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THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by to check out the giveaway!

I am hosting a giveaway at
a $100.00 basket of Arbonne goodies -
please stop by - check it out! thanks!

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Please support my giveaway

In an attempt to furthe support my "other" blog for my husband and to drive home the point to his sales and marketing guys the power of blogging, bloggers and creating excitment and traffic - I'm hosting a giveaway!
Please stop by!
Please enter!

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Honda, my window

well I don't know what, if anything, my public rant had to do with it... but Honda has decided to replace the window. Which is nice, since last time it took them 2 or 3 weeks to come to that conclusion.

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button box contest at sassymamas - I need to win!

its a contest!

How To Enter:

1. Blog about your favourite Group here at sassymamas AT your Personal Blog Site:

*Include sassy link & sassy button (get from our front page, right column)...of course this button was created by Miss Rae-Ann!

*include a link to the The Button Box:

2. Post your blog link as your Entry in comments below

3. Enter as many… Continue

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Starbucks, eczema, discrimination

I received a phone call this evening from a relative. Her husband has eczema. He works at Starbucks. He is required to keep his hands clean. {we hope right!} Due to his eczema he has prescription cleansers and disinfectants that he uses to keep his hands clean. His immediate supervisor at work has repeatedly thrown out his prescription cleansers and demanded that he use the cleansers provided by Starbucks. He has provided this supervisor with a doctor's note. This evening the supervisor wrote… Continue

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We TRIED to go meet and greet with Miss DC

yesterday we tried to go meet and greet with Miss DC. We live in Hampton Roads and to DC is about a 2 1/2, to 3 hour drive give or take. It was Friday, It was raining, it took 5 hours. We missed the event by 9 minutes...

Traffic and Musings on Beauty Queens

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I stole this story from my sister.. it is hilarious

"Yesterday the two big boys were playing upstairs when I heard C- give a blood curdling scream, followed by M- tearing downstairs to tell me "C- told me too!" and C- showing up to scream "I DID NOT!"
M- "Oh yes he did. He said bite my butt"

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once again poking my head out of my rabbit hole~

yeesh -

so its been, fight for special ed status (took months), switch schools (different kid), start working at preschool so we can afford preschool, start the blog for the husband (which took off thank you very much, clients LOVE it) and now he wants me to work for his company as a social networker... hah! okay all you ladies know that is a JOKE because I have no clue what I'm doing although I seem to have BSed that so far so good. oh my.

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professional blogs - how do you get attention and the "right" kind of traffic?

I took it upon myself to start a blog to keep my husband's company name fresh in search engines -
but I am not sure how to get the "right" people looking at it.
who are the right people? people who know what the product is and have contacts - my networking is amongst women and mostly moms and a lot of artists and crafters - he needs computer geeks, specifically SAP geeks, paying attention...
anybody know?

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10 minutes

remember that book "5 minutes peace"? I think it had a mama elephant? all the kids thought it was SO FUNNY - mm hmmm so get it now don't we?

Yeah, so lets see, I sewed Lyons her jumper (jumping dress she calls it) Tuesday and began cutting out the fleece jacket that goes with it. Today I was helper mom in Lyons's preschool class: 9-12 with 15 three year olds. Bless their teacher! Had lunch with Daddy at the Thai Restaurant, and now the little ones are crashed out. JOY!

So...… Continue

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Hmmm resurecting my online self

Been a bit "out of the loop" as they say.
The whole "blog smackdown thing" with the company sort of set me back and then there has been lots of real life lack of time and thought - nothing like tryong to blog absolutely exhausted - nothing intelligent comes out of my brain - and I really hate sticking to the "me and the kids" topics. I mean, as one of my topics sure, but not as the only one! So anyway - slowly trying to get myself back in the game. Hope everybody has been well!

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Contest/Give Away:

I am looking for 20 Moms to try Arbonne's ABC sample pack on their child 4 yrs or younger with eczema. I will send you a free sample (US Addresses only) in exchange for your honest written review. One paragraph or more please. I am not interested… Continue

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and another thing

I run around checking peoples blogs once a week or once every two weeks... doing my little "comment crusade" as lib calls them... and people don't comment back and hello!?!?! I take the time to read and try to make a decent comment and you can't even pop over and let me know? why not???

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Really feeling snarky

totally ticked off - my cousins are so flipping not nice! They have all been on facebook in the last 48 hours and they can't comment on any of my sister's wedding photos... I'm thinking of some very not nice words that rhyme with witch...

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Grove Christian Outreach Center - Virginia

Grove Christian Outreach Center

I am not sure what the official definition of "grove" is. But if you drive on 60 East from Williamsburg you will first pass what was the Anheiser Bush Brewery (they just sold it) and Bush Gardens and then you reach James River Elementary and then across from the school is a trailer park and in the trailer park is a church and outreach center. These are my neighbors; my kids go to school with the kids in this community; 18% of the children in this community… Continue

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So its like that...

Umm humm... so one of the girls from a yahoo group contacted me last spring about her "send out cards" business. It looks like a GREAT business but we were about to move home and my little Arbonne business took a hit with all the moving around and "not right now." Right. Well - I just got home from a GREAT meeting about Grove Christian Outreach Center - a neighborhood outreach that directly affects the kids that go to school with my kids... so I wrote a little blog about it, decided all my… Continue

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being totally hypocritical as usual but...

I wish I could say I was a hard liner about the allergy thing. If Dragon can't eat peanuts, eggs and beef then nobody does. But Tiger's favorite food is peanut butter and Bear needs her meats - she literally seems weaker when she doesn't get them. But I try to do it so that RARELY does everybody except Dragon have one meal with Dragon getting some substitute on the side. Tonight my in-laws showed up to babysit the smaller two so the rest of us could go to the swim meet. They brought cupcakes… Continue

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censoring yourself

so the whole blogging thing is cool and all but I find lately that I want less to use my personal blog to tell people what my kids are up to and more to just vent out or something. Except I can't. Because a woman who has done a lot to trip up myself and my husband professionally reads my blog - I know she does because she leaves comments - and my mom and my sisters read my blog too.

And then I posted something that had to do with a kid who works with my husband - nothing against the kids… Continue

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No animal-by products

go google "rendering plants"
or better yet "rendering plants and cosmetics"
and prepare to throw out all your moisturizer, lotion, lipstick...

or stop by:

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oh this is not good!

My sweet Lab dog - Mali - is 12 and has all the typical old lab issues and is now peeing in the house. Well, I think it is him... it is not likely to be the three year old lab. Oh I don't want to call this one. The Shepherd was hard when it was time to put him down but it was obvious, he was in pain and he bit a dog. How long before he bit a child? But the Lab? He is just old... but still sweet. But I can't handle mopping every morning for very long...

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