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Speech therapy tips and tricks to try at home

As your kid grows and develops, there are certain milestones you will celebrate together. Many of these milestones are speech-related: making baby noises, forming his first words, uttering his first sentence and so on. Some kids reach them faster than…


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Are you a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur? Here's how to handle your home-based business

Can you be a fantastic stay-at-home mom and run a successful business at the same time? Absolutely! With a little bit of planning, you can juggle between raising your kids and running a business. Not sure how to do it? Keep reading below! 

Although there's no firm data on the number of entrepreneurs who work from a…


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How to create a welcoming outdoor space that you can share with your family

Living a dynamic, active life with a healthy body and mind implies eating nutritious meals, getting more exercise, and spending lots of time outdoors. We all know that it’s necessary to get off the couch and get some fresh air, but we rarely go outside. Sod, how much time did you and your loved ones spend outside today? If it wasn’t enough, take a step out…


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5 Practical Tips for a Stress-Free Family Vacation

When we become parents, we accept that our lives are going to change quite a bit, and vacations are no exception. We know that traveling can be a very enriching experience for a child of any age. But, as you would expect, it can also be quite overwhelming for the parents. You can no longer simply throw a few things into a bag and go where adventure takes you. Now you have to make long packing lists and contingency plans. Even if everything goes well, you’ll…


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Is there anything you can do to prevent your home from being burglarized?

Thieves do not have to go at great lengths to break into your home. They focus their attention on the main points of entry (front door, back door, garage, etc.), where they are most likely to go unnoticed. Coming home to discover that your house has been broken into is a real nightmare. You…


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Are you ready to prepare your kids for jobs that don’t exist yet?

As a parent, you are looking towards a scary dystopian future. But you are the only one scared because your children find it thrilling. They cannot wait to travel in the space, travel in self-driving cars, communicate with robots, and live in a world that looks like depicted from the pages of a Sci-Fi movie. 

The world is running into the arms of a new industrial revolution, and the latest technological changes are…


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How Can You Keep Your Kids Busy During a Lockdown?

Everyone's world has turned upside down over the past few months. With schools, stores, private medical offices closed, events canceled, and bans on travel, our lives seem to be a lot harder than we would expect to be. People have been told to socially distance themselves so that they stop spreading the COVID-19 pandemic. Being forced to stay at home, especially when you have kids, it's not convenient for anyone, especially when boredom sets…


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How to build a kid-friendly dream home

So, you’re planning to build a dream home. Unlike other people’s dream homes, yours doesn’t need to be large or have numerous facilities. The only thing you want is a place that can peacefully accommodate the entire family, serving as the perfect backdrop for important…


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Becoming a mom should be a happy moment - Here's how to cope with postnatal depression

Becoming a mom is a big life event, right? It is one of the most fulfilling feelings a woman can experience when holding their baby for the first time. Yet, sometimes, becoming a parent isn’t always as joyful as you would have imagined. In fact, it can trigger an array of emotions from joy to excitement to anxiety and fear. 

Postnatal depression is a condition that many women struggle with after giving birth. In…


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3 Reasons Not to Skip on Family Vacations

Kids love holidays, that’s no secret. It’s common to hear them recount simple activities like lounging on a blanket and looking at the stars with their parents as siblings as some of their favorite summer memories. Small pleasures like these shape their childhoods and who they grow up to be. 

Having said that, family vacations can often be very stressful for the parents. You’re tired from work and now you have to…


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Planning A Birthday Party? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Organizing a birthday party should not be a hassle especially if you know yourself to be an organized and efficient person. If you’re looking for a way to organize the perfect party for a close friend, then you already know where to start. Choosing the perfect place, time, theme and decorations should not be that difficult if you know that person very well. A good friend would always know what you like and dislike, and how to quiz you without being too direct…


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6 tips to help you stay healthy and look younger for longer

Aging is a natural and normal process that we all go through and should not fear. With age also comes wisdom and a sense of stability and accomplishment that enrich your life. But modern society puts a great deal of importance on the way we look, so people feel an increasing pressure to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible and some even go to extreme lengths to achieve this goal.  



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How to deal with an emergency situation

No matter how much effort we put into keeping ourselves and the ones around us safe, some things are simply out of our control. Nobody likes to think about how it would be like to be confronted with a dangerous situation, but life is unpredictable and there’s a real possibility that one day you might have to deal with risky circumstances. That’s why it’s always wise to be prepared, as far as possible, to face any…


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Building a treehouse for your children - here is what you need to know

Do your children constantly complain they get bored in the house? They may’ve seen treehouses on TV and they like the idea of having their own place where to spend time and play. A treehouse allows children to make life-long memories filled with fun. If you have some adult trees in the back of the house, then a treehouse shouldn’t be only a dream. You should build one to allow your kids to escape when they get bored in your conventional…


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Simple Ways to Protect Your Camera in Cold Weather

A reason why most of us love the winter season it’s because we have the chance to capture the most alluring images. Opportunities to catch stunning snowy landscape and icy forests are simply unavoidable, especially if you’re an avid photographer. Unfortunately, for our cameras, the cold weather might not be their best friend. For those who aspire towards amazing photographs and great camera condition, it’s important to take into consideration some simple…


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How to Cope with Postnatal Depression as a Single Mom

It’s widely known that postnatal period can be an extremely emotionally charged period. Many women experience an emotional roller-coaster after their first birth and this can oscillate from fear to joy and sadness. Postnatal depression can also be classified through symptoms such as difficulty with boding to your baby, irritability, insomnia and loss of appetite. It’s important to acknowledge this as being a…


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Learn how to balance the temperature in your baby’s room

You go through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Now, it’s time to begin life with your new baby. Being a mother is rewarding. However, taking care of another human being is tough. All parents have a moral duty to care for their children. You have to provide your kid with all the necessities of life, which includes food, shelter, clothing, and, last but not least, medical care. Speaking of which, you really…


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How to help your kid stay productive during summer vacation

Kids love summer, for them it means freedom from having to go to school and be stuck in a classroom while they’d rather be outside, playing with their friends and letting their imagination run loose.

During this season they get to eat ice-cream, they don’t have to wake up early so they can go to sleep a little later and watch movies until they fall asleep on the couch. They can make some extra money by getting a summer gig like washing the neighbor’s car, mowing lawns or building a…


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Do you lack inspiration for Christmas gifts? Here is a complete guide to help you pick something for everyone

You may have heard about the 3 gift Christmas rule, but you have no idea if you should use it only for children or for all the gifts you buy for Christmas.

Make Holiday shopping fun again. Finding the perfect gift for the people you love can seem more like a chore, but with a little help you’ll easily find the perfect presents. Before Christmas, all stores display on shelves silly, quirky, practical and stylish gifts, so it’s overwhelming to try to find one that each person from your…


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How to stay focused on your career goals as a new working mom

Being a working mother is anything but simple. Actually, it’s hard, very hard. You don’t have as much time and energy to give as you did when you were younger. Plus, you must bend over backward to make yourself valued and appreciated. Right now, you’re probably wondering how you will balance work and family. Don’t quit your job to become a…


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