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My Pledge as a Woman and as a Mother

In light of an extremely volatile Presidential election that concluded unfavorably in alignment to my beliefs and ideologies, I must continue to march forward and contribute to my country and my world as best I know how--that is to continue to spread messages I believe are right and true to my morals. And I will continue to raise my boys to be the men who act & believe in ideals I can be proud of.…


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Post Election Life Continues and Hope Endures

The election did not go the way that I had hoped. And I have to admit, it left me pretty shaken and continues to send me on occasional emotional lows. But as I always try to do, I choose to find the positive in everything. One of my favorite reactions was from Stephen Colbert.

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Reading is to the Mind as Exercise is to the Body

Contemporary Romance Novel Recommendations:

Wilde Nights in Paradise by Tonya Burrows

My First-Jason & Katie by Melanie Shawn

The Wedding Trap by Adrienne Bell

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Don't Do Drugs...Hope They're Really Listening

Along with most schools nationwide, my boys' school participated in Red Ribbon Week at the end of October. The main message was YOLO (You only live once), Don't Use Drugs. Of course, I've always told my kids about the dangers of drugs, but as all involved parents can relate, I hope that they've been listening and follow through in the decisions they make. As they are now experiencing the jungle that is Middle School, I hope that the continuous conversations we've had and messages they…


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Being on Time is Not Optional

As Filipino-American, I've grown up with the notion or the running joke (depending on how you want to look at it) of time being relative. When a time was set, there was always the question, "Is this Filipino time or American time?" with "Filipino time" being the later option. This works fine during an informal house party gathering or casual get-togethers where arrival is fluid and it's preferable for both the attendees and the hosts for guests to arrive "fashionably late". But when it's a…


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