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Pop Works and Company Popcorn: A Snack Review

When I saw that I had "Birthday Cake" as my review flavor, I was a bit apprehensive about whether or not it would be received well by the family & I. Luckily, it was sent to me during the same week as my first-born son's birthday so I thought, "Why not? We'll have a special themed snack review." ☺ So, what's the verdict?

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Happy Birthday to my Teenager!

My first-born is officially 13 years old today! He's such a great kid in more ways than one & I'm so Blessed that God chose me to be his mother. He's a fabulous son & an amazing big brother!

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Canoodling with Noodles :-)

March is National Noodle Month! Enjoy this "Noodles Around the World" (in LA) video from one of my favorite food bloggers Lynn Chen. Word of caution: you may have an uncontrollable craving for noodles after watching the video. :-)

In the spirit of sharing, here are some simple Noodle recipes I've encountered in my internet travels...

And then there are the noodle jokes...



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Positive Body Image Commercial Break

Have you seen the latest Lane Bryant commercial? No? Probably because it's been banned by several networks for "showing too much skin". I saw it. I approve of it. And since this is my truth, justice and the American way forum, I'm posting it!

And then there's actress extraordinaire Melissa McCarthy who addresses beauty and body image in the best way. Here's some of her best quotes...…


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Raising My Boys in a Consent Culture

I've always taught my boys to respect women. In general, just be respectful to anyone & everyone. Now that they are in the 5th & 7th Grade, our conversations have become deeper and I've been talking to them about more grown-up topics. Yes, we have talked & continue to discuss S-E-X, all age-appropriately & I try to make sure I'm only giving them the information they need at the moment that they need them. Surprisingly, I've fared rather well in dealing with this stage in…


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This is Funny Stuff!

Ready for some laughter breaks?! Here you go. Enjoy everyone! :-D

Click here & be ready to laugh!

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Going Metro to a Magical Place

What made us decide to Go Metro? Here's the simple answer: We wanted to purchase Universal Studios Hollywood annual passes but didn't want to pay $17.00 every time we parked. Universal, unlike the other theme parks we've purchased passes from in the past, doesn't offer a parking pass option. The boys are not very familiar with public transportation (unlike I was growing up), so along with my husband, I thought it would be a good opportunity to expose them & have a little adventure as…


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