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Puto: A Filipino Dessert Recipe

Puto. No, I didn't just lace you with a vulgarity. It's what Filipino's call one of the most popular desserts of the nation. It's a soft, pillowy ball of dough that's sweet enough to want "just one more" without being overpowering. It's delicious! If you are a wiz in the kitchen and want to attempt to make it instead of heading to your nearest Filipino store, here's a simple recipe. Scroll down for some random healthy tips.…


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The World Really Does Need Love

Music inspires. When the stars of Broadway united to record "What the World Needs Now is Love" I felt so proud of them. That's what it means to use your gifts for good. It's a beautiful song--simple & strong. This terrible cycle of violence must end...Love. Must. Prevail.

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Make Room for Some Laughs

What time is it? Time to laugh!!! Hardly anything is better than experiencing the best kinds of laughter.

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It's Okay to Say "No"

Are you the type of person that always feels like every "no" needs to be explained and justified ad nauseam? And as a result, feel the obligation to just say "yes" even if you don't want to do something? Most everyone feels obligated to family & friends to always give of themselves, but it can also happen at work, school, even strangers asking/demanding something of you. Well, let me submit this thought, it's okay to say "no".…


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Focusing on the Positive in Humanity & Wildlife

There have been so many tragic events happening in the news lately. As I re-read that sentence, I'm saddened to realize that it's a statement that can be relevant no matter when it's said. Since I consider it a personal mission to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative, I want to share a touching video featuring renowned wildlife conservationist Jane Goodall releasing a chimp into the wild. The poignant moment in the footage is when the chimpanzee, who's about to be…


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Reading is My Favorite Sport!

Here I am again sharing the next three Contemporary Romance titles I've read recently. It's almost summer, so if you're looking for something fun to read by the pool or in a lounge chair in a nice air-conditioned room, here's some viable suggestions. Enjoy them & don't hesitate to share your selections with me too!

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A Couple of Doves: A Product Review

I love the Dove Company mainly for their positive campaigns encouraging women to embrace their differences: size, shape, color, creed...we're all women & we're all pretty darn amazing! (#SpeakBeautiful) I was thrilled to receive a complimentary set of Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner from Walmart. All thoughts & opinions are authentic & truly my own.…


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Congratulations to the Commissioner of Ecology!

My Lil' Baby--my 5th Grader--made his bid for Commissioner of Ecology for his school! He's a feisty one for sure and I'm super, super proud of him! He ran unopposed which means he automatically gets the position, but the school can rest assured he's going to work hard to represent the position to the best of his ability.

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Never too much Manatee!

The gentle & beautiful Manatee are thriving & seemingly increasing in numbers. But they still face many dangers to their population. Conservation and constant awareness of these endangered creatures is still an every day issue. The good news is there are some positive stories of Manatee survival.

Plus, check out my Lil' Guy's recycled manatee art!

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How to Spot a Liar

Trust is often hard to find & hard to give. And like many people, I find myself wondering if there is a scientific way to tell if someone is telling the truth & whether or not it's worth giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Here is one study/examination and possible ways/suggestions to "spot a liar".

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