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Interactive learning from Leapfrog for ages 2 to 4

My youngest daughter (2 yrs) and I had the opportunity to review the new Tag Junior from Leapfrog. Similar to the original Tag, it's an interactive tool used to develop independent learning around the love of books. My… Continue

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Canadian Moms finally get their say

Mom Central is coming to Canada and they're looking for Canadian Moms like you to join their Canadian Mom Testing Panel. Plus if you join during the month of June you will be entered into a draw for 1 of 5 Canon PowerShot Cameras.

Interested? Click here to find out more information and have your voice heard.…


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JumpStart your child's education with this exciting giveaway

If you have kids under ten, you are probably familiar with the JumpStart name. They've produced many interactive and engaging education software titles for early learning fun. They've recenly launched a whole new learning experience by way of their JumpStart 3D online adventure.

]JumpStart 3D Virtual World

My family had a chance to play around in this amazing world and I just posted our review on my blog. And those awesome folks at… Continue

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Is my 2yo headed to therapy?

Recently my youngest has developed a phobia, to bugs, bumble bees specifically. I know what your thinking, what’s wrong with being afraid of bees, most people are. That’s fine and I think it’s sound advice to encourage kids to stay away from bees if they see them. Is this a stage or a sign that I should be looking for a good therapist? What do you think?…


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I had a baby but couldn't take her home

Funny how special occasions like weddings and funerals and birthdays cause you to reflect. My oldest daughter is turning 7 this Saturday. There's nothing really significant about 7. It's not her first birthday. She's not entering her preteen years or sweet sixteen or eighteen, none of those significant age markers. But somehow this birthday seems to be having an impact on me. The thought of my daughter turning seven, that seems so old when she's so young.

I've been thinking back to… Continue

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A melamine-free Easter

During the holidays you see it everywhere, cheap chocolate. And usually with cheap chocolate comes concern. It took a little more thought, but we were able to enjoy a melamine-free Easter at our house:

Are you still worried about tainted chocolate? Did you do anything different this Easter because of the tainted chocolate scares in… Continue

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Am I the only one who keeps something useless around the house?

I have an old towel. It's ripped and old and I would never use it. But still it sits in my hall closet. I can't throw it out because it makes me laugh every time I see. Not because it's ripped and I'm laughing at my insanity for keeping it. No, it makes me laugh because of the story behind it:

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has a useless item at home… Continue

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Have you ever had one of those kind of days?

I think I've been cursed. I made a comment on another mom bloggers post about her bad day and here I am. Can anything good come from parking tickets, computer tantrums and a floor full of toothpicks?

Let me know I'm not the only one slogging through some days.
Carrie Anne

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What? Me host a party?

My daughter turns 7 this month and somehow she's convinced me to host her party at our house. This may not sound like an odd request, but considering all our previous birthday parties for her were held off-site, where someone else did most of the work.

Step one: Planning the party:

Now this work falls on me. Any suggestions or tips to get through this? Any… Continue

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Raising accepting kids is hard with ignorant parents

As parents our role is to teach our kids, but sometimes they teach us:

Carrie Anne

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Foto Friday - I love my mixing bowls

Check out what I hope will be a weekly thing. My Foto Friday entry:

Carrie Anne

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Sugar high or why I let my kids drink 4L of pop in one evening

Like most moms, I'm use to receiving requests for project supplies from teachers. In most cases this is for stuff we use and have laying around the house, like toilet paper rolls or egg cartons. But what happens when the teacher asks for something you don't have:


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