyone, on a continuous basis, clean things that are above shoulder or head height, or is it just me that tends to miss this all the time.

I was… Continue

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HUGE Holiday giveaway, 25 awesome prizes!

Go to my blog and enter to win 25 great gifts from the Holiday Bloganza!! Good luck!


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HUGE HOliday giveaway with Not much time left to enter!

If you want more blog traffic there are a bunch of us bloggers hosting a big holiday bloganza giveaway here


You only have til Nov 19th (2 days) to add your giveaway to it and then entries start and go til dec. 6th. Either enter to win or get on there and sponsor a gift and increas traffic!

Hope to see you by!


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Do you expect too much?

Post: http://tawnassecret.blogspot.com/2010/11/expect-much-you-deserve-it.html

Have you hear this before: "If you don't expect too much then you won't be disappointed?" Do you believe this? I used to believe this but no anymore.

When in the world did we start to believe that we are not worthy of things? Why do people tear down those that succeed and automatically think that they are… Continue

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Attitude is everything isn't it!

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I posted on my random blog a few times a while back about how me and my daughter were fighting a lot, or me and my husband arguing a lot, etc. I don't know the exact date but the blog is…


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Got money AGAIN using LOA!

My post:


It has been another poor week, well actually two weeks. This check we still had some extra money that needed to go to the power bill for our last house we moved out of in the summer. It was hard (and we still haven't caught up totally) to catch up.

We are not supposed to be… Continue

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Christmas decorating work out!

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I love the tree, lights and decorations and every year, on the day after thanksgiving, my tree goes up, no excuses. Well...it would so happen that I have raised a 4 year old daughter who loves all those things too and she has been begging since Halloween… Continue

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Trying to be a fun Mom while teaching my daughter!



It has been abnormally warm around here and we are back up to almost 68 degrees today. I am so not complaining, this is awesome as it is November 9 and I am warm!

I was outside raking leaves so my daughter could jump in them and wanted to get inside to go over her letters and numbers. I like to try and remember… Continue

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Healthy apple pie, yes you haerd right, HEALTHY!



My friend from Utah sent me this yummy apple pie recipe. Beats eating a fattening pie! I still need to try it but it sounds awesome!

Thanks Sheri

Apple pie

Skin and cut up 1 whole apple, layer apples in bowl with cinnamon and splenda or whatever sweetener you prefer. Microwave 5 min. Keep stirring… Continue

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Too much Halloween candy and what I am going to do about it!

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I cannot feel good about my 4 year old daughter eating the amount of candy she got on Halloween, it is ridiculous! I have decided that there will be a little bit of candy thrown away everyday and i I do it slow enough she will think she ate it. I did take out quite a bit the first day, as you can see in the picture, but I figure… Continue

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Inches lost in 21 days, almost 4!

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Oct 18 Nov 2 Loss or Gain

Bust 41 41 0

Under bust 36 35 3/4 L-1/4

Waist 41 41 0

Around C-section scar 42 3/4 42 L-3/4

Hips 45 44 1/2 L-1/2

Thigh (1) 24 3/4 24/3/4 0

Arm 12 12 0

Total inches lost in 15 days = 1 1/2 add this to my last inches lost from Oct 12-18 so 6 days… Continue

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